Black People; Democrats & Slavery

In this blog I would like to attempt to explain several things that explain, and operate secretly behind the growing symptom of chaos taking hold of America at this present time: December 5, 2014.

In order to do this, I sincerely hope the reader will share with me his or her best enlightened openness to some things not commonly known, and therefore, rarely discussed.  I assume the reader is familiar with the fact that the “Whole” human being is a great deal more involved and complicated than what many in science would have us believe?

For instance, the MIND of Man [which is not physical] controls the brain [which is physical], and never the other way around.  So, the MIND feeds what I refer to as Delusional Thinking to the brain, and the brain [being unable to perceive the origin of such D-Think],  just assumes the “thoughts” it is thinking have originated within itself.  This is called “abstract reasoning”.  Abstract… because the words, terms and concepts being entertained by the brain only point to, or stand for, phenomena the brain will never experience.

Take the term “Soul,” for example.  Virtually everyone “thinks” he or she knows what this term means.  But the fact is… who do you know who has actually seen a Soul?  We “think” we know things that our brains will never be able to experience.  And this tends to make Mankind vulnerable to being led astray by people who do not have our best interests at heart.

And that brings us to a fascinating problem many black people have, and yet… very few black people realize they have a problem.

Let us take the time to address this important [but rarely considered] question:  How does one go about creating a slave?

One begins by separating a person from the support group that person relates to.  One then physically constrains that person, and treats that person as inferior, and mistreats and dishonors that person.  One then insures that the slave-in-training is prevented from learning [except for that which one wants that slave-in-training to learn].  One then houses that person in a squalid environment, and intensely instills within the slave-in-training the fact that he or she deserves nothing of value or importance.  And to insure ones slave-in-training creates more slaves, one forces ones slave-in-training to copulate with other slaves as often as possible.  And of course the idea or concept of “personal responsibility” must be driven out of the slave-in-training entirely. One then trains the slave-in-training to do manual labor… and to only speak the words “Yes, master,” or “No, master”.  One must of course make it a punishable offense for any slave, or slave-in-training to read, or possess any kind of book.  And to insure that all ones slaves are in constant fear, one hires the most hate-filled person one can find to oversee ones slaves.

If any of these instructions seem “familiar,” the reason is that many of these instructions comprise a portion of the educational system Intelack class people have imposed on American youth since the early 1900s:  Common Core is just the latest in this attempt to kill creativity and spontaneity in young people by Intelack people.

You see, the Intelack class person has a Soul that is new, or relatively new to the form of human being.  This means the Intelack  Soul has not acquired much by way of Consciousness [research Consciousness here].  So, although the Intelack class person is essentially without Conscience [like a sociopath], he or she can be very intellectual [which may be compensation for a lack of Conscience perhaps]?  In any case, the Intelack class person is found throughout the Earth, and in every race.  This type of person is also referred to as Democrat, Liberal, Socialist, Progressive, Communist, and Marxist. Readily recognized Intelack names would be Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Manson, Mussolini, and Obama.

The Democrat, being an Intelack, and thus most often a sociopath, has no Conscience and is not bothered by seeking to insure that as many black people remain in the conditions of slaves as possible: Uneducated [or sub-standard education, and the unions take care of this need]. Sub-standard housing, and Freddie Mae/Mac, headed by the most corrupt of Democrats in Congress insure this remains in effect.  And finally, by using unsuspecting black athletes, musicians,  politicians, and the media [much of which is owned/directed by Intelack class people] the Democrats draw attention away from the fact that the actual living conditions of many blacks today greatly resemble the shacks of slaves during the time of slavery [which was finally ended by Abraham Lincoln, a Republican].

Of course the Democrat, being quite intelligent, realizes that he or she must use the press to help them continually convince the black people today that the Democrat is the only friend the black people have.  This is accomplished because so many in the media today are Intelack class people.  That is, Souls who possess very little Spiritual Evolution, and they are thus lacking Conscience, and therefore not at all adverse to lying to serve a [secret] Marxist agenda of enslaving the whole of America eventually.  Need an example?  How about China, or Russia, or Cuba? Many Communist leaders of the past stated quite boldly that America would be taken over by Communism from within itself.  As God is killed [like the Democrats voted three times to erase God from America], the nation sinks deeper into the evil of Satan.

Sadly, this is being orchestrated today by Holder at the order of Obama [who is a Muslim-Marxist in drag]. and thousands of DOJ attorneys, who are either knowingly or subserviently  working to destroy America.  Why would they do this?  Because the MIND of the Intelack class person maintains the delusional notion that they are the elite of the Earth, and [lacking Spiritual sense] their MINDs convince them they must make sure that the Earth is turned into a Utopian dream… in which the elite CONTROL the slaves they have created.

I for one serve only God.  I will not be enslaved by the insatiable need of the Intelack Democrats to CONTROL MANKIND.  And they mean everyone and every race.  What is your choice?  Slavery or Freedom?  If Freedom, we had better all pull together, don’t you think?


Brother James


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