You know, like the blinders people at one time put on horses to focus them on what owners wanted the horses focused upon?

Is it perhaps too difficult to admit that each of us [in his or her own unique way] has, or is currently responsible for allowing the current President of our nation to disrespect us, deceive us, and literally ignore the Constitution so many of our families, friends, and neighbors have died to preserve?

I ask this because this is what we are doing.  Racists, haters, good people, bad people, honest people and dishonest people, white people and people of color…. all of us must assume some level of responsibility for what we have allowed to take place.  The question is this:  What do we do about an insidiously clever and quite insane person in possession of the most powerful position on Earth?

In spite of millions of dollars spent by very evil people [for their own selfish reasons] against candidates who suffered the worst personal attacks in our history, we the people were able to elect more honest than dishonest people to Congress.  However, with a President who openly uses the Constitution as toilet paper, and whose delusional MIND believes that he is just a bit above god, we the people are being led to focus on racism, greed, envy, and other concerns… while a dedicated body of American-haters skillfully steal our nation.

Our debt quietly topped 18 Trillion dollars yesterday. And despite what the President and his Czars have done TO THE NATION, this president and his Intelack minions are gleefully destroying America. QUESTION:  How does one go about helping a nation wake up to the fact that ONE PERSON [and a host of Marxist-type godless helpers] IS DESTROYING AMERICA?

If Obama is removed, his hideous house of cards will come tumbling down.What hero of the nation will remove him?  At least think about it.


Brother James


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