A Short bit from my new book

A note about Common Core, as mentioned in a snippet from my new book: Psychology and Enlightenment.

Or put another way, the only person who can “teach” a child to awaken the Knowledge [already possessed Within that child] is an Enlightened individual. And the Intelack type person [those who naturally gravitate to the field of education] will naturally desire to punish a child who is naturally open to and curious about the Whole Human Being.

Contemporaneously with what I just said, we have Common Core, or an attempt by Intelack people to destroy Intuition, creativity and spontaneity in children.
You see, there are two basic types of people on Earth. One type is the person whose Soul has not [as yet] acquired sufficient Knowledge to enable that Soul to push back against and moderate the natural desires [and fears] of the MIND; and the second type is the Soul that has acquired sufficient “C’etc” [Consciousness] to enable that Soul to push back against, and even resist the desires [and fears] of his/her MIND.
_________ This new realization about there being two different types of people on Earth… is quite important, but it is also difficult to comprehend — especially in America.


Brother James


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