Death of America…

It is with a very heavy heart that I rise this morning from my attempt to meditate, to give into my MIND, as it refuses to be put aside…

This morning, it is 3:59 a.m., an hour into my morning meditation, I find myself  overwhelmed with an intense sadness  As though I have lost a part of myself… or a part of myself has died.  I am torn between an intense rage and an overwhelming sense of grief.

For some time now, I have clearly realized that I have been fighting [no small feat for an old man three months away from reaching 80 years of age], a battle against what I have perceived as an evil force pervading the nation I have known as my home  for my entire life. I have also watched in great frustration [and a growing sense of alarm] that so few people in America  appeared to be aware of the evil flooding over and consuming America.

I do not blame the nation for not “seeing” the invisible fog of evil that has slowly evaporated the strength and goodness of the people of my America, but I was also unable to not notice that the principle human puppet being used by Satan to convert goodness into evil in America was a person named Obama [or just “O” as I will refer to him], aided by a growing number of people  who, like O, cleverly employed the freedoms in our Constitution to corrupt and destroy what was once  the greatest nation on Earth?

Realizing the constraints of a blog, I hardly know where to begin my eulogy of the United States of America?  Do I state how intensely sad it is to realize how many millions of people have died over our 200 years as a nation hoping that their deaths would help maintain the ideals of America– only to now realize their deaths were in vain?  Do I lament how many in the military today are being systematically punished, ridiculed, and devilishly caused to endure the sexual perversion of homosexuality that O finds so corrosively effective in destroying morale?

Or, do I seek to somehow offer an apology to the millions of people around the Earth who have lived with a hope of sometime finding a way to immigrate to America, and the Liberty America used to offer the world… and now these [huddled masses] must accept that America no longer values Liberty,  honor, justice or even God?

If the population of America was not so lost in the political correctness of enabling homosexuality, rape, murder, corruption, and did not have a Department of Justice that was dedicated to racism, and criminalizing patriotism, and promoting racial strife to create chaos…  perhaps citizens would not feel quite so impotent?

If the government was headed by elected officials  who believed in the ideals of America, rather than using their positions as a means of creating a permanent source of employment based on  corrupt practices, the nation might have been more protective of  the ideals of America?  Now the Congress has a few good Souls who will resist for a while the corruptive influence of godless people who have exchanged their Souls for the love of power and greed.  Gone are the morals and principles of our founding fathers.

Am I just too naive?  Have I just spent too many years seeking the face of God, and meanwhile, I missed the benefits of how enjoyable evil can be?  How easy it is to just join the chant of the people that goes something like this:  “To each his own, as long as I have the goodies I want.”  Whose business is it anyway that crime is rampant over there?

In America today, what I refer to as the Intelack type personality [or people who pursue Intellectualism (lack of Conscience, or Spiritual Evolution) have fairly well taken over many leadership positions], and their lack of Conscience is promoted as the new “ideal”  for America.

America was created based on a clear awareness that it is God that is the source of goodness in America, and in the world, if people in the world could remain aware of this fact?  Unknown to many, it is relatively easy to subtly substitute a love of God with an intellectual worship  of ones religion, and this substitution is such that one fails to realize this common “slight of hand” exchange by ones MIND.

In the last couple decades, evil Intelack people, found the term “homophobe” a most useful tool in threatening good people into ceasing their resistance of evil. And with this tool so effective, this easing of the nation’s resistance to evil was escalated to include all forms of sexual deviancy; then perversion became normalized, and as more and more sexually conflicted Intelack people[rather than being seen as needing psychiatric help] became judges, and politicians… to the point that evil has now become a dominant and protected force in America.  And God has been replaced by evil in the balance of America.

To compromise with evil is to embrace evil.  There can be no compromise with the principles of good… that are not evil. The cry of the Liberal Democrat for “bi-patizenship” is a demand to the Enlightened person to “compromise” with Truth, Reality, Goodness, and God.  Only a fool or someone trapped in illusion would compromise with evil.  And such a Soul is thus lost, and this lifetime has been wasted.

The Earth is in the “end times,” as the Bible puts it, and coming to the end of the Iron Age, as the Eastern mystics put it.  And America was  on the edge for quite some time…. but, it is clear to me that the number of people in America who serve good… has dwindled to the point where the number of people who serve evil now dictate what happens in America.  That the evil of O is accepted by so many Americans pretty much seals the fate of America.  Unless something truly dramatic occurs, I fear the ideals of America are dead, and much of America will find itself in the Lake of Fire, which will occur within the next seven years… plus or minus a year.  But of course, anyone who prefers to ignore Reality may do so.  The Creation is such that Souls have all the time in Creation to discover the difference between good and evil. That is precisely what the various Hells are for, after all.

Now I’be got that off my chest, I will return to my meditation.


Brother James


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