If one is serious about the problem of black youth killing black youth, or Mexican gang members threatening their neighborhoods , two things are necessary to address.

One thing is the nature of the MIND.  And the other is the nature of the MIND and how it works. And yes, both of these are parts of the same thing:  America’s ignorance of the MIND of Man and how it works lies at the heart of all manifestations of evil in any culture in which they manifest themselves.

And the reason this ignorance exists is that the MIND of Man is invisible;  its operations are invisible, and the only way to correct the MIND is from Within the MIND itself.  The term Within, in both bold and italic, refers to operations that take place in [and about] Man that operate at levels of vibrational energy that are not capable of being perceived by the brain or ones physical senses.

A little example:  Take the abstract word “Soul”.  A great many people “think” they know what the term Soul means, right?  But let us get very honest for a moment… who do you know that has actually met a Soul,  seen a Soul, or can describe a Soul?  And yet, people “think” they know what a Soul is…

Modern “Mental” health, or those trained in the field of “psychology” in America over the last century, have been systematically misinformed regarding the MIND of Man.  The reason for this is fear, but this fear takes place at a level that is less than conscious to those within  whom this fear exists.

Modern mental health, or what I refer to as “BS&bp” [which stands for Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”] is largely populated by what I refer to as Intelack type people. or people who are fairly well confined to their brains in their attempt to understand life.  And in addition to their natural penchant for the intellect, such people lack the faculty of Intuition to varying degrees.

And the reason certain people lack the faculty of Intuition is that Intuition is largely confined to those people who are Enlightened.  Intuition is an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension.  Enlightened people are Enlightened because their Souls are more capable of resisting the naturally negative desires of their MINDs.  And yes, all the foregoing is distilled from over 30 years of intense study of the “invisible MIND” of Man, and the Spiritual dimension of Man, which is also invisible.

I have taken your time to lay out a frame work or a sketchy background for what I’m about to share.  The primary reason the problems of criminality among youth only get worse is that BS&bp focuses on the symptoms of the “problem”  and never the “cause”.

Words you are familiar with are:  Poor self-esteme, peer pressure, poverty, and the old standby:  Racism by the White Man, and of course the Police.  What you will not read about is the fact that those RESPONSIBLE for crime are those engaged in crime.  Now, who would believe that the typical Intelack personality intensely fears “personal responsibility”?  The term Intelack refers to people who are operated by and pretty much controlled by their MINDs [as opposed to their Souls].

The fact that black youth killing black youth can be blamed on the police, or on the racism of people having absolute nothing to do with blacks killing blacks  is an insane notion that only people who are Intelack could possibly maintain.  That is, Intelack people, who lack both Conscience and common sense, have MINDs that naturally support insane concepts that mask an intense fear of personal responsibility.

The question then is this:  Why do Intelack people fear “personal responsibility“?

Well, the answer is that the MIND is incapable of experiencing the Soul to which it is attached [each Soul had a MIND attached to it when all Souls first entered the Creation, because the MIND gave the Soul the ability to experience the duality of good vs evil].  To the MIND, the Soul is a great “unknown,” and the MIND fears anything it cannot Control.  To embrace and exercise “personal responsibility,” a person must do this via his/her Conscience [which is an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension].

Conversely, it is not possible to do crime, and certainly not murder, if one has access to ones Conscience.  The only way to do crime, or evil activity, is to allow ones MIND to override ones Conscience; and this means deny ones Spirituality [Source of ones Conscience] and to give ones energy to ones MIND to conduct ones thoughts and behaviors.  And this is a denial of God.

Of course if you do not believe in God, or your Spirituality is of no interest to you [the Intelack], then your MIND will gladly rationalize your evil activity by causing you to “think” that your evil is justified by making others RESPONSIBLE for your actions.  This insane process is a gift of the MIND of those people who are raised in an environment where such behavior is accepted [and often rewarded].  The evil of the MIND is also active to people lacking in Conscience [or a moral compass],  which is a subtle part of the curriculum in education today,  where young people are educated by Intelack teachers; like those teachers who are pushing Common Core [the curriculum that punishes creativity and spontaneity in children].

Generally speaking, the more any society moves toward a god-less society [or a society that enables evil by overlooking it],  the MIND of Man naturally fills the void left by the removal of God.  To the Intelack type personality, the terms Soul, God and Spirituality are [unknowingly] threatening, and the Intelack will do whatever it takes to have these threats removed from their sight.

Like it or not, accept it or not, there is a huge tide of evil rising in America, and black on black crime is just a symptom of a denial of God and Spirituality in our society.  Government corruption is another symptom.  Fear in people is beginning to bubble over as it manifests in all kinds of negative behaviors. I suspect increased violence of all kinds will become more common until [after being encouraged by the President] these get bad enough to enable him to  declare Marshal Law, for as long as he needs to complete the Marxist take-over of America.  But this fits precisely with Revelation in the Bible, so no one should be that surprised.

The only way forward for people of Conscience, or who Love God, will be to withdraw Within themselves, as they increase prayer,  and ask for forgiveness of their sins. This period of madness will extend over the next seven years, so the “testing” period will not be short.


Brother James


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