I would like to assume that the reader is quite familiar with Revelation in the Bible… I would like to assume this.  However, I suspect my assumption would be in error.

How many people do you know [friends and family] who realize that all Souls upon  the Earth are in ” the End Times” spoken of in the Bible?  That is, a period of about 7 years  beginning with a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinian Authority; and ending with the Battle of Armageddon?

It is the rare person who has studied the book of Revelation to the point where he/she actually  comprehends what it means?  If you have studied it and are confused, or unclear, may I recommend you use Google and check out Irvin Baxter End Times ministry?  A thorough study of the lessons of Pastor Baxter will greatly enhance the understanding of most people.

What has  what I have written got to do with the title:  “Regarding life, and what’s going on”?  Well, virtually everything that is taking place in the world today is related to the Bible and the End Times, and if you do not comprehend this, you cannot help but be greatly concerned.

Quite literally, the energy of evil [Satan, or the fallen Angel] is flooding the Earth, and every human being is being impacted… but only the really rare person  would be aware of this?  If you are a Christian, and your minister has mentioned the End Times, and Armageddon, then you would be familiar with these terms.

However, these terms are ABSTRACT TERMS.  That is, these terms are labels, or names that only stand for a great deal of invisible phenomena that are taking place, and we are responding to the energy impacting us, but precious few people will stop to remind themselves that what they think…. and perceive…  are SYMPTOMS of a great rise in evil [impacting our MINDs] but our thoughts and actions [directed by our MINDs] do not reveal the evil itself.

If you do realize that the negativity of the Earth has been increasing and expanding the last few years, you are more Intuitively aware than others, and this is good [and rare].  Now to a more important point.

During these “End Times” each and every Soul is being “tested” intensely and severely… and yet, who [in a position to inform millions of people],  is telling us this is taking place?  You see, most people “think” that the story of Revelation in the Bible is just a story.  And the less Spiritually Evolved your Soul is, the more dependent upon your MIND you are, and this means the less access to your Intuition you have. Research MIND  here, and Intuition here.

The whole “Purpose” of Life is for we Souls to slowly grow and mature over many lifetimes.  But, since some in Christianity teach that Man only has one life to live, many Christians are short-changed in terms of the larger Reality of Life.   I do not care what a person believes, I am simply sharing what I KNOW to be True for me.

What is taking place will “sort of” make sense… if you can ignore many of the illogical events taking place?  But if you do not realize the Law of Karma, and how it works, then during the next  seven years, life will make very little sense at all to you.  For Americans, who are used to a certain level of honor, order and civil conduct, the break down of civility,  rise in violence, hatred, and racial strife in the nation will be confusing, frustrating, and frightening.

Although many intellectuals in America are in denial regarding the Marxist take-over of the nation, it is taking place.  And the flood of evil in the world [and an increase in Souls seeking to do evil] are in full support of the evil that is slowly overwhelming those forces assigned to protect law-abiding Americas from evil.

So, if your Soul is more Enlightened than not, you will have to literally fight the evil that will be reaching out to you, encouraging you to bend your [faith], and to participate in the “fun”. This is the “Testing” of we Souls as to who will be “saved” and who will wind up in the Lake of Fire?  It is a game, of sorts, but a deadly serious game… in that to lose means a long time in Hell.

But God is Love, and everything that is taking place is part of the growth of we Souls.  It just doesn’t appear that way to our physical senses, and our brains… and of course, our MINDs are fully supportive of evil.

If your Soul can differentiate between good and evil, be thankful.  This is Grace that you have won, over lifetimes, so use your faculty of Intuition to “see” evil and resist it. And for the sake of your Soul, fight against your MIND as it encourages you to “bend the rules,” since the MIND will never KNOW the Spirituality of your Soul… even though the MIND is attached to your Soul.  God and Spirituality is invisible to everything other than the Soul. If you  can muster a love for God [even though you cannot see God], feel the love and submit to the goodness Within you… which is your Soul.


Brother James


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