Why You Should be Familiar With Revelation…In the Bible

Were you aware that we [the whole of Mankind that is] are in the so-called “End Times,” spoken of in the book of Revelation in the Bible? And… if you don’t know this, you should.  And, you should also know that the “End Times” spoken of in the Bible coincides with what the Mayan Calendar predicted would occur [as an astrological phenomenon on  October 21, 2012].

On October 21, 2012, the planets aligned with the center of the Milky Way, and the magnet poles of the Earth began to shift.  But this shift is very slow, gradual, and barely even measurable.  And since this serious alteration of the Earth was not something the news could frighten the world with in a ten second photo, this significant event went pretty much ignored. The brain of most people has a very short attention span.

But the Mayans were adamant that this shift… signaled by the unusual astrological event… was signaling the end of the Iron Age of Man.  Important to them, but quite meaningless to those in the West who are kept fairly well ignorant of anything that cannot be quickly capitalized.  Or that might cause a panic?

The Eastern mystics  teach that Mankind is deeply engaged in the Iron Age of Man [which is the most evil age that Mankind has to endure]. Mystics tell us that there are four repeating Ages of Man.  The Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Copper Age, and the Iron Age,or the Age in which we presently find ourselves.

Although the Bible does not refer to the “End Times” [as described in Revelation in the Bible] as being a part of the ending of the Iron Age of Man, and the beginning of the new Golden Age of Man, Revelation clearly describes “its” version of this phenomenon.

If Christianity was not quite so dogmatic in its “story” of what is taking place with the Earth and Mankind,  it would actually serve the purpose of Christ and the Bible better.  As it is, the story of Christianity is perfectly valid [anticipating the Second Coming of Christ], but the message, if coupled with a great many other things taking place on Earth at this time, would be substantially more powerful for Mankind, and tend to get the attention of more people…In my opinion, of course.

The fact is, the war between good and evil is an actual war that is taking place continually Within each human being.  It is a war between one’s Soul and the MIND that was attached to one’s Soul when one’s Soul first entered the Creation [shortly after the Creation was initiated].

The reason the Soul needed a MIMD was that the Energy of the Soul is “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” or NSgy.  That is, NSgy is my symbol for the Energy of God, and we Souls.  And this Energy is “Neutral,” which means it cannot be anything other than NSgy, or Neutral.  So, the only way the Soul could explore and experience the Creation was to have a MIND with which to explore the “duality” of the Creation.  Duality simply meaning the positive and negative, or good and evil aspects of the Earth, or physical plane.  This is just a bit of background on Man that is not well known.

_______________________ Now, returning to the Mayan Calendar date of 12/21/2012, and September 11, 2010, and the book of Revelation in the Bible, all three refer to the exact overarching phenomena,  but the whole picture is viewed through special interests, and thus, the WHOLE of what’s happening is missed.

What signaled the shift from the Iron Age of Man to the new Golden Age of Man was the astrological event of 12/21/2012.  But prior to this event, the growing evil that accompanies the shift from the Iron Age to the Golden Age manifested in the event of 9/11/2010, in America.

Further coinciding with the End Times in the Bible, we have a rise in the Muslim terrorists seeking to put in place a take-over of the world. Some people can “see” this, and others, like President Obama [whose father was a Marxist Muslim] feels a certain perverted kinship with the Muslim cause.  So, his internal mental conflict results in a support of the Muslim cause, thus endangering America.  The fact he has several Muslim Brotherhood terrorists as part of his cabinet is overlooked by a nation that has been largely asleep for some 40 years.

World War III, the Bible states, will be centered along the River Euphrates, and at this moment thousands of ISIS terrorists are waging war along the Euphrates River.  This war, the Bible tells us will  eliminate 2.3 billion people.  40 times the number of people lost in World War II.

Iran is rushing its nuclear bomb to completion, and it vows to wipe Israel off the map.  And Israel is being abandoned by Obama [again due to his father’s hatred of Israel], and so the only way of protecting itself against the nuclear attack of Iran will be to nuke Iran first.

At the same time Obama is forcing departments and agencies of the government to not protect the borders of America, and many criminals and likely terrorists are crossing into the US.  And the Congress appears too frightened to protect the majority of Americans, while the minorities are being stired up by Obama to do what?  Require him to declare Marshal Law, just before the 2016 elections?

In any case, it just seems to me that Americans might want to inform themselves of what the news media refuses to “see” as Obama’s deliberate attempt to destroy America…. which may last a couple more years.

I would suggest interested readers seek out TheEndTimes with Irvin Baxter, and discover what is taking place as part of the Whole of the picture.


Brother James



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