House Vote 4 Boehner is One of Two Realities

As disappointing as the House vote for Boehner is to all conscious people, the fact such a dishonest man has become the Speaker of the House demonstrates to us one of two very different realities taking place at the same time in the world, and in America.

Where do I begin… Surely each reader is aware of how rapidly technology on Earth is advancing!  And since this technology is strictly physical, tangible, and devoid of emotionality… it SEEMS to convince us that the great evil that is taking place all around us… is just a temporary condition of certain people… and that by simply wanting good to return to the nation, good  will return.  Especially if we “pray” for good. Unfortunately,  we seem to not realize that there is such a thing as the “Law of Karma” (designed by God to operate the Creation) and that this Law is based on a very simply proposition: For every act of evil a person or a nation does… THAT EVIL MUST BE REAPED.  And a first principle is this:  God will not be mocked!

If you are unfamiliar with the book of Revelation, found in the Bible, you might want to read it… Because in reading this book,  you will find that it is telling us about what is taking place in the world today.  But, not in a way that is easy to interpret.  The fact this ‘prophecy’ is difficult to understand for most people is the reason I have recommended that people take a little time to listen and watch what Irvin Baxter  says about Revelation.

But as helpful as Reverend Baxter is, even he misses a vital point, and that point is this:  Mankind is faced with two realities taking place at the same time, and ONLY ONE OF THESE REALITIES IS VISIBLE TO (a part of Man].  That is, the brain and thinking of Man is part of the physical dimension of Man, which is quite different than the non-physical dimensions of Man: MIND (emotionality), and Soul (Spirituality of Man).

One reality then is what we can see and think about, and the other reality is what is taking place behind what we can see and think about. Technology takes place in the physical dimension, and it is neither good nor bad.  It just “is”.  What makes technology “bad” is what Man does with it?

And the use of technology to spy on we citizens is a mis-use of technology [and it is also against the Constitution], and a great many people realize [by way of subtle Conscience] that this mis-use of technology by government is a bad thing.  But those in government whose MINDs crave CONTROL over everything and everyone [the Intelack type people in government] are blocked from this awareness by their MINDs.   That is, their MINDs feed ‘delusional thinking’ [or D-Think] to the Left-Hemisphere of their brains… and this D-Think  causes them to believe that what they are doing is “protecting the public”.   Is this not irrational?  Of course it is [for you and I who are somewhat Enlightened], but for the Intelack class personality, the D-Think their brains receive automatically overrides whatever amount of Conscience their Spirituality might have acquired.   And a symptom of the psyche of the Intelack type person is a severe lack of Conscience.   Or a natural inability to see the evil in the world.

So…. as Revelation reveals, there “is” such a thing as evil in the World. And this evil is invisible to ones brain and thinking.  This evil is real, and it is powerful, and it easily infects those people who are Intelack type people. Or people whose Souls do not possess much Enlightenment.

AND… this means that one class of people can “see” the evil in the world, and there is another class of people who cannot “see” the evil in the world. Those who can “see”  evil  today are people who mostly  identify themselves as Conservative, or Tea Party type people.  These people are Enlightened to some degree… or Spiritually Evolved.

The type of people who cannot “see” the evil in the world today tend to identify themselves as Democrat, Socialist, Progressive, Independent, Atheist, Humanist, and of course Marxist [like our present President]. I refer to such people as Intelack class personalities. These people have Souls that have not as yet acquired much Spiritual Evolution, and their thoughts are therefore thoughts fed to their brains by their MINDs, and these thoughts serve the desires of their MINDs… Which are Greed, Envy, and an insatiable need to control everyone and everything.

This Intelack need to control everything is driven by fear.  This fear is a basic fear of the Spirituality Within themselves [the Energy of which] their MINDs cannot perceive.  So, not only do they naturally resist all forms and symbols of Spirituality or religion, they also fear expressions of Truth, Honor, or Reality.  The Intelack, in other words, embraces evil because it “fits” the MIND that drives the thoughts and thinking of the Intelack.

We, as a nation,  are in conflict with ourselves, in other words.  But we cannot identify who among us is Enlightened [and thus openly resistant to evil],  and who are Intelack [open to and even welcoming of evil]. And the argument is one of intellectualism, which automatically excludes the very Consciousness [that is required to “see” evil].


The Spiritual Reality laid out in Revelation is taking place because it is SUPPOSED to take place.  This means that the invisible evil flooding the world today WILL take place.  It will take place because it is the RESULT of Greed, Envy and the fact that in the “end times,” Satan and his evil will flood the world — providing every Soul an opportunity to choose between good and evil.  And the difficult task is to recognize the evil one must resist is largely invisible, but Man is given symptoms of evil to recognize.

If you cannot “see” the evil of Boehner,  the Congress, and the government of Obama, then you are headed for the Lake of Fire.  If you can “see” the evil, then re-focus your attention to God. Let what used to be America slide into the abyss, while you save your Soul [the only part of Man that is Real].

Those Souls driven by Greed, Envy and an insatiable need for power have, as Christ said:  Their reward.


Brother James


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