Term Limits & what’s Wrong With Big Government

The reason most people tolerate less than honest performance by politicians is that most people have not recognized the nature of their own MINDs.  And thus, unknown to them, their MINDs cause them to let politicians escape punishment.

Or put another way… unless one accepts that the nature of his or her MIND is more evil than good, he or she will be caused by his or her MIND  to overlook the corruption of some politicians.  And the MIND can do this via what I refer to as the DM=SI of the MIND.  This strange ability of ones MIND to cause one to not “see” the negativity  repressed Within ones own MIND is perfectly normal and natural… since it is an automatic aspect of the MIND operating  Within the MIND of the Intelack type personality.

And… in the end of the Iron Age of Man, or phrased in the Bible as the “End Times” [in which we find ourselves],  Souls that desire to experience various forms of negativity have been incarnating for many decades in greatly increased numbers… so that the number of people intentionally desiring [actually needing to] experience evil activity has multiplied dramatically;  but at the same time, this phenomenon is barely perceptible… because we cannot “see” a person’s  need to do evil by just looking at a person.

Therefore, since the natural [albeit non-conscious] desire of the Intelack type personality is to engage in evil, it would be wise for Enlightened type people to vote for term limits so as to minimize the harm Intelack type personalities can do.  And if people would do this, and try to vote for Enlightened people for political office, they would naturally work against the Intelack type people to keep the size of government small [which means less intrusive in our lives].

The real paradox of Life is that the Intelack type people need to engage in evil… while the Enlightened people need to fight against the evil of the Intelack, and punish them… when they are caught.  This natural balance is severely compromised when Intelack type people become judges, prosecutors, and politicians who pass lenient laws,  or refuse to prosecute evil people of course. Case in point:  Holder and O today.


Brother James


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