The idea that a Soul, which is Perfect Energy, like that of God, has to grow and mature… strikes most people as really bizarre. So, let us consider the following…

Some years ago, I Intuited the concept that we Souls are composed of “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” which I quickly labeled “NSgy,” since that is what I normally do with concepts that are given to me by my faculty of Intuition.  As far as I know, this has not been considered before?

That is, the concept that God is composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy is not something I had ever heard… until I Intuited it.  And so, since we Souls were projected by God, that makes the core Energy of we Souls NSgy as well… with an important difference.  That difference is that we Souls are mostly the same Energy as that of God, but we Souls are also subtly different.   And, in regard to this difference, let me say that the Eastern mystics explain this important difference as a “stepped-down” energy.  That is, the Energy that God projected into the VOID, that became the Creation, was a “stepped-down” Spiritual Energy that made that particular energy something other than Absolute or Permanent.

And being less than Absolute, and being “created,” the Creation is therefore subject to “dissolution”.   And the mystics tell us that beginnings and endings of the Creation are routine, ever since the beginning, and no one makes a guess as to when that occurred?   The “ending”  is called dissolution, and there are two types of dissolution:  One is  a simple dissolution and the other is a grand dissolution. In the simple dissolution only the physical universe ceases, and the Souls are pulled back to the bottom of the Astral region of Creation until the physical part of Creation begins again.  In the Grand dissolution, the entire Creation is pulled back to the bottom of the Spiritual dimension, and all the Souls are kept in a form of sleep, until the Creation begins again.  And when the physical Universe is again ready to received Souls, the Souls are awakened and begin to incarnate into the new physical Universe.  Not as people, but as various lifeforms that some specie of which will eventually resemble Man enough that the specie of Man appears.  In this regard, both evolution and Creation are facts of Life. Each Age is many thousands of years in length, and we call the short time we can find evidence of this cycle of life ‘ancient history’.

I draw this from the writings of Edgar Cayce, and various mystical resources, all of which make the point of this cyclic process quite clear.

This then is the reason the mystics tell us that Life is actually a continuous cycle of Ages, which begin with the Golden Age of Man, moves into the Silver Age of Man, then into the Copper Age of Man, and finally it becomes the Iron Age of Man;  which is the darkest and most evil of the Ages.  It is the closing of the Iron Age of Man [the ‘End Times’] in which we find ourselves at this point in time.

In the Bible, the end of the Iron Age of Man is also referred to as the “end times”.  And what I am saying is perhaps interesting, but it is also off the point of this blog — which is why do Souls, whose Energy is like that of God, have to “learn”?

NSgy is such that it can ONLY BE Neutral Spiritual Energy, and it cannot be other than this… ever. So, imagine yourself being NSgy and looking into a mirror?  What would you see?  You would see nothing, because NSgy is Spiritual Energy, and Spiritual Energy is invisible to our physical senses.  So the whole human being is composed of [from inside out] the Spiritual dimension, the Higher MIND dimension (the Causal region of Creation), the Lower MIND (the Astral region of Creation), and the physical body. All you can “see” of yourself in a mirror  is your physical body [which is entirely dissoluble]. Death has no effect upon your MIND [which is a duality], or on your Spiritual dimension.

The whole of Creation is designed to serve we Souls [as our educational field of study],  and the process of our growth takes many, many lifetimes. God Created the Law of Karma, and provided we Souls Reincarnation in order to provide us with as many lifetimes as we  need in order to slowly acquire the  experiences we need to grow into the Perfection only the most valiant of Souls will use to achieve Perfect Knowledge… which is the only way back Home, if one hopes to become one with God.

Who lives long enough to see “evidence” of this?  No one lives long enough to see very far into the past. So, one has Faith [belief] or one does not.  And those who lack Faith  are new Souls to the process.  I refer to such Souls as Intelack class Souls. And the Souls that can’t help but have faith… are Souls that are well on their way toward Enlightenment.


Brother James



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