First of all, anger is a self-protective and reactive energy.  That is, the energy of anger is a response energy generated by one’s MIND, and it is used by one’s MIND to help one mask  the  pain or fear that is associated with some deeply repressed memory associated with some traumatic event in ones childhood.  This memory  is deeply repressed and the event is stored Within one’s MIND.  The term “Within” in bold and italic simply refers to phenomena that takes place inside of us that our brains cannot perceive, and thus, we are not conscious of the existence of this repressed [hidden] phenomena.

And the non-conscious nature of anger is what makes the expression of anger so peculiar. That is, there can be ten people observe an event, and only two people get angry, while the other eight may be disturbed, or disappointed,  but they are not filled with anger.  And different people have different things that stimulate or trigger their anger.  So, the process of having ones MIND stimulated to produce anger is triggered by different things Within different people.  The one constant of anger is that it is developed early in ones life.  And the more tolerant and accepting is ones environment of anger, the more it is used by that person’s MIND as a primary means of dealing with life.

What sets the pattern of anger as a means of dealing with life is one primary thing, and a secondary contributor to the first.  That is, if one or both parents use anger to deal with disappointment in life, then a child’s MIND  will naturally take-on that disposition or pattern at the time of birth.  Nothing can be done about this process… it just naturally takes place.  Only way to avoid this is for a parent to deal with his or her anger before having a child.  So, this taking on the pattern of anger is “inherited” so to speak, and this is the primary disposition toward anger.  The second contributor to a child developing a habit of using anger is for the parents of that child to allow, overlook, or even support the child’s use of anger.

If parents do not sit down with a child who uses anger, and help that child understand the emotionality of anger [this supposes the parent knows what the emotionality is, of course], then the child’s MIND will take the lack of resistance by a parent as “permission” to develop the habit of anger.

You see, the insecure personality simply cannot handle disappointment, and for that person, disappointment is quickly converted into anger and… in such people the Virtue of Discretion is temporarily set aside as the MIND-level pattern of masking pain with anger overrides what Discretion that person might possess.  And this entire process is operating at a less than conscious level, and seems natural for the person caught up in anger.

The best possible course for dealing with anger is to help a person realize that anger is masking pain, sadness, disappointment, or fear; and that what is being masked is most likely non-conscious to the person.  AND THIS IS THE PROBLEM, IS IT NOT?  How do you put a person in touch with that which is unavailable to the brain of that person?  Since what is repressed Within the MIND simply cannot be accessed by the brain.  This is the catch-22 of modern mental health.

That which is repressed Within a person’s MIND can be Known, but it can only be Known [that is.. experienced]  via a process I refer to as “Empathetic Understanding”.  And for a person to possess Empathetic Understanding, that person will have cleared the traumata from his or her own MIND.  And BS&bp [or modern mental health] no longer requires this of those licensed in mental health today.

So, where do people turn for help?  I’m afraid with the Intelack type people in charge of mental health in America today, the only place to turn is to some female friend who is “naturally” Empathetic, and perhaps she will be able to use empathy to “see” what is causing ones anger.  What you can be certain of is that your anger is due to some deeply repressed [misperception] taken-on in early childhood.

That which is repressed Within our MINDs is scary to consider, but the fact is… all of the traumata we hold hidden Within our MINDs are all misperception, and not real at all [although they seem real].

Caution… if you find someone to help, do not mention this to anyone associated with the fields of mental health, or Psychology.  The Intelack people in these fields defend their denial of Reality intensely & they enjoy destroying Enlightened people, whom they fear.


Brother James



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