Why Modern Mental Health is Harmful to Man

Provocative title? Yes, it is. However, I am quite serious about the harm “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”], or modern mental health… is causing the people of America — especially the children in America.
And, let us quickly say that I am not condemning the people in BS&bp, I am condemning the fact they are improperly selected, taught, and trained… and thus, they have no idea how harmful they are to those they serve.

And the REASON for this is that BS&bp denies and ignores three-fourths of the whole of Man, while focusing intently upon the physical dimension  of Man exclusively.   Of course to be aware that one is in denial of so much of the human being, one must be aware that Man is more than a one-dimensional object  This awareness is not part of what BS&bp teaches.

A complete avoidance of the MIND of Man by those in charge of BS&bp in America, and around the world, is more than just carelessness.  It is the natural preference of a class of people whose Souls have not [as yet] acquired sufficient “Consciousness” [or C’etc], to enable them to ‘experience’ the whole of themselves —  which must precede one experiencing the whole of another.  My label for such “newbies” to the form of human being is “Intelack“.  The opposite of Intelack is Enlightened.

There is no other way to describe this avoidance of the Reality of Life other than the term “ignorance”.  And what is ignorance?  Ignorance is a lack of Knowledge, and oddly enough…  Knowledge does not depend upon ones acquisition of  information.  Many highly educated individuals are Intelack class human beings;  thus proving that Enlightenment has nothing to do with IQ, education, nor intelligence.

Since the age of industrialization, there has been an unrelenting move to nudge the Esoteric dimensions of Man off the shelf of interest, as the Intelack class of people insist that “pure science” [which simply means a science that ignores three-quarters of Reality] must take preference over  the study of the whole of Man.   The “secret” reason for this is that the Intelack type person intensely [but non-consciously] fears those elements of Man that the brain cannot perceive:  This means the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of Man, along with Truth, Reality, Spirituality, Soul, God and MIND are all invisible, thus incapable of being known by the brain of Man.

So naturally those people whose Souls lack a certain level of Consciousness naturally fear what they cannot experience with their brains.  I refer to this type of person as an Intelack class personality. By contrast, those people whose Souls have acquired sufficient C’etc [C_etcetera], or Consciousness can use their faculties of Intuition to awaken to bits of Knowledge that they are “ready” to awaken to from Within themselves.

So,  it makes no sense at all to try and educate an Intelack class person into the field of Psychology.  But if the Intelack class person is being educated into the oxymoron “behavioral psychology,” well certainly the Intelack class people is perfect for this one-dimensional view of Man.

The institutionalized ignorance of the whole of Man was first introduced to the field of Psychology by B.F. Skinner [and a group of behavioral scientists] in the early 1900s.  We can fault those in Psychology at the time for allowing these ‘behavioral scientists’ [who studied the behavior of animals] to call themselves “psychologists” [research this point HERE].

Just so we all “know,” the ancient Greeks used the term “psyche” for the term Psychology.  Logy is Greek for “study”.  So, the ancient Greeks meant the term Psychology to refer to a study of the Esoteric [invisible] dimensions of Man: Psyche refers to “Self, Soul and MIND”.  The ancient Greeks were too Enlightened to bother with the behavior of Man, knowing that behavior is a symptom… and never a cause.

What difference does it make if “psychology” and mental health ignore the MIND? Well, it makes quite a big difference actually. Every thought and behavior of Man is governed by either Conscience, or the MIND.  Conscience is part of ones Spiritual dimension, while the MIND [the Lower MIND that is] is part of the MIND realm, and the MIND is in charge of a person’s Karma [Karma means Sowing & Reaping]. That is, the Law of Karma was designed by God, and Karma serves the Creation to insure that  every Soul is treated with absolute equality and justice.  Of course the Law of Karma operates behind the scenes, at levels which are normally invisible to Man.  We see the symptoms of Karma, or the results of invisible actions, but not the “causal” whose invisible hand directs the actions which result in symptoms we can see.

Man sees a person slip and fall, and most view this as an “accident”. And this view works out fine on this physical plane where so many Intelack type people can ONLY SEE the physical aspects of accidents.

But when a child is using a wall to pound his head into, this is no accident, and the reason is not the wall.  But the reason is easily understood if a properly trained and Enlightened therapist Empathetically communicates with the MIND of the child.  It is the MIND of the child that is using this form of self-punishment to “vent” negative energy being generated Within the MIND of the child.

Yes, a drug can be used to interfere in the communication between the MIND of the child and the child’s brain. But this temporary blockage does not deter the MIND of the child.  The MIND of the child will simply order the child’s body to “vent” the negative energy via other parts of the body in the form of various “illnesses”.

Quite often the “side effects” of drugs are actually the MIND of a person  using other parts of the body to “vent” the negative energy being generated Within the MIND of a person. A person WILL “vent” negative energy in one way or another.  The negative energy is Karma, and no one interferes in the fulfillment of Karma. So, BS&bp is responsible for much of the pain and suffering of people in America… but as long as people are kept in ignorance, how will the people know they are paying for their own illnesses?

Is this sham shameful?  Sure it is, but then, how many people will use what I am writing to demand better treatment?  The MIND of most people will simply feed D-Think to their brains that convince them that what I am writing is nonsense.  And with BS&bp reinforcing the delusional thinking of people, the sham goes on.

B.F. Skinner is quoted as saying:

“A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past [Skinner is here referring to the MIND] is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.” [Evans, Richard I. B.F. Skinner: The Man and His Ideas. New York: E.P. Dutton & Do. 1968.]

Skinner, in other words was thinking Delusional Thinking, or D-Think, which are thoughts fed by ones MIND to the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain whose primary purpose is to insure that a person not “see” nor “hear” anything that might expose to that person what his/her MIND holds hidden within itself. This is neither good nor bad, it is simply the way we operate as human beings.  And it is the malfeasance of BS&bp that keeps the public ignorant of Reality, and thus, the proper treatment the public needs from those supposedly responsible for educating people about the invisible dimensions of Man.

Christ said for Man to seek, and that Man would find…  Find what?  The natural Peace that comes from self-forgiveness for ones transgressions [sins].  Christ meant that Man must look Within for the Forgiveness of God. As long as a person holds fear and pain as coming from outside himself, and that he is a “victim,” that person is resisting his own Karma.

A competent and Enlightened psychotherapist [facilitator of the psyche of Man] can help a person accept responsibility [thus forgiveness] for his or her Karma.  How is this accomplished when ones therapist unknowingly fears his/her own forgiveness?  It can’t be done, or course.

The Law of Karma [aside from insuring absolute justice],  also serves God by insuring that every Soul adheres to the Purpose of Life, which is to explore and experience everything there is to discover in the Creation.  The idea that we Souls only have one life to live is part of the intellectual interpretation of the Bible, which means coinciding with the ideas of various Popes from the 5th to the 15th centuries, and nothing the Intelack has to offer Man is helpful in dealing with Karma.

But can an Intelack be a religious person?  An Intelack can be anything he/she wants to be [as far as outward appearance is concerned]. All sociopaths are Intelack class people, for instance. Some politicians are Intelack [Dem/Lib], and some are Conservative [Enlightened to some degree].  RINO Republicans are fence sitters and tend to favor the negative desires of the MIND: Greed, Envy and an insatiable desire to control everyone and everything… and they lack Conscience like the Intelack.

For example… If I were to say that many children who are taking drugs for one of several acronyms like ADD, or ADHA [which are verbalized terms that are applied to the negative behavioral symptoms of children, and these acronyms are created to help those trained in BS&bp imagine they know what they are doing]… what would you say?  What about the child, right?

About the only thing I can say that might be helpful to parents is this: If a child is acting out, the negative energy of that action comes from Within the MIND of the child.  And what causes the negativity are misperceptions taken-on by the child early in life.  If those misperceptions [based on a sense of a lack of love] can be replaced by patience, calm, acceptance of the fear of the child, this will go a long way toward helping the child accept the negative energy is OK. It is the child’s fear of such negative energy that prevents the child from accepting such energy as OK.

What the properly trained psychotherapist can do that the normal parent cannot do is “Accept” the fears of the child… since a part of the “proper” training of a therapist is helping him/her discover and accept the deeply repressed misperceptions from Within him/herself.


Brother James


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