What Extraterrestrial Theorists Fail to Grasp

There are several shows on the History Channel whose primary theme is that of Aliens, or Extraterrestrial visitors to Earth, and their belief for this are countless depictions found around the world that they view as evidence for their belief.  A factor in their belief, and one with which they are not familiar, is the fact that it is not possible to convey non-physical phenomena to physical beings without using physical phenomena with which human beings are familiar, but which unavoidably  misdirect those viewing such depictions. 

For example, how would you convey the Soul in a drawing or painting?  The way painters have done so historically is to paint a ring of light above the head of people in such paintings.  But how many people looking at such paintings have thought the ring of light depicted an Enlightened Soul?  Most often, people interpreting the ring of light think of it as  indicating the person was religious, or was a religious character, or was related to Christ.  Virtually no one views the symbol as indicative of an Enlightened Soul possessing mystical abilities and Knowledge.

Nor are people ready to accept that the “angels”  depicted in a painting are symbolic representations  for entities who actually exist in the Astral or Causal dimensions of Creation.  The angels are quite real, but they ONLY exist in a vibrational dimension other than this physical dimension.  And, a highly Enlightened individual can “experience” such Astral entities by withdrawing  his/her attention aspect of his/her Soul Within him/herself,  and while in his/her Astral body, communicate with an angel from the Astral region.

You see, it is not the angel who manifests on this physical plane, it is the “attention” of a person’s Soul that is withdrawn  Within the Astral body of a person, at at the vibrational level of the angel, the person can dialogue [via empathetic understanding] a message from that angel.  The Spiritually advanced members of several American Indian tribes used to be able to Astral travel [without use of drugs] to acquire fore-knowledge of events.  And this is just one of the failings of Intellectual scholars regarding their misinterpretations of ancient symbols, in their attempts to understand how ancient people on Earth might have possessed advanced knowledge?

In the West, and in America, both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation are ignored, and even feared by some.  Both of these are  basic structures of Creation, but Man, in pursuit of  “thinking,” and driven by the MIND [which fears the unknown of Spirituality], fears to let go of the brain [as though doing so would plunge Man into a dark abyss from which Man would never recover].

Virtually unknown in the West [a failure of modern mental health] is the fact that the MIND of Man can cause Man to think whatever the MIND wants Man to think.  So, it is very easy for the MIND to convince a person that it is [the work of the devil] if one wants to study the MIND, and the Spiritual dimensions of Man in ways other than by use of ones brain.  And since the MIND works from Within Man, Man is not aware of where his thinking comes from, nor do most people realize that much of what they “think” is false and quite often misleading?

It is the nature of Man to want to run before walking properly.  People trained by intellectuals frozen in Intellectualism [use of the brain while ignoring and avoiding emotionality] are taught that there is nothing the brain cannot discover… and that all one needs is a more powerful telescope or microscope.

Today I watched a show that used the Egyptian illustration of a bird-like person, and the narrator, interpreting the illustration said that the bird depiction suggested that an Extraterrestrial had visited ancient Egypt, and that was how advanced technology was introduced to Egypt.  The narrator said this not to mislead us, but simply  because the narrator was not familiar with either the Astral nor the Causal dimensions of Creation!  Nor was the narrator familiar with Astral travel of Souls.  Nor, quite likely, is the narrator aware that there are countless realms [nations, civilizations] within the Astral regions of Creation — all existing in vibrational dimensions the brain cannot perceive.

Since each person has an Astral body, and when adequately Evolved Spiritually, he or she can withdraw his/her Consciousness [the Attn Aspect of his/her Apapsyche] and experience higher planes of existence. This is confined to those Souls that have, over many, many lifetimes, evolved to the point they can be “trusted” with higher Truths.  It may come as a surprise to many that ancient civilizations of Man had within them very highly advanced individuals.  The presence of such people was unfortunately reduced over long periods of time  as more and more Souls that were not advanced moved into the Iron Age of Man, the end times of which we are experiencing right now.  Christ was killed because he threatened people who, driven by their MINDs, put their own greed above the son of God.  Today, many advanced Souls are punished in childhood for being Spiritually advanced, and drugged into a zombie existence. And those who survive childhood risk being cast into asylums for the insane.

So, today, the only people surviving the fearful Intelack people on Earth are those who successfully hide their search for truth by confining themselves to what Science, and Intellectualism approves of… which means let us never consider anything that the brain and machines can’t comprehend.  So, it is fairly safe to suggest that the wisdom and knowledge of the ancients  MUST have come from Extraterrestrials.


Brother James




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