This is another portion from my new book: Psychology & Enlightenment.

The most amusing and at the same time tragic part of the East – West controversy is that the actual difference between the two is ‘how much fear of the unknown’ a person possesses?
In the West, Intellectualism prevails, and in the East, Intuition tends to prevail… at least in the sense that people in the East are raised to believe that the most important part of life is what one can neither see nor think about.
By contrast, in the West we are taught by largely Intelack people that there is nothing the brain cannot “know”. And this belief pretty much eliminates three-quarters of the whole of Man. And, to the degree a person is taught to ignore the Esoteric [or invisible] dimensions of Life, the MIND and its repressed [which means non-conscious] fears tend to control the thought processes of such people.
This fear of the unknown is the single most prevalent dynamic active in the religion of Islam, and this basic fear of the unknown [or anything that is different from what one is taught, or made to believe] is what drives the hysterical rage of the terrorist. A high level of ignorance is necessary for the fanatic aspects of the religion of Islam to continue.
Terrorism, in other words, is the masking of intense fear of the unknown by projecting the energy of this fear it in the form of rage, which is justified by Delusional Thinking fed to the brain by that person’s MIND.
And yes, this should be defined as a form of insanity by any knowledgeable student of Psychology. And to try to comprehend insanity by intellectual reasoning is a fool’s errand.
What makes a terrorist a terrorist is deeply repressed fear of the unknown of life, and careful indoctrination by a terrorist. This is precisely what makes a homosexual, by the way. An intense [and usually repressed, or hidden] confusion of the adolescent regarding his/her sexual identity [due to misperceptions taken-on from one or both parents at the time of birth], and an adult homosexual taking advantage of this confusion of the adolescent by “grooming” the adolescent. Grooming means befriending the adolescent, paying attention to the adolescent, providing closeness, and complete acceptance, and eventually taking advantage of this closeness to sexually seduce the adolescent [which the Conscience of the adolescent finds (non-consciously) hideously wrong, shameful and sinful] and at this point, to protect the adolescent, his/her MIND adopts or takes-on a new false identity of homosexuality as a new personality.
To sustain this new “false identity,” the adolescent must now intellectually and behaviorally “think” about homosexuality all the time. Fixate upon and act out in order to adopt all the trappings of this new false identity. It is this ceaseless thinking about and searching for reinforcement of this false identity that causes the homosexual to be a security risk, since the MIND of this person will cause him/her to do almost anything to maintain this new false identity.
You see, this person’s MIND, in taking-on this new false identity, creates such a “monster” of ones actual “NS-Icm” [Negative Self-Identity composed of misperceptions — that is taken on by everyone at the time of birth] that the person will do almost anything to maintain the new homosexual identity. And this includes suicide, which many homosexuals will choose rather than give up the false identity of homosexuality.
This is the reason addressing the psychological illness of homosexuality is such a difficult task for the psychotherapist… and particularly if the psychotherapist is not an Enlightened and fully competent individual.
The vast majority of BS&bp licensed psychologists have no idea what the MIND is, and therefore no idea what causes homosexuality. So, of course they are more than happy to make everything in the world responsible for this illness, including the asinine notion that a person is born a homosexual…


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