Are you a Republican, or a Conservative?

The reader must bear with me with this blog… since there is much to say that is not usually discussed, and thus, some of what I’m about to discuss is largely UNKNOWN.  That is, quite literally, a large portion of what I’m about to explain  is not mentioned by any ordinary media.  On the other hand, if you are a student of mysticism, and ancient Gnostic Psychology, well then… some of what I’m about to write will be reasonably familiar to you.

_____________________The question this blog seeks to answer is this:  How do I KNOW whether I am a Republican or a Conservative?

You see, what makes us one or the other is “INVISIBLE,” and thus, we cannot use our brains or physical senses to answer this question!  And until you can answer this most basic question, you remain vulnerable to aiding and abetting a subtle enemy many Conservatives mistakenly believe is someone just like themselves.

______ AXIOM:  Each person has a Soul, and the Soul of each person has acquired a certain amount of Consciousness [or C’etc], which allows each person to possess a unique level of Knowledge.  Each person has a mystical hallway hidden Within him/herself.  Let us name this hallway “KNOWLEDGE”.  And the acquisition of Knowledge is the Purpose of Life.  And the length of ones hallway is determined by the amount of C’etc ones Soul has acquired… BUT none of this C’etc is accessible from outside oneself…or by the brain or the MIND of a person.  And yes, this is not what we have been taught by well-meaning [but Spiritually ignorant] individuals who  are guided by [actually controlled by] their MINDs, which use a process called “DM=SI” to feed selective Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of their brains [which is called “thinking”].

________ And what such Intelack type people “think” is what such people believe.  And there is no way to dissuade such people from what they think, and thus believe.   And what these people think CAN ONLY BE CHANGED FROM WITHIN THEMSELVES via an increase in the amount of KNOWLEDGE they awaken to from Within their Souls  via Intuition [which comes to one as a subtle awareness, or Ah-ha], wherein one suddenly KNOWS a bit of Truth that one didn’t know before… and oddly, one finds one cannot convey to anyone [other than someone who also possesses that exact same bit of Knowledge]  what one has suddenly come to KNOW.

For the Enlightened type individual, he or she now KNOWS a bit of Truth that he or she is quite willing to die for, rather than deny the existence of this TRUTH — For this TRUTH is the Holy Ghost, or God speaking to one from Within oneself.

So, the Christians who willingly walked into the Roman Arena to their death, did so KNOWINGLY because their Souls possessed the KNOWLEDGE that their bodies were merely part of the illusion, and nothing could harm their Souls.  This level of Knowing is of course rare… but it does exist, is my point.

Therefore… I am asking you to re-think, or re-consider what you know, and how you have come to “know” what you either actually KNOW, or think you know?  The Enlightened Soul will have a much longer hallway in which to search for understanding.  But there is no possible way for the Enlightened individual to “share” what he/she KNOWS with an Intelack type individual.  The hallway of the Intelack type person simply cannot accommodate Spiritual KNOWLEDGE.


Now, imagine all people are standing in various lines, arranged by elements that are thought to be important here on Earth. Some of those lines are of no interest to the Enlightened individual, so you will not find an Enlightened [Conservative-type] individual in such lines. But neither the line, nor the fact it only draws to itself  the Intelack type individual is visible to anyone.  And this brings us to the difference between the Conservative and the Republican, the Libertarian, the Democrat, the Liberal/Socialist/Marxist or Communist.

On one side is the Conservative [Enlightened Soul], and on the other hand is the Intelack type personality that can range from the RINO Republican throug the various “isms’ to the Communist; depending upon the level of C’etc Within the Soul of each individual, and the up-bringing of the individual [family, surrounding, environment, and to some degree, the education and associations of an individual]?

In the case of President Obama, his father [a Muslim Marxist] abandoned him very early in his life [to pursue revolutionary Communism in Africa].  His mother, also an Intelack [Socialist] abandoned him to his Communist grand-parents who arranged for a rabid Communist [Frank Marshal Davis] to serve as his tutor.

Obama was also subjected to twenty years of hatred of white people as preached by Reverend Wright.  From RINO Republican to Authoritarian Marxist,  the psychological driver most active Within such people is the MIND, and the primary desires of the MIND are Greed, Envy, and an insatiable need to control everyone and everything in life.  These are the basic thought forms fed to the brain of the Intelack type individual by the MINDs of such people [entirely unrecognized by them], and they are unable to “see” nor “hear” the evil they do in life.  It is for them what Christ explained of the masses to his disciples.   Without the necessary Enlightenment, one is unable to “see” beyond the delusional thoughts of ones MIND.

In other words, such Intelack people LACK the amount of C’etc necessary to enable their Souls to push back against the incessant desires of their MINDs.  And their MINDs are too inexperienced [lacking numerous trips to the various Hells all Souls use to help them grow beyond the negative needs of their MINDs].  The only part of Man that can access and make use of KNOWLEDGE is the faculty called “Intuition”. The faculty of Intuition [if interested you can research here], is a part of ones Spiritual dimension, and it is the means by which an Enlightened Soul makes contact with the Knowledge [or bits of Truth] that all Souls are slowly and painfully acquiring over time.

The level of Knowledge [or C’etc, pronounced C_etcetera] exists with the Soul of a person, and not with the MIND of that person, nor the physical brain of that person.  Therefore, a child may possess a very Enlightened Soul whose level of C’etc is quite advanced in terms of the C’etc that Soul has acquired…. and yet, the parents of that child may be Intelack type individuals.  This is not uncommon, in fact,  and the lives of such children are often difficult for them.

It is unfortunate, but the fact is, the percentage of Intelack type people who are able to “grow” their Souls in any meaningful way [in this lifetime], will be rare, and mostly this will not happen.  But when you come across a Soul that possesses more C’etc than less… that person is often inclined toward being a Republican [or more likely today, a RINO or someone “sort of” interested in the people, but more interested in his or her own career in politics.  It is the MIND-level Greed/Need for Control of the somewhat enlightened RINO  that has taken over the Republican Party today.  And, unfortunately, such people simply do not have the Enlightenment of the Soul to resist the desires of his/her MIND.  And intellectually. it is easy for their MINDs to rationalize what they think, thus making the evil they do appear as though it is “for the people”.

And any Soul lacking C’etc, is vulnerable to compromising his or her principles to gain position and power. They NEED THE HELP OF  Enlightened individuals to remove them from such positions.  It may not be possible to achieve perfection on Earth, but this does not mean we should not demand as much as we can obtain.

The final test, or means of “testing” the really Enlightened person is whether or not they will “compromise” what they KNOW to be True… in order to please or accommodate Intelack type individuals who are unable to “see” the evil they crave and will do anything to achieve.

If the Enlightened people in the nation do not make it their primary role to identify and expose the Intelack type people in the nation, especially in politics, America will continue to embrace evil, and the entire nation [all its people] will find the Lake of Fire in the next seven years.  And the Enlightened can kiss Resurrection good-bye.

We are in the “end times,” and ONLY those who are Absolute in God will find their Souls rising at the time of Death.  It is very dangerous to play with evil in these times.


Brother James


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