What does the term Reincarnation mean?

Briefly, the term “Reincarnation” refers to the concept that we Souls inhabit one lifetime after another, as we slowly grow and mature in differentiating between good and evil;  and by doing so… we eventually realize who we are,  what the Purpose of Life is, and the reason we were Created by God?

The question every human being must ultimately answer is this:  If there is such a thing as Reincarnation, why would it not be part of common knowledge [which indeed it is in many cultures]?

The answer to the above question is answered in the question:  Why do we not know what’s in our Christmas presents?  Hope, joy, excitement, and perseverance all depend upon not knowing before we are ready to know.

Life is not [despite what Intelack science types suggest] random, arbitrary, capricious, nor accidental.

And the reason we can ONLY ask  the question “why are we here” of Man is that only a human being possesses the fifth element, that of Ether… which is only active within Man.  And only those lifeforms in which Ether is active, and their Souls Enlightened… possess the Virtue of Discretion [which is an aspect of Consciousness].  That is, the ability to experience levels of Reality that exist beyond the vibrational perception of the physical  brain demands that one’s  Soul acquire a level of Consciousness that enables one’s Soul [via the faculty of Intuition] to experience [as in Empathetic Understanding] dimensions of Reality that exist beyond the physical dimension.  In other words, a person’s Soul must be “ready” to make proper use of Spiritual Insight.  Until one’s Soul is ready, one is unable to “see” that which is hidden.  And “ready” means that one’s Soul has acquired enough Consciousness to subtly rise to a new level of understanding of the higher and normally invisible elements of  Life.

The Knowledge of God, and His genius of how Creation operates,  prevents us from unnecessarily misusing our Knowledge or Spiritual Insight to harm ourselves. We cannot “see” that which we are not prepared to properly use, in other words.

Think of one’s Soul as a person in a ten story building, and one has explored the first floor, and is now exploring the second floor.  How realistic is it to expect that person to KNOW [or properly comprehend] what is on the third floor?  Remember… Life has a Purpose, even if one does not comprehend what that Purpose is?

____________________ And, the first lesson we all must learn to accept is that “every living thing has a Soul” [From Man, through all animals, all plant life, and to the virtually invisible cells within the Human Being].  Many things exist on Earth that do not possess a Soul, but these things exist like stage props to provide the Earth with an appearance [the illusion of]  the appearance of reality.   It never occurs to most people that the life they lead is taking place within an illusion they believe is real.  We believe this Earth life is real because we cannot see beyond the physical illusion.  The Reality is… this physical plane is the lowest of three entirely separate vibrational divisions of Creation [all of which were “created,” and are thus subject to dissolution].  The Causal region; the Astral region; and the physical universe, including this Earth.  The only permanent existence is that of the Spiritual Reality — Which is another interesting story.

______________ The second lesson to learn is that in order to provide everything we Souls need to grow and mature, God designed the Law of Karma;  which is most simply defined as “Sowing and Reaping”.  Or, every act one  takes will return to  one to experience [and it will appear to be an accident],  in which case most people are generally resentful, angry, and want  to seek revenge as “justice”.  And, the invisible FACT is… what one is experiencing occurring to oneself is what one  previously did oneself… in a previous lifetime. [Don’t tell anyone, but there are no accidents on Earth].

And, the Law of Karma is an Absolute Law.  In other words, there are no exceptions to this Law in the whole of Creation.  It applies to every Soul in Creation.  And, since the Law of Karma was designed by God, it is Perfect, and it applies to everyone… regardless whether one is aware of this Law or not?

____________ And the third lesson to learn is that of Reincarnation, or the fact that the path to return Home to God is available to every Soul in the Creation, if one’s Soul chooses to commit to the cycle of birth and death;  or what the Eastern mystic calls “Awagawan, or the ‘Coming and going’; refers to age-long cycles of births and deaths; transmigration, reincarnation.” And this quote is from the book: The Path of the Masters, by  Julian Johnson, and this book can be obtained via the address contained [here].

It is perhaps difficult for those capable of reading today in the civilized nations on Earth to comprehend the barbarism of earlier times [which is still quite active in really backward places on Earth].  The savagery of despots of old have benefitted from time, as people incapable of imagining the extent of evil many leaders were capable of engaging in simply did not fit the timidity of those who wrote of these despots. Let me give one small example:

…”In his Psychology, Religion and Healing, Abingdon Press, Dr. Weatherhead states:  “The conversion of the Roman Emperor Constantine to Christianity in 325 AD was a very doubtful gain to the cause of Christ. He may have seen a cross in the sky surrounded by the words In Hoc Signo Vinces, but he produced a Christianity that dispensed with the Cross, and might as well have used a cusion as its symbol.”  I read this in the book:  Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation, by Noel Langley, Paperback Library, Coronet Communications, Inc. 315 Part Ave So, NY, NY 10010.

In this less than glowing passage, Dr. Weatherhead is putting a more descriptive body upon Constantine that those who lack a proper access to the emotionality of life are capable of doing.  History given to us by Intelack type people [people lacking higher levels of Consciousness] will always exclude a certain level of evil [the MINDs of such people refuse to recognize].

__________ The fourth and final lesson to learn is that there are two very different types of Souls on Earth.  And this difference is based on the level of maturation of the Souls of these people?  And, of course, if one does not believe in Reincarnation, then one is not prepared to accept nor even comprehend how the people on Earth appear to be the same [or at least similar] and yet, invisible  to us is the level of Consciousness possessed by a person’s Soul that makes the different from one another?  You see, the status of Enlightenment of a person’s Soul is not capable of being determined by just looking at a person.

This is the reason we are so easily fooled by the very gifted rhetoric of evil people, who are very often quite intellectual, and yet, they are virtually lacking in Conscience [or the ability to “see” good vs evil].  We must not judge a person by how slick [and deceiving his/her rhetoric is],  because the intention of such people WILL ALWAYS PRODUCE NEGATIVE [EVIL] RESULTS FOR MANKIND.

How can we protect ourselves?  If any politician says, thinks, or utters the idea that “life is unfair”… you can be quite certain  that person is an Intelack [which means in possession of a Soul that is new to the form of human being, and lacks Conscience, and thus… cannot therefore be trusted].


Brother James


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