#Oexplained … A Blog of the Psychology of O

#Oexplained …is the hashtag which provides this blog… which introduces the reader to the psychology of Obama [or “O” as I refer to Obama], which is not part of what modern mental health, or what I refer to as “BS&bp” is aware of… nor interested in,  because BS&bp is focused on “behavior,” which is one dimension of the whole of Man: There being three other dimensions, none of which are physical nor discernible by ones brain or physical senses.

The MIND of Man is composed of two parts [or two dimensions]; one part is the Lower MIND, and the other part is the Higher MIND. Neither of these can be perceived by the physical brain.  The fourth dimension is the Spiritual dimension of Man, and this is often referred to as the Soul of Man.  And the Soul is invisible to both the brain and MIND of Man.  The only part of Man that can ‘experience’ the Soul is ones faculty of Intuition [which is rarely discussed in the West, and therefore not taught].

If interested in reading about BS&bp, just click HERE.

The father of Obama was a black man from Africa, and his father, who was a Muslim Marxist, was also a revolutionary Communist, and his father was killed in Africa trying to forement revolution.  His father married his mother [a white woman who was a socialist/communist, whose parents were also communists].

O’s father abandoned his family [thus O] when O was quite young.  How much influence abandonment has on a person [at least the psychological impact which is non-conscious to a person] is pretty much unknown to BS&bp, which tends to deny everything about Man except Man’s behavior.  The fact is…  when a parent abandons a child at an early age, the child’s MIND assumes that the parent abandoned the child BECAUSE THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE CHILD.

This takes place every time abandonment occurs, but each child [depending upon the psychological programing taken-on by a child’s MIND — at the time of a child’s birth] the psychological impact of the abandonment  upon a child varies greatly].  In the case of O, the impact must have been severe, and it was exacerbated when his socialist mother abandoned him as well some time later.  At which time he was left with his white grandparents in Hawaii.  His grandparents hired a tutor for  young O [no doubt to help with their anxiety about dealing with a black child]. They hired Frank Marshall Davis, a black Communist.  If interested, the reader should read the book O wrote.

It is important to mention that O spent 20 years listening to Reverend Wright, who is best remembered by a snippet on TV where the Reverend was seen and heard saying “God-Damn America”.  And although everything Wright said reinforced much of what the MIND of O had taken in [at an emotional level of communication from his parents] the conscious memory of O was not aware of the influence Wright had on O.  So, both the trauma of being abandoned by his parents, as well as  the reinforcement of his 20 years listening to Wright rail against America and Americans, are non-conscious elements active Within  the MIND of O… and these direct his life based on Delusional Thinking fed to his brain by his MIND.  And of course he is unaware of what lies behind everything he says and does.  Nor is he capable of  interfering with or controlling what he does.  This is the subtle insanity of O.  In other words, his MIND prevents him from “seeing” that he is committing Treason upon America.

You see, Within every person is a MIND, and in the MIND of every person are various levels of traumata that were taken-on at the time of birth, and then reinforced by events that happen to a child in early childhood.   All this traumata form misperceptions Within the child’s MIND, and the MIND of the child “believes” these are all true. And of course all these misperceptions were created by the MIND of the child, and these negative misperceptions  are completely hidden from the conscious memory of the child as the child grows. And every negative thing that a person experiences growing up  is [taken by the MIND of the person] as simply evidence that non-consciously reinforces all the misperceptions contained Within that person’s MIND… and this entire process takes place at a level the brain of the person cannot perceive.  Although the thoughts of the person are directly influenced by the misperceptions held hidden Within the person’s MIND, the person’s MIND feeds thoughts that cause the person to rationalize, excuse, and justify what he is saying and doing. The MIND of a person [depending upon how conflicted (confused and fearful) the misperceptions are Within his/her MIND] “protects” the person by insuring the person is kept blind to anything outside of the person that might expose him/her to what is hidden Within his/her MIND.

Fritz Perls, the noted psychiatrist referred to this process of protection by the name “Scotoma,” which he explained as “blind spots”.  Or observable instances in which a person would be unable to “see” or “hear” anything that might stimulate what is hidden Within that person’s MIND.  Unfortunately this level of Esoteric psychology is not part of what BS&bp does, nor is  BS&bp interested in what the brain cannot perceive.

So, today, we have O as the President of the United States of America, and O has no business in that position… but the desire of America to “prove” it is not prejudiced overwhelmed the common sense of most people, as they voted for the first black President.

O and his overseers — Soros, Jarrett, and the Democrat Party, were quick to make the most of the opportunity they were presented.  O was directed to quickly place a large number of marxists [Czars] to take control over all the major departments of government.  In five plus years O and his Czars have virtually eliminated the Constitutional constraints on and within government, and America is on the verge of becoming a satellite of Communist or marxist type leaders from around the world.  O, in other words serves the Marxist elites of the world and their  desire for a one-world government, as promoted by the UN.

The hate for America and Americans deeply etched Within the MIND of Obama… which mirrors the delusional desires of his parents, are being imposed on all Americans who, in their hope for change, have released a son of Satan [or a subtly insane person] whose MIND drives him to punish all Americans as revenge for  his dead dad, and thereby try and win his father’s love and approval — and this is entirely non-conscious to O.

Unless O is removed ASAP, America will be in no position to help Israel, or itself,  as O openly commits Treason arming and promoting ISIS, while interfering with the American military in every way he can.

The window of opportunity to save America is quickly closing, and hardly anyone in power seems to notice the danger America faces.


Brother James




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