A Note About the Attention …

Another small passage from my growing book…

On the other hand, each of us is tied to the Purpose of Life, and this also takes a percentage of ones Spiritual Energy, or the Spiritual Energy one has available to apply to this Earth, or to apply to ascending the Ladder of Life?
Every attachment one has, or makes, has a cost to it. And this cost is the expenditure of ones Spiritual Energy. And, I bet you have not heard this before, right?
The natural desires of the MIND are: Greed, Envy, and an insatiable desire to CONTROL everyone and everything on Earth. These desires reflect the anti-Spiritual nature of the MIND… [at least the Lower MIND] almost like a craving for things to which ones attention can be applied [to perhaps reduce the intense loneliness we all experience when our attention is not diverted]? And, a personal MIND was attached to each Soul when we Souls first entered the Creation, and who knows exactly when that was?


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