More Unknown About the MIND…

This is another short bit from my new book [PSYCHOLOGY and Enlightenment] regarding the DM=SI [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity] of the MIND.

I believe this is interesting because modern mental health [or BS&bp] has no interest in the mystical dimensions of Man [which just happen to comprise three-fourths of the whole of Man].

___________DM=SI : [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity]. That is, a virtually unknown faculty of the MIND wherein it can block the brain from registering certain things. What things? Anything that the MIND perceives as a threat… if it were to be known by the brain. So the MIND, by using its DM=SI, can block the brain from being exposed to whatever the MIND holds hidden Within itself.
If you are the least Enlightened, and you have ever tried to explain the truth to a Liberal, Democrat, or Intelack type person [proving that person is wrong]… and you were confused by how resistant that person was to the truth… the answer to this is the DM=SI Within that person’s MIND. Unfortunately, the Intelack class person simply cannot “see” nor “hear” anything that would expose that person to what his/her MIND holds hidden within itself [some level of Truth which that person is not as yet ready to awaken].
Fritz Perls, in his book: In and Out the Garbage Pail, referred to this phenomenon as “Scotoma,” or blind spot. He said it was “well known” in mental health. He may have been speaking of the more obvious physical symptoms; he was certainly not speaking of the MIND-level operation or dynamics of the phenomenon that take place entirely Within the MIND [which is invisible to the brain].
What the MIND holds hidden Within itself are all the bits of Karma from all ones lives. In my work I have referred to this deeply repressed Karmic collection as simply “traumata”. Hidden Within every MIND is a local repository and administrator for the Karma one has experienced since first entering the Creation.
Since a part of Christianity fears the Law of Karma designed by God, they label Karma as the work of the devil. Bizarre? You bet. But the unknown in people causes them to react in some very strange ways.


Brother James


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