Understanding THE LAW OF KARMA

What I hope to do in this blog is to bring the East and West closer together by explaining  the Law of Karma in a way that hopefully brings understanding to those of us who have been raised in the West.  It has been said that the East and West shall never meet.

In a way, this tends to be true, but for those  who study Eastern mysticism, the separation disappears, and understanding often occurs… somewhat dependent upon the level of  ones study and… the nature of one’s curiosity?   The variable being a number of intangibles that I hope to address in this blog. But for this understanding  to occur, the Westerner must make an effort, and what usually prevents this effort is ‘fear of the unknown’.

You see, in the West we [many] are taught to read the Bible, and we are told that it is blasphemous to read other scriptures dealing with Spirituality.  I can’t speak for others, but my nature is such that anyone who tells me not to study something causes me to study that very thing… as long as it isn’t obviously harmful to me, of course.

The fact is, it was God who Created the Law of Karma.  And the Law of Karma is Perfect, as is everything that God Created, and this includes we Souls, and the operational dynamics Within us as well.  God Created the Law of Karma as His primary instrument for insuring that every single Soul receives equal and fair treatment in His Creation.  And this Law of Karma works behind everything we see and do, and this Law of Karma is an Absolute Law: That is, it applies to every living thing in the Creation [since every living thing has a Soul].

We people, and this is  universally true for all people,  naturally use our physical brains and senses in order to understand what we see, hear, taste, touch and  think about.  And too seldom are we instructed that the whole of Spirituality is invisible to our physical senses.  Nor are we taught that our MINDs are also invisible to our brains and physical senses.

So, as a result of this “misinformation and misdirection,”  far too many people [especially in the West], are  taught to ‘think’ of Man [by people who do not know otherwise] as a one-dimensional being,  and that the physical brain is the greatest gift man has!

The net effect of this is wholesale ignorance of Reality which much of science, education, and government seek to validate and reinforce.  This leaves people in the West pretty much ignorant of Spirituality, Truth, and the  Reality of Life.  And unfortunately, people in the West do not realize this except as individuals, since most of ones friends live their lives according to the common belief of the Western masses [deny and fear the unknown].

These are the same masses Christ is reported in the Bible as saying they could neither “hear” nor “see” the Spiritual Truth he conveyed to his disciples. And, in some 2,000 years, little has changed in this regard.  You see, Spirituality is not discovered via ones intellect or thinking, it must be discovered via “experience”.

______________ Just the way of life… in the illusion of life.

Modern mental health and what I refer to as “BS&bp,” or Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology,” dramatically changed in the early 1900s, when it took-on the delusional beliefs of B.F. Skinner, a student of behavioral science, and the speculative study of animal behavior.  The MIND of  Skinner caused him to “think” that there is nothing his brain could not perceive.  His MIND used his natural fear of the unknown in order to accomplish his stead-fast denial of the invisible dimensions of Man.  Unfortunately, this fear of the invisible within oneself is widely shared… although this fear is rarely recognized. An easy telltale of this fear is evidenced by those who disbelieve in God, and often hate all things religious.

As a result of this basic fear being unknown within people, these people tend to project their [unrecognized] fear upon outside things:  Things such as other religions, other people, other races, and other beliefs which are unknown to them. A most hideously disruptive fear for much of Mankind that fails to “see” it.

A rather large number of people in the world are what I refer to as “Intelack class personalities” [research here].  And these people have Souls that “lack” Consciousness [or C’etc, research here], and these people constitute those in the world who, lacking even a little Enlightenment,  fear the ‘unknown’ Spirituality Within themselves… they are not aware of lacking anything, of course.

The Whole of Man consists of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical.  So, when we spend 12 years going to school, we spend 12 years being taught to deny, ignore, and fear the only parts of ourselves that can lead us to Truth.  Modern education is a wild paradox of course, but we in the West are the most effected.

Common Core, by the way, is the latest form of this dreadful cancer being fed to American children  by Intelack type people. Such people do not realize they fear spontaneity, unencumbered curiosity, and Intuition [research here].

The Law of Karma, in its simplest form is this:  “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”  But the Absolute nature of this  law of Karma is almost impossible to comprehend if one confines oneself to the notion that ones Soul only has one life to live.  If you die in childbirth, for instance, how much positive Karma could you have acquired? Very little  is the answer.  And can you imagine a child who lived a day or a week on Earth, standing before the greats of history, sharing its day or week of life with them?  Nonsense? To imagine that God wold treat any Soul this way is nonsense.

If one can set aside the single phrase in the Bible “Man is given one life to live,” and realize Christ was talking about EACH LIFE ONE LIVES IS A SINGLE LIFE… and that when ones Soul reincarnates, it is given a new brain, body, psychology, and personality, and the memory of its past is blocked… then you can pursue the Law of Karma.  Every Soul is subject to the Law of Karma, no exceptions.

When an event occurs to you, and you feel a victim, it does appear you are a victim; however, if you could “see” backwards in history, you would see this event is merely a replay of the same historical event, except this time it is you who are the recipient.

The purpose of the Law of Karma is the primary means by which all Souls do Karma, and then experience what was done coming back to them as the same Karmic activity.  The Purpose of Life is fulfilled via Karma, various Hells [for re-education of MINDs], and then being given an opportunity to ACCEPT the Karma one did to another [as that Karma is now returned to oneself].  If one is Enlightened enough to “see” this, then one forgives the person who is responsible for returning ones Karma, and one’s Soul grows as a result of this.

Whether one is returning Karma or not, one is responsible for ones actions on this Earth.  Christ said render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and unto God that which is God’s.  Christ was saying that on this physical plane, one is subject to physical laws.  And simultaneously with what happens on this physical plane is ones Karma, which includes all ones thoughts and actions on all planes of existence.  On the Astral region of Creation, there is what is called the Akashic Records, and these are the records of all Souls in Creation.  Within each MIND that is attached to each Soul, there is a local personal account of ones own “record” kept Within MINDLines Within ones own MIND.  These are also registered on the Universal MIND [the Akashic Record] on the Astral region of Creation.

And each of us must be judged by a judge for physical actions [with no consideration of the Law of Karma at all]. There is an illusion of life [which is familiar to all] and a Reality of Life that is invisible to most people.  This is the East and West, as it were. Only the Enlightened people can “see” the invisible operations taking place between the illusion and Reality.  But if we were taught the Truth early on, more people would be open to the Spiritual [invisible] dimension that exists Within each of us.

It looks very much like we will experience the Second Coming of Christ [in a bit over 7 years], before a wide-spread awakening to Reality occurs?  So, if wise, pray with longing.


Brother James



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