The Democrat Politician… Little Known Secrets

To begin my story, what I’m about to explain is a secret that hardly anyone knows.  And to divulge this secret, I must take the reader into the “mental” condition of the Democrat.  And it is the mental state of a person that causes that person to be vulnerable to the thoughts and actions we identify as those of the Democrat.

Yesterday, I watched on C-Span the floor debates taking place in the House, as Conservatives and Democrats spoke out about the fact Democrats and Republicans in both the House and the Senate were struggling over the huge amount of money being considered for the Department of Homeland Security, or DHS, and whether it was OK for Mr. Johnson, the person Obama placed in charge of DHS, to spend the money of DHS to give citizenship to millions of illegal aliens President Obama had invited to enter America illegally by his Executive Amnesty?

Although the conflict between the Democrats and the Republicans was strictly about this unconstitutional misuse of taxes in support of the illegal action by the President, which a judge has ruled unconstitutional… the Democrat members of Congress never mentioned what the conflict was about. And I found this quite peculiar.  Not unexpected, but peculiar.

It suddenly dawned on me as I carefully watched one Democrat after another stand up and speak about things that had nothing at all to do with the illegal action of the President [the primary reason for the debate], I realized that perhaps not everyone could “see” what I saw?  Not everyone could observe  that each Democrat stood in a room with an Elephant, and not one of the Democrats seemed capable of  acknowledging the existence of the Elephant.

The “Elephant” being the unconstitutional action by the President, which the court has identified as an illegal overreach of the President’s authority.  If the Democrats could somehow force the Republicans to vote billions of dollars to Mr. Johnson, he could then quickly give citizenship to millions of illegal aliens [committing all Americans to paying for the illegal aliens for the whole of their lives] costing the tax payers billions or even trillions of  dollars — [and creating what could be the destructive end of our Constitutional form of Government].

My question to you is this:  Do you know the reason the Democrats in both the House and the Senate could not “see” the Elephant in their midst?

Believe it or not… some people are unable to “see” evil.  And this FACT is not widely known, unfortunately.

Titus, 1:15.  Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.  

So, the Axiom:  Evil loves evil… is supported in the Scriptures.  The Intelack  personality lacks Conscience, and is therefore unable to “see” the evil of the world.  For the Democrat, in other words, the evil intentions of Obama are not “seen” by the Democrat, and it is the MIND of the Democrat that argues irrelevant points not to achieve clarity, but to mask what their MINDs fear, which is Truth.

_________The fact is, each human being views life in one of two ways.  One either “thinks” about life, and the issues of life by use of the brain and thinking… which makes one vulnerable to the MIND and what I call Delusional Thinking, or D-Think  [which is what the Democrat does — and I will explain this shortly].  The alternative is that some people view life using the faculty of Intuition [which requires one to have access to the Virtue of Discretion] which means Conscience.____________

This blog does not allow the pages and pages of Esoteric study demanded for a person to discover and comprehend how the invisible MIND works Within Man.  Even those trained in modern “psychology” are not trained in the Esoteric operations of the MIND.  So, much of what I’m about to share must be taken on “faith,” or for those capable of accessing your Conscience use your Intuition to realize the truth of what I am writing.

Modern mental health began in the early 1900’s, when a bright Intelack type personality named B.F. Skinner, trained as a behavioral scientist [use of Intellectualism and a denial of the Esoteric dimensions of Man], successfully talked those in the field of Psychology at the time into allowing  his study of the behavior of animals to be a part of the field of Psychology.  This slight-of-hand by Skinner was his deviously clever attempt to encourage Psychology to deny and ignore the Elephant represented by the whole of Man, which the ancient Greeks  presented as Psychology over 2,000 years ago.

That began the death of the Esoteric aspects [study of the non-physical operations of Man] that was Psychology, and began an introduction of a one-dimensional study of Man based on the brain and physical senses [or Intellectualism] which replaced ancient Psychology with the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”.  This denial of the whole of Man [especially the Spiritual dimension of Man] has increased since the early 1900’s.

This subtle transfer of the Intellectualism of science, education, and socio-economic aspects of Earth into tangible “thinking” was dedicated to erasing the appreciation that Man is more than just a physical body, and worked to “fix” within the MINDs of Man the belief that Man is a physical aspect object ONLY.  This went unseen as a subtle denial of God, as Man was encouraged by the Intelack class of people [via science, education, and politics] to let go of worshiping the unknown Spirituality of God, and to instead begin worshiping the tangible, physical and manipulatable dimension in which Man was being emmersed; which is what the MIND of Man prefers .

James, 4:7.  Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

The effectiveness  of diverting Man from the invisibility of Spirituality to the tangible of the physical plane is perhaps best exampled by Catholicism  in the West.  Human beings subtly replacing the invisibility of God [and Spirituality] with objects, symbols, and idols that “fit” the demands of the MIND of Man and its love of ritual.

God is Within, the Scriptures say. And the brain is a tool of the MIND, I say, and I also suggest that Truth comes from God, not from Man, the Earth, or from any other source other than God.  So that person who depends upon thinking and the physical senses to pursue truth will not find it.

If the reader would comprehend the reason the Democrat is unable to “see” the truth [or the Elephant of lawlessness of President Obama], it is because the Soul of the Democrat [Intelack personality] lacks Conscience.

Alas, it is not for Man to increase the Conscience of the Democrat by speech, persuasion, or even factual presentation.  It is the Soul of the Democrat that must do as James suggests in 4:7. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

It is our misfortune to be in the ‘end times’ of this Age of Man. And evil is rampant amongst Mankind. We can attempt to resist evil, but our chances of doing so are, at best, overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of people serving evil in this Age.


Brother James


Nothing + Nothing = Truth [blog 3 of a series]

In my blog # 2, I said I would like to introduce, explain, and talk about the concept of Neutral Spiritual Energy, or “NSgy”.  This concept is an extraordinary revelation, at least it was revealed to me, and the nature of this concept [and the sharing of this concept] is perhaps one of the reasons I am on Earth?  In any case, I have not run across this concept anywhere else over the last decade.

Let us begin with a little task.  Since you quite likely believe you know what the term “neutral” means… would you please take a couple minutes,  and try to come up with something  that you believe is neutral?

How did you do?  I tried this many years ago, and I was surprised when I could not think of anything that was “neutral”?  I thought of a rock, but then rocks are disintegrating continually, even though the deterioration it is so slow, we do not notice it.  The more I thought about this challenge, the more the idea of “Neutral” seemed quite peculiar?


not helping or supporting either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc.; impartial.
“during the Second World War, Portugal was neutral”
synonyms: impartial, unbiased, unprejudiced, objective, equitable, open-minded, nonpartisan, disinterested, dispassionate, detached, impersonal, unemotional, indifferent, uncommitted
antonyms: biased, partisan, combatant
belonging to an impartial party, country, or group.
“on neutral ground”
having no strongly marked or positive characteristics or features.
“the tone was neutral, devoid of sentiment”
synonyms: inoffensive, bland, unobjectionable, unexceptionable, anodyne, unremarkable, ordinary, commonplace; More


Please note these definitions largely point to, or revolve around the behavior, attitude or characteristics of a person. Should we remind the dictionary writers that what they are describing are reactions of a person, and thus we are led to believe that “neutral” is the absence of something:  My question is this, what is that something that is not being done, acted out, displayed, or whose composition we are not observing?   Or do they suggest that “neutral” is merely a name for the absence of something?

In which case neutral doesn’t really exist, in and of itself, but is merely a name for other than what we are observing.   Does this in any way tell you what “neutral” is?  Almost like the term “nothing” isn’t it?  I was unable to find anything I could label as “neutral”.

_________________  So, you see, when I Intuited the words Neutral Spiritual Energy, I was  doodling on a piece of paper, in a state of watching my pencil making marks on that piece of paper, and I was surprised when I suddenly wrote these terms down. I was in some kind of trance [often referred to as the MIND wandering, I believe]. But in hindsight, I realize the Attention aspect of my Apapsyche had subtly shifted into my Astral body, and my faculty of Intuition was open, and I Intuited these terms from my Apapsyche… as part of my own store of Knowledge.   And my brain wrote these terms down. And… no, the reader is not expected to know what I just wrote —  Since what I just wrote is what takes place Within people who are capable of accessing bits of truth from Within themselves, via their faculty of Intuition [which is a part of ones Apapsyche].

In other words, there are a number of terms or symbols I have coined over the years to label Esoteric phenomena that operate Within Man, but which are composed of energies that the brain cannot perceive.  These phenomena are often referred to as “psychic,” “Intuition,” “Empathy,” or “Empathetic Understanding”.  And certain Enlightened individuals can awaken to these [when the need to do so arises]?

The reader can either believe me, or not… since I have long ago moved past caring whether anyone believes me or not?  I KNOW what I KNOW and those who are open to their Intuition grasp what I share, and those who are not,  do not.  That’s just the way of Life.

For some months prior to this event, I had been struggling to complete my work on a new Esoteric Psychology that united all four dimensions of the whole of Man:  The Spiritual dimension, the Higher MIND dimension, the Lower MIND dimension, and the physical dimension.  It seemed to me that I was lacking something to enable me to bring these separate dimensions together into an understandable whole.

In a few days, I suddenly began to Intuitively awaken to bits and pieces of a “fleshing out’ of the terms Neutral Spiritual Energy.   One such Intuition was the concept that the Energy of God is Neutral Spiritual Energy. And the  “where-with-all” to comprehend what this concept meant came to me as Intuited bits of insight which seemed to “connect” with things I seemed to know, but had not realized these things in the way I was now viewing them, and new bits of Knowledge that “fit” these bits of insight, forming a whole… which was the full nature of these three terms.

In other words, I came to realize that the primordial Energy of God was NSgy, and that NSgy was also an Energy that is an Absolute Energy, and that it cannot be other than it is, ever.  As hours and days passed, I also came to realize that NSgy was also the home of all absolutes: Truth, Honesty, Goodness, Reality, and so forth.

As part of this “growth” period of myself, I also came to realize the reason philosophy had never discovered the Truth,  is that Truth can ONLY be KNOWN while ones Attn Aspect of Apapsyche is fixed Within ones Apapsyche.  That is, each bit of Truth ones Soul has earned [over many Lifetimes] is held Within ones Apapsyche… Until it is time for one to wake up to a particular “concept” of Truth.

Intuition comes to us in the form of a “concept,’ which has Within itself all the tangential elements that define and explain the whole of that concept.  However, it may take a person some time to integrate an Intuited concept [or sense of KNOWING the whole of the concept] into ones Conscious Awareness.

In other words, the reason some people [Enlightened  type people] can “hear” what a person is saying… and other people [Intelack type people] cannot “hear” what a person is saying… is that the Enlightened person is open to his/her Intuition… while the Intelack type person is not open to his/her Intuition, and thus, not open to higher levels of Truth.

None of us, in other words, can get ahead of the Spiritual Evolution of our Souls. If ones Soul has not acquired a certain level of C’etc, then there is simply a lack of that Knowledge Within ones Soul to be awakened, and thus, little need for a high level of Intuition.  Enlightenment is not a gift one receives… it is a faculty that ones Soul must “EARN”.  Most scriptures phrase it thusly:  Ones Soul puts in effort, and is then rewarded with [Graced by] a reward for such effort.  God will not be mocked, is a phrase I often use… because it is True.

It is not the brain or the ears of an Enlightened type person that awakens to the mystical messages of another Enlightened person, it is the Intuition of the Enlightened person that is enabled to awaken to the “Word,” or subtle vibrational Truths,  invisibly conveyed from one Enlightened person to another.  It is a KNOWING that Enlightened people share with one another, and this KNOWING is what allowed Daniel to go into the Lion’s den, and possessing no fear, reemerge unharmed.

This KNOWING is the FAITH that allows lovers of God to be murdered, and not experience death. They instantly awaken in a place in the Astral region, where they await the call for their resurrection in the ‘end times’.

And no, there is no possible way for an Intelack class individual to discover what Enlightened people KNOW from Within themselves.

The concept of Neutral Spiritual Energy was the “keystone” of my structure for the Psychology of the Whole Human Being.  The concept of NSgy gave me the opportunity to step outside of myself [so to speak], and to view the Psychology of Man as an entirely interactive and operational whole… but to do this, I had to accept the fact that 3/4ths of the whole of Man could not be seen, studied, nor known by my brain or my physical senses.

This meant that as the subject of psychology was currently being taught, it would not be possible for the field to teach, nor even practice, the Esoteric Psychology of the ancient Greeks who gave us the term Psychology.  And the term Psychology itself suddenly made perfect sense because the prefix “psyche” of Psychology is defined in the Greek as “Self, Soul, and Mind” —  All invisible  dimensions of Man.

Self, Soul and MIND are terms that refer to the invisible, or Esoteric dimensions of the WHOLE of Man.  And likewise, it was clear to me that what is called “modern mental health” has nothing to do with the Psychology of Man, but rather focuses itself on the behavior of Man, and this means that what I refer to as “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”] focuses on the symptom physical residue of the Psychology of Man.  BS&bp is like looking at a stream, and trying to imagine or speculate upon where that stream might have originated by looking at what lies before oneself?

I have spent the last decade trying to encourage interest in what I discovered.  Alas, I quickly found that the reason BS&bp confines itself to the physically obvious behavior of Man is that most people are simply not “ready” to study the invisible dimensions of Man. And this also includes those being trained in BS&bp.


So, when the scriptures of all ancient texts say that God projected a stepped-down Energy into the void to initiate Creation, that is what God did.  But this was many thousands of years ago. And human beings developed over a considerable time.  No easier then for scholars to describe this phenomena… than it is for them to do so today.  Just ego and imagination of Intellectualism leaves much “unknown”  to fill the gap between illusion and Reality.


Brother James

Nothing + Nothing = Truth [blog 2 in a series]

Allow me to share what was shared with me this morning in my meditation. Let me share the reason the evil of Islamic Extremism will never defeat the Intangible Truth of what America stands for…

“We hold these truths to be self-evident…”  However, “self-evident” only to an Enlightened Soul.  To the unenlightened Soul, the truths that ARE America remain “abstract,” intangible, and a mystery that is constantly misconstrued by people who look at the tangible symptoms  that America creates… and mistakes these for what America is.

You see, the built-into failure of Islam is the MIND of Man, which was attached to each Soul as all Souls entered the Creation to enable each Soul to explore and experience a Creation which the Earth plane presents as tangible, and thus capable of being “experienced by our physical senses”;  but the Creation is at the same time… an illusion that seems real.  And for many, this appearance of reality is all they can “see,” and think about.   As Christ is mystically quoted in the Bible as saying:  The masses can neither “see”  nor “hear” what his disciples could both “see” and “hear,’ which are elements of Truth… which can ONLY be KNOWN by the Intuition of Man, and Intuition is an aspect of the Spiritual dimension of Man.   Intuition is entirely separate from the brain and the MIND of Man.

The MIND of Man is composed of  “emotional energy” and this allows the MIND  to cause a person to “experience” a subtle form of energy that is not physical, not tangible, and therefore [different from ones usual experience].   And the MIND, by using a faculty I refer to as “DM=SI,” [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity],  can feed delusional thoughts to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, which causes the brain to “think” whatever the MIND wants it to think.

It is possible, in other words, for the MIND to cause a person to believe that he or she is experiencing the [energy of spirituality], when the energy that is actually being experienced is MIND-level energy, which is emotional energy created by the MIND.   Because modern mental health and what is said to be “psychology” fail to teach Man about the MIND [what it is and how it operates], our ignorance of the MIND can lead us astray. It is important, I believe, for people to realize that neither the brain nor the MIND can perceive the Energy of Spirituality.

So, how does one differentiate between emotional energy and Spiritual Energy?  Sadly, Man is not meant to “intellectually” discover the Spiritual Energy that exists “hidden” Within Man.  The only way for us to tap into the Spirituality Within ourselves is via prayer, meditation, or Intuition.  And Intuition is slowly awakened Within us as we grow and mature as Souls.  There is a “safeguard,” so to speak, wherein none of us can get ahead of our own “evolution of Consciousness,” or what I refer to as the “C’etc” of ones Soul. C’etc is pronounced C_etcetera, and this symbol refers to the Virtues of Life each of us is slowly developing over many, many lifetimes.  And here is where some religions depart from Eastern mysticism.

In Christianity, the belief is that Man only has one life in which to explore and experience the entire Creation as part of the process of becoming Perfect.  I disagree with this notion, but each person is free to believe what he or she is ready to believe.  I have also found that there is no conflict between all religions on Earth… except in how each is interpreted by Man. In other words, I absolutely believe in the Bible, and especially in the book of Revelation; While at the same time, I believe that we Souls are part of both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation.  Only Man demands that God cannot operate multiple programs simultaneously.  The Creation is a massive operation, and it is the ego [and ignorance] of Man that causes Man to limit the Creation to what the brain can deal with.

If the people of the Earth were better educated in the Reality of Life, there would literally be no more war, conflict, or need for racism.  But, life on this Earth is not meant to be a Utopian existence, it is meant to provide each Soul an endless opportunity to grow and mature.

I believe  the  Second Coming of Christ, in about 7 years from now, will occur just as it is stated in Revelation, and that those Souls that have maintained a love of Christ [the son of God], will be resurrected and spend 1,000 years in paradise [on the Astral region of Creation].  And that following that splendid experience, the Bible says that Satan will be loosed for a period.  What happens after than awaits the discovery of Man.

You see, hidden Within each of us is a subtle body that is known as the Astral Body, and the Astral Body is the body we find ourselves in when we die.   When people describe what is called “a near death experience,”  these people are viewing the physical plane from their Astral Body, which is in the Astral dimension of Creation.

There are four divisions of Reality. Three of these are part of the Creation, and the fourth is the Spiritual dimension, which is part of the primordial Energy itself.  And all of these dimensions exist simultaneously, but using ones physical senses, one is confined to the physical dimension only.   There is the Earth plane, the Astral region, and the Causal region.  The Fourth dimension is the Spiritual dimension, which is the primordial Energy from which the Creation was formed.  And no, I have no “proof” of this, and for those who need proof, you are not ready to awaken to this data, so don’t concern yourself with it.

It is the Astral Body of Christ that appeared to his disciples, and they could “see” his Astral Body using their Astral [Enlightened] vision… or the sight of their own Astral Bodies.  The Astral region of Creation [which is the next vibrational region of Creation beyond the physical universe] exists, but it is also invisible to the brain and physical senses.

Is it not just a bit presumptuous of some people to say with intense certainty that what their religion teaches is the only reality there is, when obviously there is a reason for so many religions?

Islam captures a great many Souls whose “needs” are met by the teaching of Islam.  Such Souls need a rigid structure to combat their MINDs which are more powerful, relative to the development of their Souls.  The problem with Islam is that aspects of the Koran are alien to the welfare of Man… when interpreted and used by Intelack individuals [or people whose Souls are not very Enlightened].

Nothing is not nothing, but is phenomena that exists beyond the reach of the brain and physical senses.  And nothing begins in the Astral region and become even more “nothing” as one progresses into the higher dimensions of Reality.  For those Souls who imagine that this physical plane is the “best place to be,”  the mystics tell us we will all be surprised at the indescribable beauty of the “inner regions” of Creation. And only those Souls that are “ready” to enter the Spiritual Reality itself  can do so.  And none of us on this physical plane “fit” that description. We have a long way to go, in other words.

In the next blog, I would like to introduce Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.


Brother James

Nothing + Nothing = Truth [blog 1 in a series]

Strangely, the first principle of the illusion of life is that nothing is the absence of something, and something can be intellectually known, demonstrated, duplicated, and physically “proven” to exist.

On the other hand, the first principle of Reality is that nothing + nothing =Truth.  So, am I correct, or is science correct?

And the answer is… it depends upon how Enlightened one is?  And just in case the reader is unsure what the term “Enlightened” means, let me explain.  Have you ever heard of a college course entitled “Introduction to Nothing in Pursuit of Truth”?  I have not heard of such a course, and it is unlikely that you have either, since in academia it is popularly thought that only a fool would pursue nothing…

And yet, before “something” is “discovered,” what is it?  It is nothing, right?  The game of life is that Man has an ego, which is a sense of being provided to ones conscious awareness by ones MIND, whose job is to insure that one remain within certain constraints in awareness… consistent with the level of “evolution” of ones Soul.

Now, if you know what one is, and conscious awareness is, and ones Soul is, then you need not read this blog at all.  On the other hand, if you are unsure what I mean by these underlined expressions, then I had better explain what they refer to… Another curious thing is that many people who are confined to Intellectualism will automatically “think” they know what these underlined expressions mean because they can look them up in a dictionary.  Question?  In what dictionary will you find an “experience” of your Soul?  I’ll wait for you to try and remember where you discovered the experience of your Soul?

And if you did not find an experience of your Soul in a dictionary, how then do you KNOW what your Soul is… even though you “think” you know?  How quickly the Atheist dismisses the idea of a Soul, and yet, the Atheist has no idea what the Soul is?  What’s a good name for, or description of such a person?  Intolerant and aggressively hostile towards the term Soul?  Or just someone who is fearful of the unknown, and the MIND of such a person causes the brain of such a person to “think” that the Soul doesn’t exist… because he or she cannot “prove” the existence of the Soul?  And the greatest “need” of the Atheist is to be in CONTROL of Life.

Axion:  The degree of hostility of a person towards something is exactly equal to the degree of fear within that person being “vented” in hostility.  Hostility = fear [or ignorance].

Is it not just a bit humorous that the Atheist is so upset over what he or she demands is “nothing”?  Apparently “nothing” has the ability to provoke a strong reaction within someone who is ignorant of what the Soul is?  The reason for this is that “nothing” for the Atheist is Truth for the Enlightened individual.  So, is Truth invisible to some people, while it is capable of being experienced by others?  It would seem this is the case, right?  It seems this way because this is the case.  But something is missing in this discussion, right? What causes people to be different?

Axiom:  Ones level of Consciousness depends entirely upon the level of Spiritual Evolution acquired by ones Soul.

Of course we have the phrase Spiritual Evolution to contend with. In a nation where the term “Spiritual” is applied to the color of a car, or a dress, or the emotional excitation during intercourse… this term has obviously lost its Esoteric meaning…. or the fact that the term Spiritual refers to a vibrational dimension existing Within Man, and at the same time… this vibrational dimension is the primordial Energy of existence [or God]…. Which I refer to as Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.

And if you consider the term “Neutral” for a while, you will discover this term is synonymous with “Nothing”.  What do you know that is neutral? What I came up with many years ago, is “nothing”. Every part of the Earth is about change, and thus, no part of the Earth, including we human beings, is/are neutral.

Axiom:  Neutral is an Absolute Energy, and  thus, the same Energy as that of Truth, and this Energy never changes.

Since 1972, I have been aware that what we call “life” is not just one thing, it is a series of things, each one of which is called a “lifetime”.  In other words, the demand by Christianity that Man can only have one lifetime to explore, experience, and grow to Perfection… is in sharp contrast  with Reality [and Eastern mysticism].  It seems to me a bit strange that Christianity assumes that it can dictate to God what Life is, and how the Reality of Life operates!  But then,  the ego of Man is almost boundless in how much it can assume to know about a Reality that the normal person can neither see nor experience.

End of part I…


Brother James

Lou Dobbs, media, etc…. Please

Are you sick of hearing Lou Dobbs, Greta, Hannity, Fox News, Beck, etc. say “we” or “America” is failing in the Middle East?


And.. Generals of the Joint Chiefs… DO YOU REALLY WANT TO FAIL YOUR OWN OATH OF OFFICE TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION AGAINST ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC?  Please speak out and tell nation that it is Obama who is resisting all of you as he serves his Muslim Brotherhood pals, and his insane need to please his dead muslim marxist dad.

Who will be the first to tell the truth?  Why are you all allowing the insanity of Obama to support ISIS in every  way imaginable and NONE OF YOU WILL POINT OUT THAT HE IS  NOT INCOMPETENT… HE IS DELIBERATELY SABOTAGING THE MILITARY TO GIVE AIDE AND COMFORT TO ISIS IN TIME OF WAR. 



Brother James

Who Seeks to Protect Homosexuality? Part 2

In Part 1, I introduced the reader to the concept that hidden Within each of us [unless we have undergone specific Psychotherapy to discover and eliminate deeply repressed misperceptions taken on by our MINDs]…  is a host of intensely negative and fully non-conscious misperceptions that our MINDs take-on at the time of our births. And to be facilitated in this discovery  is rare, simply because there are very few psychotherapists capable of operating Within the [invisible] domains of the MIND of Man.

The term “Within,” by the way, refers to the operations that take place deep inside of ones MIND [in dimensions that are not physical, and thus, not capable of being seen nor measured by physical instrumentation].  This makes such phenomenon “invisible” to the brain, and this is quite frightening to those who believe the brain can perceive everything in Creation.

Empathy, or what I refer to as “Empathetic Understanding” [which is a virtue one’s Soul naturally acquires over a long, long time] utilizes the faculty of Intuition, which is an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension.  And Intuition is the only means by which a person can awaken to the Knowledge that exists within the Spiritual dimension Within a person.

I am saying, in case the reader has not picked up on it… that there are two different types of people on Earth.  One is the Intelack [or those people whose Souls are not yet mature enough to possess much Knowledge, and cannot therefore be trusted with the Truth], and the other type people are Enlightened, or those in possession of various levels of Knowledge [which means elements of what the Bible refers to as the Holy Ghost, or Spirit, or what the ancient Greeks called “Consciousness”].

Again, it is rare for a person to know much about Intuition because it has not been taught as part of education for a very long time.  The fact is, the Intelack class personality does not possess the level of Consciousness required to enable access to Intuition.  And Intuition is just another name for Truth, which is part of Knowledge, which is only found Within Man [and only accessible via one’s Intuition].

Let me also add that Common Core [which is an Intelack idea,  is based on the fear the Intelack type personality has of the Unknown of Life].  In other words, the Intelack fears Truth [or anything Spiritual] and thus, fears both the Creativity of a child, as well as the spontaneity of children.  Common Core is designed to eliminate the natural gifts of Knowledge a Soul has earned, and replace this with Intellectualism, which means brain-level thinking absent all reference to the other three quarters of the whole of Man. Enlightened children are naturally Intuitive… until this is squashed by parents, teachers or other Intelack type personalities.

So, who seeks to protect homosexuality?  Those people who are either suffering from the disease themselves, or those people who are Intelack, and thus, driven by their MINDs to protect the psychological dishonesty of those who have chosen to create the false identity of homosexuality.

There is nothing more frightened [and thus tenacious in protecting itself]  than a MIND that has created a false identity, and must now defend that false identity.  And of course the MINDs of those people who have created the false identity of homosexuality are Intelack class personalities, and this means lacking in Consciousness, and they have no idea that they are being Controlled by their MINDs in every thought and action in which they engage.

To suggest that homosexuality is a “lifestyle” is grossly misleading. The symptoms appear as a lifestyle, but the causal factors behind the symptoms are entirely non-conscious to those infected with the disease.

The reason the fields of mental health and psychology are so insistent that homosexuality is “natural” is that they have no idea what causes homosexuality… and rather than be honest with the nation, and with themselves, they shamelessly blame nature as the cause.  This is the reason those trained in BS&bp  work so hard to discredit and condemn those therapists who [possessing a naturally elevated level of Intuition], are  capable of helping the homosexual disengage from the false identity his or her MIND has created.

You see, the only therapists capable of facilitating the homosexual in recognizing and dissociating from the false personality of homosexuality… is a therapist who has been facilitated in the discovery and accepting of the deeply repressed traumata hidden Within  his or her own MIND.   And, not everyone is capable of this level of Empathetic investigation of the Esoteric MIND dimensions.  And most certainly not the Intelack class personality who is presently being licensed  in America.  Yes, there are hundreds of licensed mental health workers who insist that homosexuality is “natural”.  They insist on this to protect themselves from having to admit to themselves or others that they have no idea what the MIND is, or how it works?  So the easy thing for them to do is just deny the MIND, and pretend that the disease of homosexuality is “natural”.

An axiom I enjoy sharing is:  Evil loves evil.  That is, the Intelack class personality  quickly rushes to the aide of any Intelack who is being challenged regarding the Truth, Reality, or anything of a Spiritual nature.  In other words, the corrupt politician will find a great many fellow Intelack politicians rushing to defend him, or her.  And no amount of logic or truth will discourage the Intelack from lying.

So, if a portion of the nation elects an Intelack who lies him/herself into an elected position, the only way to deal with such a person is to remove that person from office. NO INTELACK PERSON WILL CHANGE IN THIS LIFETIME.  And that is something you can count on.  I’m not saying the Intelack will not pretend to change, or talk as though he/she has changed [that is something the Intelack is gifted in doing].

How do we identify an Intelack?  Well, you merely need to listen carefully to what the Intelack says.  All Intelack people are to some degree Marxist.  That is, the Intelack truly believes in the delusional notion of the Utopian ideal.  That is:  Life is unfair, unjust, and life requires Man to correct Life.  This leaving God out of the equation entirely is the first clue.  The denial of the Law of Karma is a second clue. And the most obvious clue is that the Intelack insists on taxing the rich so that what the rich have earned can be given to the poor [who the elitist Intelack is convinced are unable to take care of themselves].

The desires of the MIND [which represents “evil” in the war between good and evil on Earth] are Greed, Envy and an insatiable need to Control everyone and everything on Earth.  If you consider the Democrat, or Liberal [both of whom are Intelack] you will find they truly believe they know best what Man needs, and what they is.. is to be taken care of.  If this sounds like socialism, communism, or just plain liberalism, it is all the same; and it all springs from the Intelack class personality.

The Purpose of Life is for we Souls to slowly learn what evil is, and what the consequences of engaging in evil are?  This is precisely what the many different types of Hells are for, which exist on the Astral region of Creation.  So, when the Intelack class personality “thinks” that life is unfair… this thinking is provided to the Intelack by his or her MIND. The process of the MIND involved in this is explained Here.

The entire Creation is designed by God.  And God is both Absolute and Perfect.  To deny God, or to deny the Perfection of His Creation is easy to do for the Intelack [who lacks Consciousness].  But the Enlightened individual has deep Within him/herself a sense that God exists, and that this Earth is an illusion.  The “sense” is Intuition allowing the Enlightened person to tap into Knowledge… And this Knowledge is not available to the Intelack class individual.

In the Bible, Christ told his disciples that “it was given for them to Know” the truth behind the parables of Christ.  And that for the masses, they were unable to “see” nor “hear” the Truth.  Well, nothing has changed… except that too many Enlightened people have forgotten that Reality exists other than on this Earth.


Brother James

#Oexplained … A Blog of the Psychology of O

#Oexplained …is the hashtag which provides this blog… which introduces the reader to the psychology of Obama [or “O” as I refer to Obama], which is not part of what modern mental health, or what I refer to as “BS&bp” is aware of… nor interested in,  because BS&bp is focused on “behavior,” which is one dimension of the whole of Man: There being three other dimensions, none of which are physical nor discernible by ones brain or physical senses.

The MIND of Man is composed of two parts [or two dimensions]; one part is the Lower MIND, and the other part is the Higher MIND. Neither of these can be perceived by the physical brain.  The fourth dimension is the Spiritual dimension of Man, and this is often referred to as the Soul of Man.  And the Soul is invisible to both the brain and MIND of Man.  The only part of Man that can ‘experience’ the Soul is ones faculty of Intuition [which is rarely discussed in the West, and therefore not taught].

If interested in reading about BS&bp, just click HERE.

The father of Obama was a black man from Africa, and his father, who was a Muslim Marxist, was also a revolutionary Communist, and his father was killed in Africa trying to forement revolution.  His father married his mother [a white woman who was a socialist/communist, whose parents were also communists].

O’s father abandoned his family [thus O] when O was quite young.  How much influence abandonment has on a person [at least the psychological impact which is non-conscious to a person] is pretty much unknown to BS&bp, which tends to deny everything about Man except Man’s behavior.  The fact is…  when a parent abandons a child at an early age, the child’s MIND assumes that the parent abandoned the child BECAUSE THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE CHILD.

This takes place every time abandonment occurs, but each child [depending upon the psychological programing taken-on by a child’s MIND — at the time of a child’s birth] the psychological impact of the abandonment  upon a child varies greatly].  In the case of O, the impact must have been severe, and it was exacerbated when his socialist mother abandoned him as well some time later.  At which time he was left with his white grandparents in Hawaii.  His grandparents hired a tutor for  young O [no doubt to help with their anxiety about dealing with a black child]. They hired Frank Marshall Davis, a black Communist.  If interested, the reader should read the book O wrote.

It is important to mention that O spent 20 years listening to Reverend Wright, who is best remembered by a snippet on TV where the Reverend was seen and heard saying “God-Damn America”.  And although everything Wright said reinforced much of what the MIND of O had taken in [at an emotional level of communication from his parents] the conscious memory of O was not aware of the influence Wright had on O.  So, both the trauma of being abandoned by his parents, as well as  the reinforcement of his 20 years listening to Wright rail against America and Americans, are non-conscious elements active Within  the MIND of O… and these direct his life based on Delusional Thinking fed to his brain by his MIND.  And of course he is unaware of what lies behind everything he says and does.  Nor is he capable of  interfering with or controlling what he does.  This is the subtle insanity of O.  In other words, his MIND prevents him from “seeing” that he is committing Treason upon America.

You see, Within every person is a MIND, and in the MIND of every person are various levels of traumata that were taken-on at the time of birth, and then reinforced by events that happen to a child in early childhood.   All this traumata form misperceptions Within the child’s MIND, and the MIND of the child “believes” these are all true. And of course all these misperceptions were created by the MIND of the child, and these negative misperceptions  are completely hidden from the conscious memory of the child as the child grows. And every negative thing that a person experiences growing up  is [taken by the MIND of the person] as simply evidence that non-consciously reinforces all the misperceptions contained Within that person’s MIND… and this entire process takes place at a level the brain of the person cannot perceive.  Although the thoughts of the person are directly influenced by the misperceptions held hidden Within the person’s MIND, the person’s MIND feeds thoughts that cause the person to rationalize, excuse, and justify what he is saying and doing. The MIND of a person [depending upon how conflicted (confused and fearful) the misperceptions are Within his/her MIND] “protects” the person by insuring the person is kept blind to anything outside of the person that might expose him/her to what is hidden Within his/her MIND.

Fritz Perls, the noted psychiatrist referred to this process of protection by the name “Scotoma,” which he explained as “blind spots”.  Or observable instances in which a person would be unable to “see” or “hear” anything that might stimulate what is hidden Within that person’s MIND.  Unfortunately this level of Esoteric psychology is not part of what BS&bp does, nor is  BS&bp interested in what the brain cannot perceive.

So, today, we have O as the President of the United States of America, and O has no business in that position… but the desire of America to “prove” it is not prejudiced overwhelmed the common sense of most people, as they voted for the first black President.

O and his overseers — Soros, Jarrett, and the Democrat Party, were quick to make the most of the opportunity they were presented.  O was directed to quickly place a large number of marxists [Czars] to take control over all the major departments of government.  In five plus years O and his Czars have virtually eliminated the Constitutional constraints on and within government, and America is on the verge of becoming a satellite of Communist or marxist type leaders from around the world.  O, in other words serves the Marxist elites of the world and their  desire for a one-world government, as promoted by the UN.

The hate for America and Americans deeply etched Within the MIND of Obama… which mirrors the delusional desires of his parents, are being imposed on all Americans who, in their hope for change, have released a son of Satan [or a subtly insane person] whose MIND drives him to punish all Americans as revenge for  his dead dad, and thereby try and win his father’s love and approval — and this is entirely non-conscious to O.

Unless O is removed ASAP, America will be in no position to help Israel, or itself,  as O openly commits Treason arming and promoting ISIS, while interfering with the American military in every way he can.

The window of opportunity to save America is quickly closing, and hardly anyone in power seems to notice the danger America faces.


Brother James