The Danger Inherent in Politics…

OR…. What everyone NEEDS to KNOW about the insidious [invisible] nature of politics.

It occurs to me this morning, after I observed a most moving speech by Senator Ted Cruz last evening [followed a bit later by a speech by Senator Lindsey Graham…], that what is missing for those who would “serve” Man in the role of a politician… is an explanation of the nature and operation of the MIND of Man.

The reason I am moved to address what I believe is a serious problem [both for those entering the arena of politics, and those of us who are served by politicians], is that modern mental health has grossly neglected its obligation to inform we human beings about the MIND of Man.  And  let me quickly state here that the MIND of Man is not the brain of Man!  Three entirely separate vibrational elements.

The brain is physical, and it is a muscle located in the skull, and it has  extraordinary capabilities, but it is USED by the MIND, and NEVER the reverse.  The MIND is spoken of in the singular, but the term MIND refers to two separate dimensions, neither of which is capable of being discovered nor studied by the brain, nor by physical means. The MIND, although comprising two-quarters of the Whole of Man, is/are composed of vibrational energies whose resonances exist beyond the range of the physical dimension.

The two parts of the MIND consist of two energies, and these two energies represent the Astral region of Creation [the Lower MIND], and the Causal region of Creation [the Higher MIND].  The Higher MIND is more attuned to the Spiritual dimension of Man, and the Lower MIND is more attuned to helping a person fulfill the Purpose of Life; which is to provide physical plane experiences as part of the growth and maturity of the Soul of Man.  And all of this comes under the Law of Karma [which God Created to insure that every Soul is treated with equality and fairness].

That we in the West, and in America, are fairly well ignorant of both the Law of Karma, and Reincarnation, is due to a basic misinterpretation of Christian scripture, and to the influence of the malady of Intellectualism [which is a term applied to those people who are often quite intelligent, but although possessing various levels of intelligence, they lack access to their emotionality].

I refer to such people as Intelack class personalities, and the term Intelack can be researched Here.

This failure to properly inform people about the MIND that operates secretly and invisibly Within every human being is just part of the inadequacy of modern mental health, or “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”]. I wrote a book to explain this phenomenon: listed here.

I trust the reader realizes that the fact BS&bp fails to address the MIND of Man suggests the study of the MIND is not an easy thing to study,  nor is it something one can do using the brain. To study the MIND, one must do so from Within ones own MIND via Empathetic Understanding.  Or via the Esoteric/invisible dimensions of the whole of oneself, which are not part of BS&bp, nor is it part of modern education.  To study the MIND, one must be Enlightened to some degree, and one must spend quite some time in pursuit of the Spiritual dimension Within oneself [many years of mediation].

So, the main thrust of this blog is at best tangential to the MIND, as I report the nature of the MIND that normally eludes everyone, even those who have studied the MIND. We can watch a video of someone stabbing another person, but the motivation for that stabbing eludes most people,  as much as it eludes the person doing the stabbing.

The danger inherent in politics is ego, or ones sense of self which is fed to ones brain by ones MIND. Let us consider the primary desires of the Lower MIND: Greed, Envy, and an insatiable need to CONTROL everyone and everything in life.  These desires are constant, relentless, continuous, and when they dominate  a person, they make that person an “evil” person.

Although with “intelligence” [which may be compensation for a person’s lack of Conscience] a person can often “fool” people into thinking that a person is “considerate and caring,” because the person “learns” to insert the terms “poor,” “needy,” “unfortunate,” and “hard-working middle class” into his or her conversation so often that it would appear that the speaker is a very “caring” individual.  This is the successful Democrat or Liberal politician.

The extreme Intelack individual is a sociopath who lacks Conscience, but is also a person who has learned to appear to others as a very caring person, and how this person appears is a completely false identity intentionally manufactured by this person’s MIND to fool other people.  Those people working in criminal justice will tell you that the most difficult criminal to catch is a sociopath who does not want to be caught. BS&bp identifies such people as split personality, or bi-polar personality.  Such people are simply Intelack personalities who have “learned” to act like normal  human beings. The “success” comes from the MIND of such people compartmentalizing or separating the sociopath’s awareness so that he/she is not aware of the evil he/she does.

This is what BS&bp has noted, and called it a split personality. The split is not in personality, it is in the selective blocking of awareness of the sociopath of behavioral activity that would reveal ones evil to oneself and to others.  So, the successful sociopath is capable of living two lives.  One is portrayed to others, and the evil life is conduced in secret, even to oneself.  One is acceptable and one is dissociated.

At some point this blocking begins to break down, and with awareness of ones evil, ones carefully maintained false identity begins to reveal elements of evil.  This is when the sociopath is vulnerable to being caught.

The MIND of the politician is like all MINDs in that the constant desires of the politician’s MIND are Greed, Envy and an insatiable desire to CONTROL the lives of others.  Of course these desires are fully non-conscious to the politician. These natural desires of the MIND are ONLY moderated by how much Enlightenment the Soul of a politician has acquired?

In other words, the only way that any politician can maintain an immunity to MIND-level manipulation in pursuit of Greed, or Envy, or need to Control… is if he or she puts God first in his/her life, and realizes that HUMILITY is an absolute need for anyone who will be continually tempted by huge sums of money; or great personal positions of prestige; or special perks for self and family.

Evil, or Satan in the form of unlimited temptations will be constant in politics.  And the peer pressure to CONFORM to the temptations of evil by those whose MINDs operate their lives will be intense, and even viciously applied to anyone who is honest.  In life, there is perhaps no other profession [save attorneys and bankers] where the temptation of evil is woven into everything a person does, like the profession of a politician.

If one can tell the difference between good and evil, and constantly weigh the needs of people to “take care of themselves,” while avoiding  the Intelack cries of “we must help those who CAN’T help themselves,” which is the favorite rhetoric of the Marxist personality, then one might be able to remain honest?

But, I truly believe the only real safeguard for the Soul of anyone who enters politics is to term-limit oneself to two terms, period. And the MIND will be aggressively brutal  in its attempts to maintain its sense of power, causing one to rationalize ones stay as “serving” the nation….

Pease be aware, there is no such thing as “sort of corrupt”.  And there is no such thing as “compromise” with evil. To compromise with evil is EVIL.  And every Soul must pay for any evil action by serving time in Hell.  There are no exceptions to this Law.

One must make a choice:  God, or a sense of power?  Power and humility are incompatible.  George Washington knew this very well.  But people like Washington  are rare.


Brother James



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