The answer to this question lies in understanding what causes homosexuality. Do you know someone who “knows” what causes homosexuality? Do you know anyone in the fields of psychology or mental health who actually “knows” what causes homosexuality?

But first, do you realize that some time back, the homosexual “lobby” in America [composed of people infected with the illness of homosexuality or those who enable such people] was successful in having passed a “hate crimes” bill, which made people ‘infected’ with homosexuality  a “protected class” of people?  So that, someone like myself [who seeks to help people understand what causes a person to be vulnerable to the illness of homosexuality], by simply explaining the psychology of the homosexual  [I could possibly be] arrested and tried for a hate crime!


The premise of this misguided law is this:  It is “possible to cause” another person to suffer by simply speaking words that person reads, or hears?


My question to you is this:  Is it actually possible to “harm” another person by simply speaking words a person might hear, or writing words a person might read?

_________________  The FACT is… the only person who might experience difficulty in hearing or reading certain words is someone whose MIND is repressing bits of emotional energy that are triggered by that person seeing or reading certain words [or symbols].  In this case, the “hate crimes legislation” makes a person RESPONSIBLE for what another person non-consciously holds deeply repressed WITHIN his or her own MIND.

This insane law takes the admonition in the Bible that suggests we are our brother’s keeper… to an absurd level of impossibility.  All it does, in fact, is to protect those infected by the illness of homosexuality so that they can continue with their delusional acting out of a self-created and false personality, while repressing the personality their Souls created for this lifetime.  Thus wasting this lifetime entirely.  And yes, I am taking this issue into psychological realms with which most people are unfamiliar, and  being unfamiliar with these  “unknown” operations of Man, many find them too frightening to deal with, so… they simply label what I say as nonsense, or accuse me of suggesting things that can’t possibly be true.

And my challenge to such scoffers of the Unknown of Man is this: Simply explain what the MIND of Man  is… before criticizing me.  Silence, or mumbling is what I usually hear in response.

____________ The WHOLE of Man is composed of four separate, but simultaneously existing vibrational realms or dimensions, only one of which is physical and capable of being seen by ones brain and physical senses.  Therefore, three of the four dimensions of Man are invisible to us; and modern mental health [and much of science] prefer to focus on what physical instruments can perceive, and just deny and ignore the rest.  Alas, they fail to realize the fear they unknowingly possess regarding the Esoteric, or ‘unknown’ dimensions Within themselves… which, by ignoring via protestation and denial, they remain dedicated to the illusion of life [which helps mankind deny the Holy Spirit (Christ Consciousness) Soul, and God].

It is this unmentioned three-fourths of the Reality of Life that so many in the world [the Intelack class people] strive to prevent Enlightened people from discovering.   In the last several decades, the Intelack class people have subtly dominated the “civilized” world. In this sense, the war between good and evil taking place Within each of us is often won by evil… unless a person is pretty much Enlightened [which means a person’s Soul has acquired a substantial amount of “C’etc“.

In other words, what exactly is threatening or harmful about the word “homosexual”?  Nothing at all. It is never the word a person speaks that causes another person harm, it is the denial Within the second person’s own MIND that triggers or stimulates a fear of exposure of some misperception held Within that second person’s MIND.

So… how is anyone to KNOW what the MIND of someone else has stored Within itself — when the person him/herself doesn’t even know?   The whole concept of “hate crimes” is an attempt by Intelack individuals to protect themselves from having to face Reality or the Truth.  A basic denial of personal responsibility, and a denial of free speech guaranteed in the Constitution.

It is not possible, in other words to harm another by speaking words. The entire notion is nonsense, created in the MINDs of those who fear  the Truth [and thus resent being exposed to what they mistakenly fear].  A person can call me any name [or any member of my family for that matter] and I only react when that name stimulates something I fear [and thus deny] Within myself.

Those people who wrote the “Hate Crimes Legislation” were driven by a subtle insanity taking place Within their MINDs… wherein their MINDs fed Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of their brains which caused them to believe that what they were doing was justified… to “PROTECT” certain people from having to take RESPONSIBILITY for the subtle insanity taking place Within themselves that causes them to believe they are homosexual.

We do not readily differentiate between Delusional Thinking, and the normal thinking of the brain. So, the fact that people, and especially Intelack class people, really believe the delusional things they say is not that unusual to us, is it?  And, how many of your friends have undergone personal [and competent] psychotherapy that put them in touch with the deeply repressed traumatic misperceptions taken-on in childhood, that are now partly [and non-consciously] directing their lives ?  Not many would be your answer, and this is sad, because the fearful rarely obtain the light of Spirituality hidden Within themselves.

Part 2, will follow.


Brother James




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