“Mystical Incorporeal Man”? Is there such a thing? And if there is, what is it?   If you look in a dictionary for the term Incorporeal, it will likely suggest the term “immaterial”.  And the dictionary will most likely define immaterial as being unimportant, or inconsequential.  Both of these terms are based on, and spring from, the corporeal nature of Man, which naturally knows little of the invisible dimensions of life because the corporeal nature of man consists of the physical body with its special muscle we call the  “brain”.

And… the physical dimension of Man represents one-fourth of the whole of Man; while three-fourths of the whole of Man are composed of invisible dimensions the the brain cannot [and never will] perceive.

So, strictly speaking… the “Mystical Incorporeal Man,” refers to the MIND [which is composed of a ‘Lower part,’ and a ‘Higher part,’] but we refer to these two in the singular term MIND; and the term Incorporeal also refers to the Spiritual dimension of Man, which is invisible to all dimensions except that of the Spiritual dimension itself.

And… it is the very rare individual who has been able to “experience” his or her MIND.  And this should not be too surprising since the MIND is invisible to the brain and physical senses of Man.  In fact, the MIND is so elusive that many in science, and the field of “modern mental health,” or what I refer to as “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”], do their best to try and convince the world that the MIND is “sort of” like the brain.

Well, the MIND is nothing like the physical brain, and the MIND will always remain invisible to the brain, and to those who are confined to the brain for their investigation of Life.

As for”Knee jerking,” that just refers to speaking out without adequate or proper contemplation regarding what one is saying.  Relying on hackneyed phrases one has picked up, or letting ones MIND direct ones speaking by use of the DM=SI of ones MIND, and Delusional Thinking [0r D-Think].

You see, or perhaps you do not see… [since BS&bp does not teach what I’m about to explain],  the MIND can use its DM=SI to feed D-Think to the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain, and ones Apapsyche [the Operational Energy of ones Soul] converts the MIND-level thoughts into brain-level thinking, so that the brain has no way of differentiating between what it thinks and what the MIND wants it to think.

And, of course all this takes place at levels of consciousness that the brain cannot perceive.  So, when you observe someone who is quite convinced that what he/she is saying is true [and you know it is not true], you are unable to convince that person of his or her error, because he/she is convinced he/she is right… and it is not that person’s brain making the decisions, it is his/her MIND.

This forms, as you might imagine, the basic conflict between those people who are Intelack [lacking in consciousness to some degree], and those who are Enlightened to some degree.  And yes, there is a range of consciousness so that people who are Intelack [or lacking in consciousness] range from what we might call sociopathic [or really cut off from their emotions], to those who  have some access to their emotions, but they still have difficulty telling right from wrong, and this means they are rather easily persuaded to take actions that are harmful to themselves and others.  But the MIND of the Intelack convinces him or her that life is unfair, and it is up to Man to correct what the Intelack views as “errors” in the way Life operates.

All despots are Intelack type personalities, and each despot “thinks” that he or she is helping people toward some Utopian dream, and a few thousands deaths is well worth the cost.  In Life, there is a constant war taking place Within Man, and that war is between ones MIND [favoring evil] and ones Soul [when mature, will fight for good].

And what determines whether one is an Intelack or not is the level of C’etc [or Consciousness] a person’s Soul has acquired? And the mystics tell us this takes many, many lifetimes to achieve.

So, whether or not one speaks truth to Life depends upon whether or not that person knows the difference between good and evil?  There are many references to this in the Bible, by the way.


Brother James



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