How do I become Enllightened?

This bit is part of what I was writing today, regarding the Intelack class personality and Enlightenment.

Again, with an increase in the number of Intelack teachers, this negativity [and almost worship of Satan] is applauded by Intelack teachers as “freedom” of choice.
By the way… the reason sexuality is picked as the vanguard of evil is that sexual confusion is normal in adolescents, and thus, indoctrinating children in sexual perversity creates a huge number of “victims” for sexual perverts to use and abuse. These perverts [the Intelack enablers of perversion] are not usually aware that their work to introduce young children to the deviant lifestyle is to create youth more easily seduced, but this is the non-conscious desire of their MINDs. And the axiom “evil loves evil” most definitely applies when it comes to Intelack teachers [non-consciously] accommodating sexual perversion in various ways.

Intelack teachers are not consciously aware of this, but this tendency is simply part of the negative nature of the MINDs of Intelack class personalities. Remember, the nature of the MIND is normally quite negative. And in the person whose MIND holds substantial negative repressed trauma, a certain refusal to condemn evil is a natural result of such repression.

The only way to reduce this enabling of negativity, or evil on Earth, is for a person to rise above his or her MIND. And this is done by achieving an Enlightened Soul which can push back against the negative thoughts of the MIND.

How does ones Soul acquire C’etc, or higher consciousness? It is a combination of Grace and having “completed” a great deal of Karma over many, many lifetimes. The process of Enlightenment, in other words, is a slow process, and it is entirely an inside job that takes place Within a person. It is entirely invisible, except to the individual in which it is taking place… and such people just experience themselves not thinking about evil things to the extent they used to, and they also find themselves avoiding those people who do so.

To enable this withdrawal from the habit of sexual thought and action, one must first have something that takes the place of such habitual thought. And the only thing I know that will do this is fixation on God, Spirituality, and replacing ones thoughts on sex with thoughts of God and the nature of ones Soul.

The more one reads about Reality, Truth, and the nature of Life… That is, the mystical nature of Life, the more ones previous MIND-generated thoughts become insipid, weak, and disrespectful of ones self and others.

It is not possible, in other words to “think” oneself to Spirituality. It is ones Spirituality that must push itself to ones Conscious Awareness via ones faculty of Intuition. But, it helps of course to intentionally focus ones attention upon things of Reality and not things of the MIND and this physical plane.  To practice ‘detachment’ in other words, begins with discrimination between good and evil.


Brother James


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