Let’s Contrast Harry Reid & Frederick Douglass

How do these two people differ, I mean other than the race of each?

Harry Reid17003_54492d6893031

And Frederick Douglass



Let us begin by saying that the only people Harry Reid has ever helped are a few of his rich cronies in Las Vegas.  And most especially, the Democrat Party and in particular, the current President, Obama… while making life difficult, painful, and miserable for millions of Americans.

On the other hand, Frederick Douglass was born a slave, escaped, and self-educated himself while dedicating his life to ending slavery.

My focus in this blog is not about race, nor political party, nor what opportunity each of these two people had in life.  This blog is focused on the level of Consciousness of the Souls existing Within these two men.

Other than the family of Reid, it is doubtful that Americans will ever speak of Harry Reid in favorable terms.  The reason is that the Soul Within Harry Reid is relatively new to the form of human being.  I say this because given the high political position Reid obtained, he did nothing with this position but serve evil interests:  His own and those whose corrupt activity helped keep him in office.

On the other hand, Douglass had no education, no opportunity to speak of, and yet he served both the slaves in America, and the entire nation by his relentless work for emancipation of the slaves.

What “made’ these two people so different was the Soul of each.  The Soul of Douglass was in the body of a black person in this lifetime; and he was placed in the position of a slave [indicating some very heavy negative karma that had to be overcome by the position he was in].  Of course, if the reader does not believe in the Law of Karma, or Reincarnation, then much of the extraordinary nature of this blog may be missed?

The basic format facing each of these Souls was indeed quite different. Reid, going into politics, found the political life “fit” his lack of Conscience quite well.  He had no resistance to cheating, stealing, and in using people like cattle, in the corruptive process that sustains the Democrat political machine.  Reid, in other words “is” an evil person, and thus serves Satan, although Reid is most likely unaware of being a slave of Satan.

By contrast, Douglass was born into a corrupt and evil environment, where resistance to such evil was met with being beaten by a bullwhip across the back until the person complaining of the inhumane conditions lost consciousness, and due to physical trauma, was incapable of resistance. And to insure no one could escape the condition of slavery, the slave owners paid handsomely for slaves to be returned.

So, the fact that Douglass found a way to escape suggests he  possessed a Soul that did not surrender to the MIND that was attached to it.  And rather than his Soul serving the evil of his MIND, his Soul overrode his MIND, and used his MIND to successfully escape slavery…  And once free of his slave environment, he sought not only to better himself via education,  but he also thought of those who were still caught in slavery.

My point is this:  What each Soul chooses to do in life is largely a matter of the Fate Karma one chooses to engage in… while designing ones next lifetime during the period one [which means ones Soul with MIND attached] is being evaluated at the end of ones last lifetime.

Whether one believes in Heaven and Hell, both exist, and at the time of each death, one is evaluated as to how well one did fulfilling  the Fate Karma one chose to work on in the life one just completed?  If one did well, then some time for Rest and Relaxation in some Heaven is warranted; and if one did not do so well, but in fact engaged in negative Karma, then one is sent to a Hell, where ones MIND receives re-education.

The Reality of Life is that it takes many, many lifetimes for a Soul to achieve a level of Consciousness wherein one’s Soul can override the selfish, mean, and thoughtless negativity of one’s MIND… And remember, every Soul has a personal MIND attached to it, and ones MIND is the local administrator of ones Karma.  Outside of Eastern mysticism, what I am sharing is not well known.  But you likely realize this, right?

So, when one views the life of Harry Reid, and the life of Frederick Douglass, one cannot help but see the substantial contrast between these two Souls.  And this difference is determined entirely by the nature of the Soul of each.  Reid’s Soul is relatively new, and thus given to the evil desires of the MIND, and to satisfying selfish egoistic desires at a cost to others; by contrast,  the Soul of Douglass is an older, more Enlightened Soul, that chose to live a courageous life dedicated to helping others.

By the way, it just occurs to me to mention this… the only racial or ethnic difference between people  exists  [ONLY] on the Earth plane.  All Souls on the “inner” planes consist of no race, no ethnicity, and the only difference between these Souls is one of maturation.  That is, in Reality, we Souls differ only in how much Spiritual Evolution a Soul has acquired? This is also referred to as the Enlightenment of a Soul.  And the more Enlightened A Soul, the more humility that Soul possesses.


Brother James


How Does Man Change ?

Strange question? The answer is even more strange… In fact, only the really open-minded will be able to stand what I’m about to explain.

If you know where your thoughts come from, and the reason you are as you are… then you have no need to read this blog.  On the other hand, if you do not KNOW the reason you believe what you do… this blog will no doubt be helpful [see “A” ahead].

In earlier blogs I explained that each of us has an “inside” Reality, and an outside perception of what I call the illusion of life, which most people believe is the only reality there is.  Most people think what they can see and think about is the only reality there is… because this is all they can see and “prove” to exist. Plus, those people who are confined to Intellectualism are psychologically driven to try and convince everyone else that what they believe is the only reality there is.  The more people who believe them, the less anxiety they experience. And in general… all people are really scattered when it comes to what they believe about that which they can neither see nor physically experience.

This is simply the reality of life [for most people] on this Earth plane of existence.  And, the other three dimensions of the whole [or Reality] of existence elude our abilities to see, taste, touch, or hear [at least with our physical senses].

“A” ahead… and regarding what you believe, are you aware of changing your beliefs over your lifetime? If so, I want you to carefully consider your changes, and ask yourself whether these changes were due to outside influences… or did these changes come from Within you [ in  connection to outside influences]?

You see, out of habit, most people discount their own Knowledge [hidden Within themselves], and instead make outside influences RESPONSIBLE for their beliefs. In this we tend to give other people, our education, and outside events more credit that they actually deserve.

But, here is where I loose most people, because so few people in the West, and in America, are familiar with Reincarnation, or the concept that we Souls have as many lifetimes in which to complete the Purpose of Life as we “desire,” or need?  In each lifetime [except for those people born in the far East] we think of ourselves as entirely different people in each lifetime.

In other words, unless one is raised in an environment in which one is taught [and in fact experiences] Reincarnation as a normal part of life, one will likely ignore and disbelieve those who explain how people come to be great musicians, scientists, engineers, and excel in all kinds of ways by pursuing specific things in life over  many lifetimes.  How else can you explain a child of four sitting down at a piano, and playing music like a professional pianist?

Or a young person for whom higher math is easy to grasp, and theoretical calculations “just seem to come to this person”?  It is not the task of those who have “one life to live” to further the advancement of Mankind, it is the task of those Souls that have dedicated themselves to the study of one aspect of life, lifetime after lifetime… in order to advance beyond the ability of other people to comprehend what they are doing?

Everyone changes both from outside influences, but not in the same way, nor to the same extent.  How come?  Well, we are told that it is a matter of ones IQ, or intelligence.  But then, how do we explain the idiot-savant, who is a genius in one area of life, and normal, or even less than normal in other areas of life?  I myself tend to be an idiot-savant in that I KNOW more about psychology than many, and yet my general level of knowledge is just normal.

If you happen to “awaken” to bits of Truth fairly easily, this simply means you are somewhat Enlightened, and you have worked very hard on your Enlightenment over many lifetimes.  So, all it takes are certain “symbols” in your environment, and these will stimulate some previously KNOWN bit of Truth from Within yourself [specifically Within your Apapsyche] that you will find you can give expression to in your field of study, or some tangential field?

Genius is demonstrated by something new and unfamiliar to others, and it is given deference by intellectuals [but rarely do these intellectuals realize where “genius” comes from]?  This is the reason they venerate and bow down to the brain, and completely ignore the Spirituality of Man.

We [that is, our Souls]  all slowly [over lifetimes] grow and mature as we, as people on Earth, engage in and eventually complete Karma [thoughts and actions facilitated by the MIND].  When a bit of Karma is completed, it turns into a bit of Truth, and this Truth is stored Within ones Spiritual Core, until the time comes for this bit of Truth to be Known by oneself.

So, we gain Knowledge from Within ourselves, and we “think” we are learning from outside ourselves.  And this is how “nature” fools us into believing  that we are our egos [MINDs], rather than Souls playing at life in the hands of God.

Now you know the Truth, but take care with whom you share this Truth.


Brother James

Two Basic Types of Love….

There are  [according to various people throughout history], several different types of love.

I believe those who believe this are wrong, and that their belief  is  misleading, and that their beliefs are based on “thinking,”and not on Knowledge, or Truth.  So, I take exception to their beliefs, and this blog is my explanation for my own belief,  which is…   there are only two basic types of love.  One is Agape, and the other is Phileo:  And the term Phileo has been broken down into numerous other terms, like counting the angels on the head of a pin.

Let us begin by asking a few fundamental questions:

1.  Is there one God, or many?

2.  Is Spirit tangible, or intangible [invisible]?

3.  How many people clearly understand what the MIND is, and how it differs from the Soul?

The point of these three questions is an attempt to clearly differentiate the invisible Spirituality [or Truth and Reality of Life], from the physical, tangible, and readily perceived “illusion of life” [which we can all easily see and think about].

I suggest that the term “Agape” has to do with the Spiritual Reality of Life, while the term “Phileo” [and its associated terms] relate to the illusion of life.

We are told that the Greek term “agape” is the nature of God, which we are told is  “Love”.   I believe the Greek term Agape would be easier for we in the West to comprehend if we re-defined Agape to mean  “UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE “.

In addition, it becomes easier [I believe] if people understood that the Energy of God is “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” or NSgy.  No judgement, in other words.  Repeat this concept a few times so as to let it sink into your thoughts.  In the whole of the physical plane of existence, Neutral Spiritual Energy [NSgy] ONLY exists Within the Souls of all “living things”.  NSgy is the Energy of God, we Souls, and the Spiritual dimension… which is the primordial Energy from which the entire Creation sprang.

There are three primary divisions of Creation.  From top to bottom, these are: The Causal region, the Astral region, and the physical dimension, which includes the entire physical universe. Now the Causal region pushes up against the Spiritual realm, but the Causal region, like the rest of Creation, will never be a part of the Spiritual Reality.  The reason it is so difficult for a Soul to return to God [or the Spiritual realm of Reality], is that no Soul that possesses “attachments”  to anything of the Creation [or MIND-level Attachment] can enter the Spiritual realm.

Nothing of the Creation [which means nothing that is not pure NSgy] can be part of  NSgy. So, let us just accept that the Agape Love of God is only capable of being experienced by the Soul. No form of Phileo love can be a part of ones Soul.  Phileo love can certainly be a part of ones MIND, or ones brain… But Phileo love is part of the Creation, not a part of the Spiritual realm.

And what I just explained is True.  Not conjecture, but Truth, and Reality.  So, the “love” that many seek to find in relating to other people is due to a lack of self-love, or a lack of Spiritual Evolution Within oneself.  Ones MIND will of course convince one that this craving for others to complete ones own sense of well-being is a good thing.  And we have entire industries dedicated to promoting this delusional thinking.  And sexual predators depend upon people possessing a lack of self-love since it makes them easy prey for predators.

Am I being too harsh?  Too “insensitive” to the “needs” of people?  I believe not. To properly portray the illusion of life, I believe one needs to be as honest as one can be.  In fact, I believe I am offering a rope to many who are drowning in the delusional belief that we need others in order to be OK.   Our physical bodies may need others to provide food, shelter, protection and so forth, but our Souls… only NEED GOD.  The Phileo love ranges from friendship to homosexuality, and in every instance it can only serve as an “almost” substitute for the Agape Love of God.  Every Enlightened Soul longs and yearns for the Agape Love of God to be awakened Within itself.

There are both Heavens and Hells on the Astral region of Creation, but  these have anything to do with the Spiritual region, which is not part of the Creation; but was the primordial Energy from which the Creation originally came into existence.  To read more about this, I highly recommend the book:  “The Path of the Masters,” by  Julian Johnson [see address to order here].

The difference between God and we Souls is that God is above the realms of the MIND, whereas each Soul has a personal individual  MIND attached to it  [to enable we Souls to explore and experience the Creation], but… until ones Soul can rise above the MIND — which is most likely conducting ones life , ones Soul cannot be free to ascend to its actual Spiritual Home.

You see, in the Bible it is explained that when Eve ate of the Apple of the “tree of life,” she acted contrary to what God had warned about.   Well, I believe the story of Adam and Eve was an allegory introducing people to the nature of the MIND of Man, and the nature of the Creation.

In the illusion in which the vast majority of people find themselves, there is nothing wrong with seeking others to tell one, one is OK.  Well, let me adjust that by saying there is nothing wrong in being “needy,” if one does not have to engage in evil [eat the apple] in order to satisfy ones needs.  But try not to delude oneself into “thinking” that engaging in evil is what God intended you do do. Do evil, but then rise above it by asking for forgiveness and being willing to pay the price for ones evil.

There is Agape Love, and there is delusional love of the MIND that is virtually always some kind of evil. Two type of love, and only one type is profitable to ones Soul.


Brother James

What Do Souls, which are Perfect, Have to Learn?

The idea that a Soul, which is Perfect Energy, like that of God, has to grow and mature… strikes most people as really bizarre. So, let us consider the following…

Some years ago, I Intuited the concept that we Souls are composed of “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” which I quickly labeled “NSgy,” since that is what I normally do with concepts that are given to me by my faculty of Intuition.  As far as I know, this has not been considered before?

That is, the concept that God is composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy is not something I had ever heard… until I Intuited it.  And so, since we Souls were projected by God, that makes the core Energy of we Souls NSgy as well… with an important difference.  That difference is that we Souls are mostly the same Energy as that of God, but we Souls are also subtly different.   And, in regard to this difference, let me say that the Eastern mystics explain this important difference as a “stepped-down” energy.  That is, the Energy that God projected into the VOID, that became the Creation, was a “stepped-down” Spiritual Energy that made that particular energy something other than Absolute or Permanent.

And being less than Absolute, and being “created,” the Creation is therefore subject to “dissolution”.   And the mystics tell us that beginnings and endings of the Creation are routine, ever since the beginning, and no one makes a guess as to when that occurred?   The “ending”  is called dissolution, and there are two types of dissolution:  One is  a simple dissolution and the other is a grand dissolution. In the simple dissolution only the physical universe ceases, and the Souls are pulled back to the bottom of the Astral region of Creation until the physical part of Creation begins again.  In the Grand dissolution, the entire Creation is pulled back to the bottom of the Spiritual dimension, and all the Souls are kept in a form of sleep, until the Creation begins again.  And when the physical Universe is again ready to received Souls, the Souls are awakened and begin to incarnate into the new physical Universe.  Not as people, but as various lifeforms that some specie of which will eventually resemble Man enough that the specie of Man appears.  In this regard, both evolution and Creation are facts of Life. Each Age is many thousands of years in length, and we call the short time we can find evidence of this cycle of life ‘ancient history’.

I draw this from the writings of Edgar Cayce, and various mystical resources, all of which make the point of this cyclic process quite clear.

This then is the reason the mystics tell us that Life is actually a continuous cycle of Ages, which begin with the Golden Age of Man, moves into the Silver Age of Man, then into the Copper Age of Man, and finally it becomes the Iron Age of Man;  which is the darkest and most evil of the Ages.  It is the closing of the Iron Age of Man [the ‘End Times’] in which we find ourselves at this point in time.

In the Bible, the end of the Iron Age of Man is also referred to as the “end times”.  And what I am saying is perhaps interesting, but it is also off the point of this blog — which is why do Souls, whose Energy is like that of God, have to “learn”?

NSgy is such that it can ONLY BE Neutral Spiritual Energy, and it cannot be other than this… ever. So, imagine yourself being NSgy and looking into a mirror?  What would you see?  You would see nothing, because NSgy is Spiritual Energy, and Spiritual Energy is invisible to our physical senses.  So the whole human being is composed of [from inside out] the Spiritual dimension, the Higher MIND dimension (the Causal region of Creation), the Lower MIND (the Astral region of Creation), and the physical body. All you can “see” of yourself in a mirror  is your physical body [which is entirely dissoluble]. Death has no effect upon your MIND [which is a duality], or on your Spiritual dimension.

The whole of Creation is designed to serve we Souls [as our educational field of study],  and the process of our growth takes many, many lifetimes. God Created the Law of Karma, and provided we Souls Reincarnation in order to provide us with as many lifetimes as we  need in order to slowly acquire the  experiences we need to grow into the Perfection only the most valiant of Souls will use to achieve Perfect Knowledge… which is the only way back Home, if one hopes to become one with God.

Who lives long enough to see “evidence” of this?  No one lives long enough to see very far into the past. So, one has Faith [belief] or one does not.  And those who lack Faith  are new Souls to the process.  I refer to such Souls as Intelack class Souls. And the Souls that can’t help but have faith… are Souls that are well on their way toward Enlightenment.


Brother James


More Unknown About the MIND…

This is another short bit from my new book [PSYCHOLOGY and Enlightenment] regarding the DM=SI [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity] of the MIND.

I believe this is interesting because modern mental health [or BS&bp] has no interest in the mystical dimensions of Man [which just happen to comprise three-fourths of the whole of Man].

___________DM=SI : [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity]. That is, a virtually unknown faculty of the MIND wherein it can block the brain from registering certain things. What things? Anything that the MIND perceives as a threat… if it were to be known by the brain. So the MIND, by using its DM=SI, can block the brain from being exposed to whatever the MIND holds hidden Within itself.
If you are the least Enlightened, and you have ever tried to explain the truth to a Liberal, Democrat, or Intelack type person [proving that person is wrong]… and you were confused by how resistant that person was to the truth… the answer to this is the DM=SI Within that person’s MIND. Unfortunately, the Intelack class person simply cannot “see” nor “hear” anything that would expose that person to what his/her MIND holds hidden within itself [some level of Truth which that person is not as yet ready to awaken].
Fritz Perls, in his book: In and Out the Garbage Pail, referred to this phenomenon as “Scotoma,” or blind spot. He said it was “well known” in mental health. He may have been speaking of the more obvious physical symptoms; he was certainly not speaking of the MIND-level operation or dynamics of the phenomenon that take place entirely Within the MIND [which is invisible to the brain].
What the MIND holds hidden Within itself are all the bits of Karma from all ones lives. In my work I have referred to this deeply repressed Karmic collection as simply “traumata”. Hidden Within every MIND is a local repository and administrator for the Karma one has experienced since first entering the Creation.
Since a part of Christianity fears the Law of Karma designed by God, they label Karma as the work of the devil. Bizarre? You bet. But the unknown in people causes them to react in some very strange ways.


Brother James

A Child Raised in a Sinful environment…

Black youth, brown youth, and youth of all races… and mixed races, read this passage from John the Baptist:  Because in this simple scripture is the secret to your life now, and in the future.

1 John 3:6-11
“No one who abides in him [God] keeps on sinning; no one who keeps on sinning has either seen him or known him. Little children, let no one deceive you. Whoever practices righteousness is righteous, as he [God] is righteous. Whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil. No one born of God makes a practice of sinning, for God’s seed abides in him, and he cannot keep on sinning because he has been born of God. By this it is evident who are the children of God, and who are the children of the devil: whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is the one who does not love his brother.”

This is a very important passage in the Bible, and it is as clear as the invisibility of Spirituality will allow it to be. Anyone who serves Satan is unrighteous and cannot be seen as a child of God.  In other words, none of us is judged by our birthright, but by our works,  thoughts, and deeds.  God is Love, and to love God begins with love of one’s own Soul.

To follow those who are without righteousness, and who do sinful things is easy, since it is the way of certain evil people in the world today.  If you are a parent, and you live in sin, or you live as a leech off the hard work of others by using welfare, food-stamps, and you receive money for breeding children out of wedlock, you are an unrighteous person [a Soul serving Satan].   Be not deceived, God marks every thought and action a person does.  And such people cannot avoid “judgement,” and such judgement is the Lake of Fire, or Hell.  Hell is not a theory, nor just an idea… IT IS A FACT. And those who go to Hell have no guarantee that their nest lifetime will be as a human being.

look around yourself, look at the dogs, the roaches, the mice, the flies on the piles of garbage.  These are all living things, and each has a Soul.  And if you think your life is hard now… imagine the lives of these things, and imagine yourself living such a life!  No one mocks God.  No one!!!

To live a righteous life, one must assume personal responsibility for ones life.  That life is hard, and that it is difficult,  is for the benefit of ones Soul… since a difficult life burns a great deal of Karma, if one remains a child of God, and does not give into the sinful nature of others [even if this describes ones parents, if that is the case of the life  within which  you find yourself ]?  You are not your parents, you are an individual Soul… and your Father is God, not Mankind;  and your friends are certainly not the children of Satan wandering lost in the streets.   If you do not have a Bible , find a church and ask if you can read a Bible.  If you cannot read, ask someone at that church to teach you to read.

It is the superior Soul that resists the evil of Satan when all about oneself are serving Satan.  Do not give into the despair of those whose MINDs have embraced Satan. Resist hate, anger, resentment, and most of all.. resist the notion that you are a “victim” of anyone.

If you want to discuss your life, or you want to argue with me, feel free to do so:  esominder@yahoo.com, and put “O-YEAH”  in the subject box.


Brother James

Becoming a BETTER Puppet…

Let us consider these three passages from the Bible:

Galatians 6:7 ESV

Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

2 Timothy 4:2-4 ESV

Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching. For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.

Acts 17:26 ESV

And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place,

______________________A BETTER PUPPET?

Now, the notion that Man is a puppet… most likely does not sit well with some people. But, it is seemingly  my purpose in life [at least since 1983] to be like what 2 Timothy 4:2-4 states above. To teach in and out of season; to reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with some patience, that which I have been given to  know.

I particularly like the part: “…but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will tun away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths”.  Or put another way, how can there be so many different sects of Christianity… if people truly believed that there is but one God?  Is Man so dense that he/she cannot see that it is we human beings that demand God conform to our beliefs of what He should be?   And what He can and cannot do?

Since God is invisible, and the nature of Man is to believe only that which his/her physical brain and  senses can perceive, it is extremely difficult to self-correct our MINDs [which, from a position of invisibility it should be added] cause us to think whatever suits our MINDs.  And, when you add to this basic problem of not being able to perceive three-quarters of ourselves… an “ego” [which is the result of what we fear, and cannot possibly know by thinking], then you move into a form of arrogance wherein we strongly defend our ignorance.  Even to the point where some of our least evolved Souls take to killing those with whom they disagree.

____________ No one should resent being a puppet, if that person actually  believes in God. God, in His great wisdom, Created both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation to insure that we Souls are treated fairly, justly and with absolute equality.  And in the East, the words of the mystics regarding these two basic laws are understood by most people.  In the West, however, with the dominance of Intellectualism, or an intellectual dependence on people who project their fears and prejudices in order to draw to themselves others who share their ignorance and fear: 2 Timothy 2-4, “… having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions.” False prophets, in other words.

If all people were Enlightened, there would be no conflict, racism, hatred, or confusion.  The problem is, not everyone is Enlightened.  The question then becomes…. is our educational system in America helping us move toward Enlightenment, or are we accumulating for ourselves those who “fit” our fears and prejudices?  Common Core being the latest gift from Satan.


Brother James