Strange question? The answer is even more strange… In fact, only the really open-minded will be able to stand what I’m about to explain.

If you know where your thoughts come from, and the reason you are as you are… then you have no need to read this blog.  On the other hand, if you do not KNOW the reason you believe what you do… this blog will no doubt be helpful [see “A” ahead].

In earlier blogs I explained that each of us has an “inside” Reality, and an outside perception of what I call the illusion of life, which most people believe is the only reality there is.  Most people think what they can see and think about is the only reality there is… because this is all they can see and “prove” to exist. Plus, those people who are confined to Intellectualism are psychologically driven to try and convince everyone else that what they believe is the only reality there is.  The more people who believe them, the less anxiety they experience. And in general… all people are really scattered when it comes to what they believe about that which they can neither see nor physically experience.

This is simply the reality of life [for most people] on this Earth plane of existence.  And, the other three dimensions of the whole [or Reality] of existence elude our abilities to see, taste, touch, or hear [at least with our physical senses].

“A” ahead… and regarding what you believe, are you aware of changing your beliefs over your lifetime? If so, I want you to carefully consider your changes, and ask yourself whether these changes were due to outside influences… or did these changes come from Within you [ in  connection to outside influences]?

You see, out of habit, most people discount their own Knowledge [hidden Within themselves], and instead make outside influences RESPONSIBLE for their beliefs. In this we tend to give other people, our education, and outside events more credit that they actually deserve.

But, here is where I loose most people, because so few people in the West, and in America, are familiar with Reincarnation, or the concept that we Souls have as many lifetimes in which to complete the Purpose of Life as we “desire,” or need?  In each lifetime [except for those people born in the far East] we think of ourselves as entirely different people in each lifetime.

In other words, unless one is raised in an environment in which one is taught [and in fact experiences] Reincarnation as a normal part of life, one will likely ignore and disbelieve those who explain how people come to be great musicians, scientists, engineers, and excel in all kinds of ways by pursuing specific things in life over  many lifetimes.  How else can you explain a child of four sitting down at a piano, and playing music like a professional pianist?

Or a young person for whom higher math is easy to grasp, and theoretical calculations “just seem to come to this person”?  It is not the task of those who have “one life to live” to further the advancement of Mankind, it is the task of those Souls that have dedicated themselves to the study of one aspect of life, lifetime after lifetime… in order to advance beyond the ability of other people to comprehend what they are doing?

Everyone changes both from outside influences, but not in the same way, nor to the same extent.  How come?  Well, we are told that it is a matter of ones IQ, or intelligence.  But then, how do we explain the idiot-savant, who is a genius in one area of life, and normal, or even less than normal in other areas of life?  I myself tend to be an idiot-savant in that I KNOW more about psychology than many, and yet my general level of knowledge is just normal.

If you happen to “awaken” to bits of Truth fairly easily, this simply means you are somewhat Enlightened, and you have worked very hard on your Enlightenment over many lifetimes.  So, all it takes are certain “symbols” in your environment, and these will stimulate some previously KNOWN bit of Truth from Within yourself [specifically Within your Apapsyche] that you will find you can give expression to in your field of study, or some tangential field?

Genius is demonstrated by something new and unfamiliar to others, and it is given deference by intellectuals [but rarely do these intellectuals realize where “genius” comes from]?  This is the reason they venerate and bow down to the brain, and completely ignore the Spirituality of Man.

We [that is, our Souls]  all slowly [over lifetimes] grow and mature as we, as people on Earth, engage in and eventually complete Karma [thoughts and actions facilitated by the MIND].  When a bit of Karma is completed, it turns into a bit of Truth, and this Truth is stored Within ones Spiritual Core, until the time comes for this bit of Truth to be Known by oneself.

So, we gain Knowledge from Within ourselves, and we “think” we are learning from outside ourselves.  And this is how “nature” fools us into believing  that we are our egos [MINDs], rather than Souls playing at life in the hands of God.

Now you know the Truth, but take care with whom you share this Truth.


Brother James


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