I thought I would like to share this…

Life [the Reality of Life] does not “fit” the imagined behavioral activities of those trained in BS&bp, whose own fear of their own emotionality keeps the DM=SI active Within them much of the time.
Any time a parent is reluctant to be open and honest with a child… this is when the MIND of the child gets busy working to convince the child that the deep-seated misperceptions taken on at the time of the child’s birth are true. This is when the child’s MIND convinces the child that the reason the parent holds back is because the parent is afraid of who and what the child is.
Put yourself in the shoes of a three year old child, being told this by your MIND, and the only way you have to “judge” the validity of this is your parent’s resistance to you. This reinforcing of the deeply repressed misperceptions held Within the MIND of your child is exacerbated each time this occurs.
And now parents who can empathize with what I have said will realize what causes some children to act out negative energy against themselves. They self-harm because they are convinced that they are monsters. This is so tragic to watch this take place.
Tragic because if the parent would or could receive some proper therapy, this would be rather quickly eliminated. All the child needs is a bit of open honest acceptance from the parent. Is it not a shame this simple problem is so wide-spread? And often of permanent harm to children?


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