Can You Chew Gum, Walk, Carry an Umbrella and think about lunch at the Same Time?

But these are four entirely different things. How is this even possible? If… there is only one Earth, one God, and supposedly Man only lives once, and the religion of Christianity is the only one “real” religion?

How is it possible that Christianity is 2,000 years old, and Sanskrit, the original language of Hinduism is 4,500 years old?  So, is it not reasonable that God did not really exist 4,500 years ago, but only came into existence 2,000 years ago?  Well, to an Atheist, or a Soul that is not very Enlightened, the notion that God doesn’t exist at all is quite reasonable.  Who is correct, and why?

So, why shouldn’t we believe a person who is 60 years of age, when he tells us that all religions, other than Christianity, are bogus?  There are many reasons I don’t believe such a person, and two of these reason are: A person must explain to me what the MIND is, and the person must also explain the reason it is not a good idea to kill or eat animals?  That is, for me to believe a person, that person must be able to explain to me the Law of Karma, and the principle of Reincarnation.

In other words, I do not believe nor trust what a person says, if that person knows less than I do about the Reality of Life?  But maybe I’m just peculiar in demanding this of anyone trying to convince me he or she KNOWS God, and what God wants we human beings to be, do, and become?

How does one physically explain Spiritual Energy, which is invisible, using his brain, which is physical?  Well, he must use “abstract” symbols:  Such as Soul, God, and the phrase “Spiritual Energy”. I intuitively came to understand that the Energy of God is “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” or what I labeled at the time “NSgy,” perhaps a decade ago. This means that the term “Spirit,” spoken of in the Bible, and used by many people who speak for the Bible, is something invisible to ones brain and physical senses.

Does it not state in the Bible, quite clearly in fact, that in the “end times,” there will be many “false prophets”?  What does this mean? And what does it mean when the “False Prophet” in the Bible helps the Anti-christ [during a 3.5 year period]  enslave much of the world leading up to the Second Coming of Christ;  when both the False Prophet and the Anti-christ [land those people mislead by the these two] are all  cast into the Lake of Fire?

My basic point is this:  A person would have to be a fool to not believe that Christ was a Master, and the son of God, and a God-Realized Soul.  And if one is Enlightened, one also realizes that Spirituality is not static, but grows to accommodate the capability of understanding of  each individual, as the Soul of each person slowly matures and develops Enlightenment over great periods of time… and many mistakes, which are lovingly corrected by the many Hells contained on the Astral region of Creation.

In other words Spirituality is not something one can capture using ones brain, or thinking.  Spirituality is a Reality [existing Within oneself] that slowly grows and matures entirely Within the Spiritual dimension hidden Within each person.   I also KNOW that the relationship of ones Soul to God, is personal, and if one experiences the Spirt of God Within oneself… that person is very fortunate among Mankind.

One’s religion is hopefully helpful in guiding one toward Love, and the Spirituality Within oneself.  If it does not do this, or one’s Soul is not mature enough to experience the Spirit Within oneself; this just means ones Soul is not [as yet] as Enlightened as one might “think”. The wise among Man will seek God rather than the pleasure of the illusion; But that is entirely up to the maturation of ones Soul — as opposed to the strength of ones MIND?


Brother James


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