Do You Believe God is PERFECT Or Inefficient?

My question revolves around many Christians who believe that when a person dies, the Soul of that person must remain in the grave until some “final judgement” occurs.

This means that if someone living in the 1st Century died, the Soul of that person would remain in the grave until 2021, when the “final judgement” is likely to occur.  That’s near 2,000 years confined to a grave.  How much progress would the Soul of such a person make in fulfilling the Purpose of Life during those 2,000 years in the grave?

And to the point of this blog, how “efficient” is this idea?  And more importantly, is this your idea of “efficient”?  And if you believe this is not very efficient, how do you square this idea with a Perfect God?

I am of course assuming that Life has a Purpose, and that Purpose is for we Souls to use the Earth plane as a theater of experiential exploration, in which we play various roles, as we slowly grow and mature through the gift of experience [and  attending corrective schools when our lives call for such re-education]?

Does anyone [other than myself] find it somewhat odd that multiple religions, involving billions of people,  believe in both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation?  And only Christianity imagines that a child that dies at three years of age, must spend over 2,000 years in a grave…. before it can be judged regarding its life of three years.  And this belief is based on a misinterpretation of a statement in the Bible that says:  “A man is given once to live”.  This statement in the Bible is more properly interpreted to  mean that each time a Soul incarnates into the Earth plane, that Soul will take-on a new body, brain, personality and psychology:  Which means we Souls have ample opportunities to explore and experience multiple races, cultures and ethnic conditions.  But the Soul with MIND attached remains the  same Soul and MIND throughout all of our lifetimes.

Does it not strike people as just a little bit strange that God would consider a person born in the wilds of the Amazon as having  the same “life experiences and opportunities for fulfillment”  as  a person born in New York?  Would an efficient God not realize that a Soul might start in the wilds of the Amazon, but that through the equalizing process of Karma and Reincarnation, every Soul must have the exact same opportunities at the fullness of  Life?  I ask this question merely to encourage Christians to realize that perhaps altering the entire Bible to “fit” this “one-life”  phrase is not the smartest idea?

God is Perfect, unlike Man, who guesses at what life  should be?  Be ye not afraid, but search for the Truth with full knowledge that God would have every Soul become Perfect, jus as all Souls are intended to be.

What I suggest in this blog in no way alters, modifies, or changes the Bible or the teachings of Christ, who received his teachings from God the Father.  All it does is properly interpret one phrase in the Bible.

At the time just before the battle of Armageddon, all Souls will be judged regarding the resurrection of we Souls who have remained dedicated to the teachings of Christ, thus God.  And this judgment is for those who will be with Christ for a thousand years.  This in no way changes the fact that we are judged at the end of each lifetime as well.


Brother James


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