Far too many Americans do not KNOW who the President they voted for is… even though they voted for this person twice.  And this level of ignorance is killing America as a nation, and it is killing our citizens, both at home, and abroad.

Nothing about the present President, whom I shall henceforth refer to  as simply O, is unintentional, accidental, nor is the fact that so much is   not known unimportant.  Virtually everything that is not known, and is intentionally not revealed, is of vital importance to America, and to we citizens.   But, for the first four years, the life and what America knew of O was carefully filtered, fed to the public by news outlets favorable to O, and managed by employees of either O, George Soros, or a “ruling elite” of the Democrat party.  And the vast majority of what America “thinks” it knows about O  has been either manufactured or hidden.

For instance, his father, who was black, and from Africa, was a devoted Communist agitator and revolutionary.  O’s father was also a Muslim, and his father abandoned O and his mother when O was quite young.

After living in Malaysia for some time, he was taken by his mother to her parents in Hawaii.  His grandparents were Socialists, or Communists, as was his mother, who was white.  His mother then abandoned him for her work in spreading socialism around the world. O’s grandparents obtained a tutor for O, a well-known Communist agitator Frank Marshall.

In his own book, O explains that given his background, when he attended college in America, he naturally gravitated toward those he perceived as minorities, and those who, like himself, viewed themselves as Marxists or Communists.

O spent 20 years attending the church of Reverend Wright, who taught that all the problems black people experiencing in life were due to white devils who controlled black people by some mysterious manipulation of life.  This philosophy, of course, is a basic racial hatred being projected by a hate-filled individual who was half black, and half white.  Such people rarely seek professional help for their deeply repressed misperceptions taken-on at the time of their birth, which are then reinforced by people in their early environment who harbor various degrees of hatred within themselves.

Today, there are many in the black community whose parents were raised to hate white people [not because white people ever did anything to them], but merely because people are white. Simply the color of a person’s skin makes that person an enemy.  This is a terrible thing to do to a child, that is, fill a child with hatred of people simply because of the color of their skin, or their ethnic heritage.  This racism can become a serious illness in children who are raised by people who lack education, or opportunity… and blame every hardship they experience in life on the skin color of  people they will never meet.

This hatred based on a person’s race is as sinful as it can be. It is evil, and it is a belief based on gross ignorance.   It flies in the face of everything Christianity stands for.  The only person who would view others in terms of race is someone devoid of the Spirituality existing within that person’s Soul.  One must deny God and Christ in order to practice racism.  And yet, O and his Attorney General, Holder, are both racists, and each persecutes Americans based on nothing but racism.

And much of America has been so intimidated by threats of being called “racist” that some in America,   especially people who are Liberal and somewhat insecure with themselves… would do anything to try and get a break of being called racist.  This desire to appear as not racist is a large part of why O was elected by a nation that knew very little about the person they were voting into the highest, most powerful position in the world.  This was the [nation altering] meeting of a manufactured and false personality  [steeped in Marxism and hatred for America] with a nation desperate to fulfill the dream of Martin Luther King.

And it was largely funded and managed by George Soros, a person who hates America [the Constitution, and Liberty]  as much as O does. Two Marxist  individuals using the guilt of a nation fearful of offending a black person to serve their own advantage and desires.  Each [for deeply – repressed psychologically driven needs] hoped to CHANGE America, and to accomplish what Communism has sought to accomplish since 1918.  To bring America down from within itself.

_________________ And oddly, I believe neither of these people is fully aware of what drives them to want to destroy America.  Oh, they are no doubt, from time to time, aware of this thought, or that thought, but the actual repressed misperceptions both carry around Within their MINDs [which they unknowingly took-on at the time of their births] are  repressed drivers that they are not at all aware of possessing.   But these hate-filled misperceptions are there, and in a masked form, they cause each of these people to carry out the hatred of their parents in forms neither they, nor others  around them recognize as intended to cause pain and suffering.

_________________ And if you are not trained in psychiatry, or old-fashioned psychotherapy, you would not be expected to know about the deeply repressed traumata all people have hidden within their MIND realms.  In some people, these misperceptions are easily worked out in ways not too disruptive to others.  But in some people [more heavily traumatized],  like O and Soros, who are really quite evil, well such people can’t help but do harmful things.  The only way to stop such evil is for more Enlightened people to recognize the evil, and resist it.  But who actively resists the evil of the President?

What is the saying…. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”?

As of this moment, none of the college transcripts of O have been make available.  There is much controversy and speculation surrounding where O was born, and very little of who his parents were has ever been widely known.  If you were a properly trained psychotherapist, it would not strike you as odd for me to say that O is [unknown to him] doing to America what his father, a Muslim-Marxist revolutionary Communist wanted to due to America and Great Britain to “punish” these nations for their “colonialism”…  Deeply repressed hate of his father.

In O’s MIND, it serves him well by masking his hatred of America and feeding Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of his brain; that is thoughts that convince him intellectually that what he is doing is “for the welfare” of the people.  He literally cannot “see” the wrong in anything  he does.  And Soros is not about to interfere with what O is doing, since what O is dong “fits” the same desire of Soros:  To cause America great harm [while at the same time allowing Soros to make a great deal of money]. Why?  One would have to psychoanalyze  Soros for some time to unlock his repressed misperceptions.

I use the term “misperceptions” because the evil Within us is always due to misperceptions we take-on in early childhood, very often at the time of our birth.  And not accidentally, what we take-on just happens to “fit” the Fate Karma we designed for this lifetime.  And I won’t go into this as it is quickly quite confusing.

O is driven to “care” for terrorists to the extent he actually denies they are terrorists.  This is the Muslim identification with his father his MIND is engaged in. The same goes for him making available to those Muslim Brotherhood people he has invited into the government, who are helping him conduct his relations with terrorists of the Muslim Brotherhood.  His MIND views this as being kind to his relatives, and this feels “good” to his psyche.

Again, O is entirely blind to the Treason he is committing by giving aide and comfort to the enemies of America.  When he releases top terrorists for one deserter, and these terrorists will naturally return to fight against our own troops… O sees nothing wrong with letting go some of his relatives… and of course, they are not bad people.

Do you comprehend what I am saying here?  O is a Traitor to America, pure and simple.  And virtually no one in DC seems able to believe that any sane person would knowingly give aide and comfort to enemies of the United States of America.  The point is.. O is insane in the sense the evil he is doing is not part of his conscious awareness.  His psychological programming overrides all responsibility for his acts of Treason. And, instead, O’s MIND causes him to BELIEVE that what he is doing is helping America.  And the conflict this creates within him is what causes him to avoid intelligence meetings.  His MIND seeks to protect him from being exposed to his own Treason. As long as his MIND can cause him to deny his Treason, there is no Treason.

Lately, he is trying to alter the terms used to define terrorists… as his MIND seeks to reduce the  evidence of his Treason within his own reasoning processes.  But he is doing evil, is the point.  And for America to continue to ignore O’s Treason is to invite more serious acts of violence against America, and our allies.

The Question is this:  Who will be brave enough in Congress to step forward and acknowledge that the President of the United States of America is committing Treason… and no one seems to care. O is, to put a fine point on it… unfit for office.


Brother James



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