Let’s Contrast Harry Reid & Frederick Douglass

How do these two people differ, I mean other than the race of each?

Harry Reid17003_54492d6893031

And Frederick Douglass



Let us begin by saying that the only people Harry Reid has ever helped are a few of his rich cronies in Las Vegas.  And most especially, the Democrat Party and in particular, the current President, Obama… while making life difficult, painful, and miserable for millions of Americans.

On the other hand, Frederick Douglass was born a slave, escaped, and self-educated himself while dedicating his life to ending slavery.

My focus in this blog is not about race, nor political party, nor what opportunity each of these two people had in life.  This blog is focused on the level of Consciousness of the Souls existing Within these two men.

Other than the family of Reid, it is doubtful that Americans will ever speak of Harry Reid in favorable terms.  The reason is that the Soul Within Harry Reid is relatively new to the form of human being.  I say this because given the high political position Reid obtained, he did nothing with this position but serve evil interests:  His own and those whose corrupt activity helped keep him in office.

On the other hand, Douglass had no education, no opportunity to speak of, and yet he served both the slaves in America, and the entire nation by his relentless work for emancipation of the slaves.

What “made’ these two people so different was the Soul of each.  The Soul of Douglass was in the body of a black person in this lifetime; and he was placed in the position of a slave [indicating some very heavy negative karma that had to be overcome by the position he was in].  Of course, if the reader does not believe in the Law of Karma, or Reincarnation, then much of the extraordinary nature of this blog may be missed?

The basic format facing each of these Souls was indeed quite different. Reid, going into politics, found the political life “fit” his lack of Conscience quite well.  He had no resistance to cheating, stealing, and in using people like cattle, in the corruptive process that sustains the Democrat political machine.  Reid, in other words “is” an evil person, and thus serves Satan, although Reid is most likely unaware of being a slave of Satan.

By contrast, Douglass was born into a corrupt and evil environment, where resistance to such evil was met with being beaten by a bullwhip across the back until the person complaining of the inhumane conditions lost consciousness, and due to physical trauma, was incapable of resistance. And to insure no one could escape the condition of slavery, the slave owners paid handsomely for slaves to be returned.

So, the fact that Douglass found a way to escape suggests he  possessed a Soul that did not surrender to the MIND that was attached to it.  And rather than his Soul serving the evil of his MIND, his Soul overrode his MIND, and used his MIND to successfully escape slavery…  And once free of his slave environment, he sought not only to better himself via education,  but he also thought of those who were still caught in slavery.

My point is this:  What each Soul chooses to do in life is largely a matter of the Fate Karma one chooses to engage in… while designing ones next lifetime during the period one [which means ones Soul with MIND attached] is being evaluated at the end of ones last lifetime.

Whether one believes in Heaven and Hell, both exist, and at the time of each death, one is evaluated as to how well one did fulfilling  the Fate Karma one chose to work on in the life one just completed?  If one did well, then some time for Rest and Relaxation in some Heaven is warranted; and if one did not do so well, but in fact engaged in negative Karma, then one is sent to a Hell, where ones MIND receives re-education.

The Reality of Life is that it takes many, many lifetimes for a Soul to achieve a level of Consciousness wherein one’s Soul can override the selfish, mean, and thoughtless negativity of one’s MIND… And remember, every Soul has a personal MIND attached to it, and ones MIND is the local administrator of ones Karma.  Outside of Eastern mysticism, what I am sharing is not well known.  But you likely realize this, right?

So, when one views the life of Harry Reid, and the life of Frederick Douglass, one cannot help but see the substantial contrast between these two Souls.  And this difference is determined entirely by the nature of the Soul of each.  Reid’s Soul is relatively new, and thus given to the evil desires of the MIND, and to satisfying selfish egoistic desires at a cost to others; by contrast,  the Soul of Douglass is an older, more Enlightened Soul, that chose to live a courageous life dedicated to helping others.

By the way, it just occurs to me to mention this… the only racial or ethnic difference between people  exists  [ONLY] on the Earth plane.  All Souls on the “inner” planes consist of no race, no ethnicity, and the only difference between these Souls is one of maturation.  That is, in Reality, we Souls differ only in how much Spiritual Evolution a Soul has acquired? This is also referred to as the Enlightenment of a Soul.  And the more Enlightened A Soul, the more humility that Soul possesses.


Brother James


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