Why “Reason” Won’t Work With Muslim Terrorists

Let me say out front that I am not condemning nor speaking about those people who follow the religion of Islam in this blog… however, I am speaking about the religion itself, and thus those who administer it.

Now, if you are unable to separate yourself [specifically your Soul] from your religion, then I am speaking about you, and if you are not a terrorist, or support what the Islamic terrorists are doing… then you are not someone this blog is about.

In the Middle Ages, the Crusaders went to many nation-states in the Middle East on a crusade to force Islamic people to embrace Christianity, or die. This was wrong [in today’s world], but it was perfectly consistent with the mentality of people at that time…. and also consistent with a certain type personality that I refer to as the Intelack class individual.

Oddly enough, the Intelack class personality was essentially the same then [in the 12-1300’s] as those with this personality today.  That is, the Intelack class personality is a  Soul that has not made much [if any] progress in the “Fulfilling of Life,” which means the Spiritual Evolution of, or the  growth and maturation of one’s Soul…  [or the acquiring of the Virtues of Life by engaging in and completing Karma].  And of course, this must strike the reader as strange — if not in fact meaningless?  And the reason for our disconnect is that what I just wrote is not taught nor even mentioned in the West.

In the Bible, there is a sentence:  “…for it is given to man to live once”. Well, the various Popes from the 5th to the 15th centuries took this sentence and built an entire religious belief system around it. Instead of interpreting the sentence to mean that each lifetime a Soul experiences is forgotten at the time of death, the Intelack scholars of the time interpreted the sentence to mean that “Man only has one life to live“.

Using this misguided interpretation gave the various Popes a huge control over those who were drawn to Christianity… in that the Popes and church leaders could easily threaten the people with Hell for eternity if any of the people displeased the church leaders.  I leave it up to each reader to square the “one life to live idea” with what Christ taught his disciples?  That God is Love, and the Soul is of God.

My point is that in the Middle Ages, the primary means of communication, in the West, was via verbal communication, since very few people could read nor write.  And if you were uneducated, you were easily led by people who were educated… not always in your best interests. In this sense, not much has changed in the world, has it?

How many people who follow Islam today in small villages around the world are educated?  And we know Islam seeks to prevent females from being educated.  In this, Islam is little different than Christianity was in the 12-13th centuries.  So, this morning I was made aware that many Islamic terrorists think they are fighting in revenge for what the Christian Crusaders did centuries ago.

For anyone in 2015,  to cling to a vengeful hatred based on accounts of events that took  place in the 12-1300’s, is nothing short of infantile and ignorant.  But then, we have a somewhat similar thing taking place in America today… with Al Sharpton, Holder, and Obama encouraging blacks to make war on whites….  over “slavery” …  despotic Intelack people never really change.

The Bible and countless numbers of honest people have said that the very nature of this Earth is pain and suffering, and if you thought differently… well, you were mistaken.  And the uneducated, or less than properly educated throughout history have always suffered from the abuse of Intellectually gifted Intelack class people.

The typical Democrat or Liberal is an Intelack type personality… in that the Souls of such people have not [as yet] acquired sufficient Consciousness to enable their Souls to fight back against the negative desire of their MINDs: Which are Greed, Envy and an insatiable need to control everyone and everything in life.

The Spiritual Evolution of the Soul takes many, many lifetimes…But I appreciate the typical Christian thinks he/she only has one lifetime in which to experience everything Creation offers we Souls by way of exploration.  So be it.  The point of this blog is that the educated and evolved Soul cannot hope to REASON with the Islamic individual who is not educated, or poorly educated, and mostly indoctrinated with hate, prejudice and fear… in a religion whose primary goal is to keep an uneducated populace under Control.

No one can have, as a central plank in ones religion, a prohibition against educating women, and hope to advance the people depending upon that religion into the modern world.  And the world does not have centuries to “right this wrong”.  The Bible tells us WWIII  is soon to be upon us.  Breaking out near the Euphrates River, in fact.


Brother James


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