This blog will be more a revealing of my awareness of the evil within myself, and thus, a personal discovery of the existence of such evil than an abstract dissertation.  And thus, I write it with both embarrassment and relief.

Embarrassment because I am such a warrior against evil, and a relief because I have just suddenly realized that all the things we hate in others… are bits of energy hidden within our own MINDs, secretly stored Within those MINDs  due to events and situations we experienced in the past, and the horror of such events was repressed within our MINDs.   I use the term Within to refer to phenomena that exists [and secretly operates] within oneself… of which one is quite unaware, until the Grace of God reveals such material to ones Conscious Awareness.

And all of this is simply the working of the Law of Karma, which I will briefly discuss momentarily.  But first, a bit of background.

As a Psychotherapist, whose practice began coincident with my being Initiated into a Spiritual Path [which I have followed for 42 years], my work consisted of helping all ages of people get in touch with past events in their lives, the continued repression of which, was causing them “conflicts” in their present lives.  This is just the work of a competent and properly trained Psychotherapist.  That is, helping people in conflict discover [and thus experientially re-experience and remove hidden traumata deeply repressed Within their MINDs].

This proper treatment is unfortunately a dying art form because modern mental health [or what I refer to as “BS&bp,” or Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology,”  teaches those taught BS&bp to deny, ignore, and disdain those who practice proper Psychotherapy.  The reason for this is fear;  a deeply repressed fear of what lies Within the MINDs of those who profess to work with the “Mental” aspect of Man… while retaining a complete ignorance of the MIND of Man.  It takes a certain kind of person to exercise such hypocritical activity, but they are being licensed by the thousands across America, and having been trained in such hypocrisy, they sadly take this practice of denying Reality and spread it around the world.

BS&bp goes along with the rise of a godless society, or a society that is turning from God and embracing evil… although largely unaware of doing so. People suffering from the Malady of Intellectualism often create intellectually “advanced” [often called “humanistic”] movements of Mankind. Marxism is the philosophical nature of such people, although they currently prefer the label “Progressive”.

In Psychology this nonsense began in the early 1900s, and was the gift of B.F. Skinner, a person trained in watching animal behavior, and then intellectually speculating as to what [outside of those animals] might be causing them to act the way the did… after being  treated in certain harmful ways by the “scientist” group headed by Skinner.

Skinner and his group of “behavioral scientists” did what they did principally because they were people confided to Intellectualism, or people lacking in what I call “C’etc” [pronounced ‘C_ecetera’], or my symbol for the elements in we human beings that eventually provide us “Wisdom”. If you care to, you can read about  C’etc here.

The Law of Karma is one of the principle facts of Life, and it was designed by God, and is thus Perfect in its operations.  In simple terms it is defined as “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”.  The term itself was removed from the Bible [or the scriptures] sometime between the 5th and 15th centuries by one or more Popes, so as to focus more attention upon themselves as the only connector between we Souls and God.  This is an ‘abomination,’  by the way.

The fact is, Within every living thing is a Soul, and the Source of every Soul is God.  And there is a constant connection between God and we Souls, unless that connection is broken by God, who Created every Soul.  And, of course, each Soul can choose to deny God by simply not acknowledging God, or by  turning his/her face from God. And this is fairly easy to do since God is invisible to the physical senses of Man.  And Souls new to the human form naturally tend to deny or ignore God as they give themselves to their MINDs.

________________  The reader will hopefully be patient with me, since there is a certain background regarding the ‘unknown’ required from me to enable the reader to see this  blog as comprehensible.

Attached to each Soul is a MIND, and the MIND is composed of two parts. One is the Lower MIND, and this is composed of the energy of the Astral region of Creation [where the various Hells and Heavens exist].  The other part of the MIND is the Higher MIND, and this is composed of the Causal region of Creation, and the Higher MIND is not of much consequence until a Soul has acquired a substantial amount of C’etc [or Consciousness] also called Enlightenment.

It is Within ones MIND that all the experiences of ones life [or lives] is/are stored on MINDLines Within ones MIND. One’s MIND is the local depository of all the ‘Karmic’ experiences one has had, and it is Within one’s MIND that the Karma [both singular and plural] of ones existence are slowly ‘re-experienced’ using the physical plane as the “stage” upon which one works out the stored Karma.

Shakespeare referred to this phenomena by saying something to the effect that the world is a stage upon which we players are all playing parts.  And in Eastern mysticism, the entire Creation is referred to as the “Lord’s Lela,”  or the Lord’s Play.  Or, a stage upon which we Souls slowly grow and mature by using the Law of Karma as each of us “painfully” makes his or her way up the Ladder of Life: By slowly doing and eventually “competing” Karma, in other words.

My point then is that all the events and experiences of ones life [and for those who realize it – many lifetimes] are stored within ones MIND, and these are slowly worked out by engaging and re-engaging them on Earth until one finally ACCEPTS RESPONSIBILITY for what is happening to oneself.  In other words… everything that we experience is the result of our own previous actions, and the sooner one can accept this FACT, the quicker one reduces ones store of Karma [and the reduction of the evil stored Within ones MIND].

In full recognition of the Law of Karma, Christ admonished us to “forgive those who trespass against us,” because Christ Knew the cause of that trespass is ones own previous action against another: As ye sow, so shall ye reap.  This is an absolute Truth.

Or, put another way… if you are black in this lifetime, can you forgive yourself for abusing others in a previous lifetime as a person who was other than black?  Or, if you were a mean person in a previous lifetime, can you forgive those whose turn is to return the meanness back to you in this lifetime?  Please try to remember that it is God who designed the Law of Karma, and the Law of Karma is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT IN EVERYTHING IT DOES.  It guarantees absolute fairness, justice and equality in life.  Despite what godless [Marxist] people “think” is the case.

It is of course very difficult for many people to take responsibility for the evil they experience in life.  But, the TRUTH IS… nothing occurs to one in this life that is not DUE ONE.  If we could “see” what we did in the past, it might be a bit easier to accept the present.  But then, if we “knew” the past, the present would not be a surprise; nor exciting; nor would it allow others to exercise the evil from Within themselves [developing guilt, which creates a Karmic obligation = growth].

So, if you got through this blog, and it strikes a chord of Ah-ha for you, that would please me immensely.  Meanwhile, let us all try to be a bit more forgiving of the Souls who do evil to us, but forgiveness of a person’s Soul… does not mean the person doing evil should not pay fully for such evil done here  Earth.  It is our responsibility to make sure evil is punished… it is the least we can do for a person, and to play our parts fully here on Earth.  And too, please realize that the sooner a murderer is sent to Hell [via the death penalty] the sooner the MIND of that person “learns” not to ever murder again.


Brother James


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