This letter is written for, and to all people whose skin color is dark, and whose ancestry can be traced back to some African nation; or some nation other than America. It is written for those who are second or third generation American [important to consider this point, by the way], and it is written for those who have just recently come to America.

It occurred to me this morning, and the more I thought about it, the more sense it made to me… and I only hope it will make sense to you as well.

By way of a little background, my own heritage includes Irish, English, Italian, French, and most importantly– American [since I was born in America].  If you were born in America, YOU ARE AN AMERICAN, and this is just a fact each person must deal with.

My  father, God rest his Soul, did his best to indoctrinate me into his narrow brand of bigotry and hatred [based purely on a person’s ethnicity]. My father hated black people, Jews, Catholics, Mexicans, and people who did not drink alcohol. And this is strange since he lived in San Diego, California, having arrived there from South Carolina,  with my mother and myself in the rumble seat of a model A coupe in 1938.

But to my main point for this blog. Most immigrants to America bring with them some kind of heritage, or history, or way of being that is unique to their country of origin, and even locality from which they immigrated.  And too, most immigrants to America find help and support from others like themselves… as they more or less make a transition from who they were, to who they must become in order to survive and prosper in America.

But answer me this:  What heritage did people who were snatched from their communities in Africa; from very different  cultures [even some villages  at war with one another], with different rituals, practices,  and  strangely different forms of heritage now instantly homogenized… then chained together with other black people from many diverse and different ethnic cultures… and placed in tiny cubicles in the hold of ships; where many died of many illnesses, but probably lack of water.

And then, upon being pulled out of those ships, they suddenly realized they had ceased to be people, and were now objects of property that predominately white skinned people could purchase.  And it was also made clear to them that escape would be severely punished.

Is it surprising that such people would find relating to America [other than as a slave, or a disoriented individual] difficult?  What human being would not find it difficult to “act” educated [with no education]?  Act like an ordinary American [when raised to believe that one is a sub-human]? Or feel secure when told for a century that one’s racial heritage condemns one to be a second-class citizen?  I am merely laying out a few facts black people should consider… as they appraise themselves as human beings in a nation where some of different ethnic backgrounds are slow to appreciate what it meant to be black in America at one time? And… that time is gone.

Surely there is enough “blame” to go around? It is also a fact that many slaves were the result of black Africans rounding up people of a different village, and selling them to European slave merchants.  For blacks to hate white people simply due to the color of a person’s skin is just as wrong as non-black people hating black people merely based on skin color.

Hate is of Satan, period.  There is no excuse for hatred of a person due to that person’s heritage… because ones heritage or skin color is not who that person is… Who one is, is a Soul whose relationship is to God, not anything of this Earth. Every Soul is related to God, directly. Skin color or heritage is only related to this Earth plane.  One’s Soul is of God, and there are no exceptions to this Absolute Reality.

Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass

Let this exceptional human being be a guide for all of us. A slave himself, he escaped, self-educated himself, and spent his life robustly fighting for the freedom of all people in America.

Shakespeare was absolutely correct when he said that we people are all players on a giant stage, and the roles we play are to fulfill our Karmic obligations… period.  In other words, one may have been a slave in one lifetime, but in this lifetime, one may be any kind of person that will best allow one to fulfill ones Fate Karma for this lifetime.  And this is true, even if one does not believe in either the Law of Karma, or Reincarnation.

So, let us not be so short-sighted as to blame anyone for being who one is, since ones Soul must depend ENTIRELY on the Law of Karma [designed by God] for ones race this lifetime; ones ethnicity this lifetime; and ones  station in life this lifetime.

Please remind others that racism is EVIDENCE that the racist is “stupid” in terms of the Reality of Life. Anyone who is racist, or speaks in racist terms is a person to be pitied, and then soundly condemned and ignored entirely as too dumb to associate with. Let us all purge America of racism, since anyone who is racist is a God-less [and ignorant] individual.

Be patient with arrogance masking fear, because as the saying goes:  There, but for the Grace of God, go I.


Brother James


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