The strangest Riddle of Life…

I believe the strangest Riddle of Life is this:  “The more I know, the less I am.”  And… what does “I am” mean?

The “key”to this riddle of course is the phrase “I am”.  And, if you are familiar with the whole composition of Man, that is,  the many dimensions that comprise the whole of  Man, then you realize that Man is composed of four simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions… only one of which is physical, obvious, and easily comprehensible to the brain and thinking.

The philosopher Rene Descartes [perhaps in his Discourse on the Method, 1637], suggested that for him, the fact that he could think proved his existence. In other words, “I think, therefore, I am”.  And this was considered by those confined to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain as a significant statement.  The Riddle of Life, which this blog addresses, is a riddle due to the fact there are so many people who are unable to access the Spiritual dimension Within themselves… and lacking this “insight,” they are confined to thinking about life. not unlike Rene Descartes, and his colleagues in a field of philosophy that pursues Intellectualism while ignoring the Esoteric three-quarters of Man.

And, the fact that a substantial number of people on Earth are “confined to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain,” [which means lacking  access to  ones faculty of Intuition … which is part of ones Spiritual dimension],  and this means such people relate to life either confined to Intellectualism alone [or thinking their way through the illusion of life] unable to access the Reality  of Life.

How is it possible that the more educated and intellectual a person is, the less Conscious that person is?  Well, the answer to this question is the term “compensation“.   In this instance, the term compensation refers to an extraordinary dependence upon the brain and thinking as ones way of relating to life.  And this means that such people are often quite bright, and good thinkers… but it also means such people are vulnerable to having their brains fed Delusional Thinking [or D-Think] by their MINDs. What is behind this is a process of the MIND I refer to as “DM=SI,” or Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity.

The MINDs of those people whose Souls are not very evolved [explained momentarily] lack the level of Consciousness [or C’etc] that allows one’s Soul to “see” those thoughts of the MIND which are delusional, misleading, or intentionally false.  And the MIND of such a person uses this DM=SI to convince him or her  that what he/she thinks is quite true. In other words, those people whose Souls are not Enlightened [or not Spiritually evolved] are simply not as yet “ready” to awaken to certain bits of Truth from Within themselves.  And in compensation for this lack of C’etc [pronounced [C_etcetera],  certain people simply cannot “see” nor “hear” levels of Truth [or dimensions of Reality]… that Christ spoke of to his disciples as that which the “masses” could neither see nor hear.

In this regard, nothing has changed on Earth. People lacking Enlightenment are often given ‘compensation’ of  Intellectualism]… as compensation for a LACK of Consciousness [or Spiritual Enlightenment].

And,  the above concepts of [compensation, Intellectualism, and Spiritual Enlightenment], are all parts of the various [invisible] dimensions of Man, but these operations and elements are all invisible to the brain.   So… no one can “experience” these by use of ones brain and thinking.  This means those people who are confined to Intellectualism are unable to comprehend or “experience” the Riddle of this blog.

In simple terms, the more one pursues the things of this physical plane [in the Bible referred to as Mammon], the more “attachment” to this world one develops… and the further one moves aware from ones Spiritual Core or Soul [The more I Know… the less I am].  And the only cure for this is to slowly work ones way up the Ladder of Life by completing Karma over many, many lifetimes.  To “learn” the folly of one’s attachment to the illusion of life, in other words.

The “key” to the Riddle, “The more I know, the less I am,” is unable to be resolved unless one knows what “I am” means?  And “I am” refers to ones Soul, and specifically the level of the Enlightenment [Spiritual Evolution] of ones Soul [and… this refers directly to both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation], and these designs of God are  largely denied and even feared by many in Christianity.

You see, without both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation, the idea that we Souls are ALL slowly growing and maturing  in our acquisition of Spiritual Evolution [Consciousness] makes little  sense. And unless a person’s Soul shifts from the brain and thinking to that of Intuition, that person is not capable of Intuitively awakening to the bits of Truth that unlocks the Riddle:  “The more I know, the less I am”.  Eastern mystics refer to this ‘process’  as a matter of “detachment” from the things of this world… and an “attachment” to the Spiritual Reality that only one’s Soul can access.  This is not part of what most people in the West are taught, and so my mentioning it will be met with mixed reactions.

I may know a great deal about this physical plane via Intellectualism, but until I awaken to the Knowledge contained Within myself via the growth of my Soul… due to the Law of Karma, over many, many lifetimes… I cannot KNOW who and what I am, as a Soul.  And fulfilling the Purpose of Life [Self-discovery] is the Goal of every Soul. Each Soul must become Perfect in its experience of Love to enable it to stand before the gates of God.  All Souls must  pursue a path of good  vs evil, and over time, one’s Soul gains sufficient C’etc that it can push back against ones MIND; eventually tapping into ones higher MIND, and thence begins enjoying the “fruits” of ones labor as ones MIND weakens, and ones Soul begins to dominate ones thoughts.  Just some notes for those who find them interesting…


Brother James



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