Trying to Explain Consciousness [as it increases] which Cannot be Verbally Explained…

I could not sleep, and so I thought I would attempt [once again] to try and convey a process that takes place at a level of Conscious Awareness that neither the brain nor the MIND can perceive.
Or put another way, what I’m about to try and explain will require words the brain will interpret in a way that it can comprehend… however what the brain “thinks” is not what I am explaining… but, there are no comprehensible brain-level words or terms for what I am attempting to explain.

In other words… what I am about to [try and] explain takes place at a level of comprehension which occurs well beyond the reach of either the physical brain, or the MIND  [which is composed of two separate vibrational energy fields which are invisible to the brain].  The human MIND is composed of the energy of the Astral region of Creation [this is the Lower MIND], and the Causal region of Creation [this is the Higher MIND].  And both of these are higher vibrational dimensions of a higher existing Reality Within the whole of Man… and these higher realms of energies are incapable of being perceived by any part of the intellectual processing of ones ” physical” brain.  No one can “think” his or her way to “experiencing” the subtle vibrational dimensions operating Within oneself, in other words.

The only part of Man that exists beyond the perception of ones MIND is the Spiritual dimension Within oneself… and the only part of Man capable of experiencing the Spiritual dimension of Man is a part of that Spiritual dimension itself that I refer to as the “faculty of Intuition”.

The term Intuition is an operational aspect of what I refer to as the Apapsyche of Man: Or the Operational Energy of the Soul.  And the term Intuition is an aspect of the Apapsyche of Man.  And at this point we have reached a crucial juncture in my attempt to explain that which cannot be explained in words, terms, or symbols.  At this point the reader will have to simply accept that he/she will most likely not comprehend what I am saying, or at best, such understanding will be be ” An ABSTRACT Understanding”.

And by “abstract” I mean that the reader will have to “take on faith” that the terms, symbols, and concepts and  I am using actually exist, and actually refer to invisible phenomena the reader can read about existing,  but in reading what I am writing, the reader will be unable to “prove” any of what I am writing exists.  The question is whether or not the reader is capable of allowing that I may KNOW something the reader may not be able to comprehend [except by abstractly memorizing the abstract terms I am using to point to what I Know] — Which, being invisible, cannot be proven to exist to those incapable of using Intuition to “see” the invisible of Man.

An example of this is the term “Soul”.  Although many people believe they know what the term Soul refers to…What reader has every met a Soul, seen a Soul, or observed a Soul vacating a person’s body at the time of death?

The only people I am aware of being capable of seeing the existence of the subtle energies of Man are those people capable of seeing “auras,” or the subtle vibrational energies of the MIND.  Such people are usually spoken of as being “psychic”.  The fact is, these people are Enlightened Souls, and they are simply capable of seeing with the sight of their Astral body, or the sight of the Lower MIND.  And such people often [mistakenly] refer to seeing the “spiritual dimensions of Man”.  What they can see are low-level Astral vibrations of the Lower MIND, and there is nothing “Spiritual” in the Astral body of Man, nor on the Astral region of Creation for that matter.

So, as I proceed, let us all recognize that many readers will deny, resist, and refuse to believe that what I am describing could possibly exist.  By putting this out clearly, I hope to reduce the nay-sayers emailing me saying that I “CAN’T PROVE ANY OF WHAT I AM SAYING.”

I readily agree that it is NOT POSSIBLE TO PROVE [VIA PHYSICAL MEANS] THE EXISTENCE of non-physical phenomena… except that those individuals who are sufficiently Enlightened may possess an Apapsyche whose faculty of Intuition is sufficiently developed to “experience” bits of Spiritual Truth via Intuition.  Such people already possess such Truth Within their Apapsyche, and my terms, symbols and concepts will trigger such bits of Truth Within them, and via their Intuition, they will awaken to these bits of Truth. And although they now KNOW that what I am saying is True, they will be unable to convey what they KNOW to others.

A group of students and myself labeled such Intuited awakening to bits of Truth from Within oneself as “Knowings”.  We  did this during a semester in which I taught an experimental class entitled a “search for the origin of Creativity”.  I lost my position at that university, but the Truth had been discovered by a number of us who experienced that class.

Truth is very frightening to the Intelack type personality. And the Intelack type person is widespread in academia, education, media and politics as Democrats [Marxist or Progressive personalities].  The Intelack is one of two basic types of people on Earth. The second type is the Enlightened type person, whose Soul has acquired a substantial amount of Consciousness [or C’etc (pronounced ‘C_etcetera’) which is my symbol for the Virtues of Life].

Of course, neither the Law of Karma nor Reincarnation are widely considered in the West, or in America.  And without Reincarnation, the slow maturation of the Soul by acquiring C’etc makes no sense.

To the point of this blog, as a person engages in [and hopefully completes] Karma, that completed Karma becomes C’etc [Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding], or what the ancient Greeks most likely intended the term Consciousness to refer to. C’etc, by the way, is stored within ones Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul], and it is stored as bits of Truth.  These bits naturally awaken as ones Soul is “ready” to awaken to some bit of higher Truth/C’etc.

The ‘process’ of awakening to higher bits of Truth from Within oneself is entirely invisible, as it takes place at levels which the brain [and even ones MIND] cannot perceive.  If one is an Enlightened individual, then it is possible one will awaken [via ones faculty of Intuition] some new concept that one suddenly KNOWS is True, although one will be unable to convey what one now KNOWS to others.  You see, what one Intuits via Intuition is in the form of Spiritual Truths, or concepts… which cannot be separated into constituent parts…. like what the brain uses when it processes the thoughts fed to it by ones MIND.

The Spiritual dimension of Man is what the ancient mystics spoke of as God existing Within Man.  The Spiritual dimension exists simultaneously with the other three dimensions which make-up the whole of Man, but none of the other dimensions can experience the super subtle Energy of the Spiritual dimension.  The Soul, by the way, is composed of the same Energy as that of God, and we Souls were projected into the Creation shortly after the Creation was first formed.  This makes we Souls very, very old.  But not all Souls that were projected into the Creation have committed to the cycle of birth and death.  Many Souls live on both the Causal and Astral regions of Creation [and these are not part of the physical universe].

Does this help, or does this just muddy the waters?


Brother James




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