Two Basic Types of Love….

There are  [according to various people throughout history], several different types of love.

I believe those who believe this are wrong, and that their belief  is  misleading, and that their beliefs are based on “thinking,”and not on Knowledge, or Truth.  So, I take exception to their beliefs, and this blog is my explanation for my own belief,  which is…   there are only two basic types of love.  One is Agape, and the other is Phileo:  And the term Phileo has been broken down into numerous other terms, like counting the angels on the head of a pin.

Let us begin by asking a few fundamental questions:

1.  Is there one God, or many?

2.  Is Spirit tangible, or intangible [invisible]?

3.  How many people clearly understand what the MIND is, and how it differs from the Soul?

The point of these three questions is an attempt to clearly differentiate the invisible Spirituality [or Truth and Reality of Life], from the physical, tangible, and readily perceived “illusion of life” [which we can all easily see and think about].

I suggest that the term “Agape” has to do with the Spiritual Reality of Life, while the term “Phileo” [and its associated terms] relate to the illusion of life.

We are told that the Greek term “agape” is the nature of God, which we are told is  “Love”.   I believe the Greek term Agape would be easier for we in the West to comprehend if we re-defined Agape to mean  “UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE “.

In addition, it becomes easier [I believe] if people understood that the Energy of God is “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” or NSgy.  No judgement, in other words.  Repeat this concept a few times so as to let it sink into your thoughts.  In the whole of the physical plane of existence, Neutral Spiritual Energy [NSgy] ONLY exists Within the Souls of all “living things”.  NSgy is the Energy of God, we Souls, and the Spiritual dimension… which is the primordial Energy from which the entire Creation sprang.

There are three primary divisions of Creation.  From top to bottom, these are: The Causal region, the Astral region, and the physical dimension, which includes the entire physical universe. Now the Causal region pushes up against the Spiritual realm, but the Causal region, like the rest of Creation, will never be a part of the Spiritual Reality.  The reason it is so difficult for a Soul to return to God [or the Spiritual realm of Reality], is that no Soul that possesses “attachments”  to anything of the Creation [or MIND-level Attachment] can enter the Spiritual realm.

Nothing of the Creation [which means nothing that is not pure NSgy] can be part of  NSgy. So, let us just accept that the Agape Love of God is only capable of being experienced by the Soul. No form of Phileo love can be a part of ones Soul.  Phileo love can certainly be a part of ones MIND, or ones brain… But Phileo love is part of the Creation, not a part of the Spiritual realm.

And what I just explained is True.  Not conjecture, but Truth, and Reality.  So, the “love” that many seek to find in relating to other people is due to a lack of self-love, or a lack of Spiritual Evolution Within oneself.  Ones MIND will of course convince one that this craving for others to complete ones own sense of well-being is a good thing.  And we have entire industries dedicated to promoting this delusional thinking.  And sexual predators depend upon people possessing a lack of self-love since it makes them easy prey for predators.

Am I being too harsh?  Too “insensitive” to the “needs” of people?  I believe not. To properly portray the illusion of life, I believe one needs to be as honest as one can be.  In fact, I believe I am offering a rope to many who are drowning in the delusional belief that we need others in order to be OK.   Our physical bodies may need others to provide food, shelter, protection and so forth, but our Souls… only NEED GOD.  The Phileo love ranges from friendship to homosexuality, and in every instance it can only serve as an “almost” substitute for the Agape Love of God.  Every Enlightened Soul longs and yearns for the Agape Love of God to be awakened Within itself.

There are both Heavens and Hells on the Astral region of Creation, but  these have anything to do with the Spiritual region, which is not part of the Creation; but was the primordial Energy from which the Creation originally came into existence.  To read more about this, I highly recommend the book:  “The Path of the Masters,” by  Julian Johnson [see address to order here].

The difference between God and we Souls is that God is above the realms of the MIND, whereas each Soul has a personal individual  MIND attached to it  [to enable we Souls to explore and experience the Creation], but… until ones Soul can rise above the MIND — which is most likely conducting ones life , ones Soul cannot be free to ascend to its actual Spiritual Home.

You see, in the Bible it is explained that when Eve ate of the Apple of the “tree of life,” she acted contrary to what God had warned about.   Well, I believe the story of Adam and Eve was an allegory introducing people to the nature of the MIND of Man, and the nature of the Creation.

In the illusion in which the vast majority of people find themselves, there is nothing wrong with seeking others to tell one, one is OK.  Well, let me adjust that by saying there is nothing wrong in being “needy,” if one does not have to engage in evil [eat the apple] in order to satisfy ones needs.  But try not to delude oneself into “thinking” that engaging in evil is what God intended you do do. Do evil, but then rise above it by asking for forgiveness and being willing to pay the price for ones evil.

There is Agape Love, and there is delusional love of the MIND that is virtually always some kind of evil. Two type of love, and only one type is profitable to ones Soul.


Brother James


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