What did the Rams Players do Wrong?

What I am about to write is unusual, and it will take a wee bit of a reach for most people, but I believe it must be somewhat important… because it has been quite disturbing to me.

Do I believe the players on the Rams football team “knew” what they were doing?  Not really, they were [I believe] “venting” a bit of repressed  resentment and hatred of white people generally, and the police specifically… and they did not take into consideration the fact  their raising of hands into the air was praising a lie, reinforcing intentional lying of some blacks in Ferguson, and provoking racial war based on the intentional provocation of professional racists serving the two highest ranking officials of the government of the United States of America.

What was most disturbing to me was the fact their immature, spiteful, and perhaps deeply repressed hatred [based on years of cultural disinformation provided by ceaseless lies by Democrat provocateurs], and currently symbolized by the raised hands… placed the children of officer Wilson in great harm.

I would have imagined that any literate human being in America would have been aware that friends of the family of Brown  [and following the instigation by Holder], had been propagating the lie that  when stopped by officer Wilson, Brown had his hands in the air… but  this completely false narrative was knowingly pushed by the person who was Brown’s companion in the robbery, friends of the family, and  those visiting Ferguson from DC, most notably Al Sharpton, personally  representing Obama.

Brown, who was on drugs, never raised his hands in the air.  In fact, Brown thrust his hand into the open window, striking officer Wilson in the face, and then Brown reached into Wilson’s vehicle and tried to get the officer’s gun.  In the exchange, Wilson triggered the weapon as it was being turned toward himself, the bullet striking Brown in the hand.  Regaining his weapon, officer Wilson told Brown to step back from the vehicle.

_________ There is ample forensic evidence to support what officer Wilson stated, including Brown’s blood and DNA inside of the vehicle and on officer Wilson.

Long before any investigation had begun, AG  Holder guaranteed the Brown family that he would assure that officer Wilson would be arraigned for, tried,  found guilty, and presumably executed for the death of their son: Which occurred when Brown who, on drugs,  had attempted to take officer Wilson’s gun and kill him with his own gun; and having received a shot in the hand during the struggle, had retreated some distance, then turned around and charged officer Wilson who had by that time gotten out of his vehicle.  Fearing for his life, officer Wilson shot Brown.

The racial hatred of Holder, and his gross abuse of power in Ferguson, put his ego and reputation on the line. So the big guns of racial hatred of whitey came to Ferguson to incite rioting, and one would suppose… rioting and the killing of as many police as possible? Coming to town were the new black panthers, Farrakhan, Sharpton, and a horde of FBI agents serving Holder,  and the media serving both Holder, Obama, and the administration’s narrative that what happened was PURE RACISM ON WILSON’S PART WITH NO PROVOCATION BY BROWN WHATSOEVER.   I assume the presence of Muslim Jihadists in Ferguson was at the behest of the Muslim Brotherhood people in President Obama’s administration [merely conjecture on my part].

And all of this outside agitation was because a known thug [who was on drugs] stole some cigars from a store by intimidating a small-statured store owner, and then walking down the middle of the street, Brown was  confronted by a police officer [who had heard the report of theft on the radio], and Brown tried to take the officer’s gun and kill the officer with his own gun.  And this really simple case warranted the presence of the Attorney General of the United States of America, and hundreds of racial provocateurs?

Even to the dullest person in America,  there was something very fishy with what the nation  witnessed in Ferguson, MO.  Almost like a horde of racists pounced on an opportunity:  Never let an opportunity for chaos pass by?

What the Rams players did that was wrong was [without thought and based (I believe) on a century of culture-enforced hatred of white people and police (representing RESPONSIBILITY)]  gave into a desire to serve Satan, or evil, and to do their part in trying to [get even] with a white policeman they did not know, and yet hated for reasons having nothing to do with race or officer Wilson.  Nor did the Rams players care that two NYT reporters: Julie Bosman, and Campbell Robertson, had published the home address of officer Wilson and his family… thus providing all the insane racists in Ferguson the means of readily murdering the family  of Wilson.   Would the Rams players have laughed and celebrated their part in the murder of innocent children in Ferguson?

The extent to which this insidious current of racial hatred within the black community has permeated the black youth of the nation is a terrible (godless) thing.  And who is to blame for this?  Innocent children who happen to be born white in this lifetime?   When will the black community TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for its own racism and refusal to assume responsibility for their lives? If the insanity of this situation does not cause you to be sick, you may be a racist as well.  Hate is a self-poisoning of ones Soul, and God can do nothing to help such Souls.

Peace to those capable of receiving it [as offered from a white person].

Brother James


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