Do Liberals Hate Conservatives –or Fear Them?

The area of life that interests me the most is the Psychology of Man, and oddly enough, the Psychology of Man, although a fascinating study, cannot be studied by any part of the physical dimensions of Man.

And what I just said will be considered dumb by most people. That is, most people believe the only reality of life that Man can perceive is that which is  presented to us by use of our five senses: Seeing, hearing, taste, touch and feeling.

Now, my question to you is this:  Which of these five senses provides you awareness of the “unknown”?  “But,” you say, “the unknown is called the unknown because Man cannot perceive it by use of the five senses.”  Well, if this is true… where then is fear, hate, rage, anger, thoughts of suicide, and self-loathing?  Or must we “believe” that these ideas or concepts are merely delusional thoughts generated by our brains  for our amusement and entertainment?  But what creates these thoughts?  Who cares, right?  How simple life is for the Left-Hemisphere of the brain dominated individual, whose quest for knowledge is satisfied by the New York Times?

Sorry, it is in my nature to poke fun at people who are quite bright and at the same time extremely limited in terms of Reality. Did you know, by the way, that Knowledge ONLY comes from Within oneself? Knowledge is Truth, or Spirituality, and it only exists Within Man, not outside of Man. The phrase Spiritual Evolution and the words Esoteric, Enlightenment, and Invisible all refer to Knowledge. And the physical brain will never know Knowledge.

And, with this, we come to the subject of the “Liberal” personality and how much is not known about the subject of the Liberal personality… which I now refer to as the Intelack class personality.  If interested, you can research the Intelack class personality HERE.

As you may have noticed, the brain is physical. And it thinks, as Rene Descartes noted as he based his entire philosophy on this simple fact.  He realized that he was thinking, and this brilliant awareness caused him to say:  “I think, therefore, I am”.

Is it not nice how simple life is to the simple-minded?  And how the simple-minded place those who state patently obvious facts on pedestals,  for all of Mankind to praise?  Am I mocking those people who think of themselves as great among Mankind?  Of course I am, because of the sheer banality of it all.

Man has a Soul, and the Purpose of Life is for each Soul to explore and experience the Creation, which we cannot help but do.  But for the simple-minded to praise each other for “discovering” what is impossible not  to see… is to me a form of egotism that teeters on institutionalizing a disrespect for the wonder of Life.

But then, praising the obvious because of ones fear of the unknown is what Intellectuals have been about since the Creation began.  The bottom-line explanation is: Denial – via substitution of the physically obvious – so as to push into the background of awareness – that which one cannot see [and thus fears] – as part of a mental [MIND-level] sleigh-of-hand that is called “Intellectualism”.

So, as part of a huge joke in the general plan of Creation, the more Intellectualism [the simple-minded person practices], the less that person is bothered by invisible phenomena that make up 3/4ths of the whole of Life.  And this brings us to the reason the Liberal [Intelack] type personality hates the Conservative personality [hate is actually a masking of fear].

So, quite unknown to the Intelack, he/she actually fears the “unknown” qualities [qualities of Spiritual Evolution] present Within the Conservative personality.

And this answers the question:  Do Liberals hate or fear the Conservative personality?  The Liberal [Intelack] personality both fears and hates the Conservative Personality… simply because the Conservative has a Soul that is more Enlightened, thus in possession of more Spirituality [unknown and thus frightening] to the simple-minded Intelack.

The hard part of life is for the good-hearted Conservative to “see” the Intelack [Liberal/Democrat, Socialist, Marxist, Muslim, Communist, etc.] as inherently and consistently harmful and dangerous to all of Mankind.


Brother James


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