Christianity and Eastern Mysticism

For many Christians, the phrase Eastern Mysticism refers to something they are told to avoid, deny and condemn… and my question was always…. why?

I don’t believe I am so different that there are not others like myself, who in the course of life have read various books which were popular and highly recommended by friends.

One such book for me was: Lao Tsu/TauTe Ching, by Feng, Gia-Fu, and Jane English.  Another was: The Only Dance There is, by Dass, Ram.  These were books I read while in College, and I understood them to the degree I was “meant” to understand… and this is where I would like to begin.  That is, how is it we all understand different things in different ways?

Or put another way, how is it we each seem to be naturally drawn to certain topics;  certain fields of study; and certain beliefs?  Is this just random chance?  I don’t believe it is, I believe each of us seems to have a pull toward certain areas that are of great interest to us.  And we also seem to somehow “know” things in these fields and when we read some word, term, symbol or concept relative to the field of interest, we quickly embrace whatever we see and can easily fill-in “understanding” of what has triggered our KNOWLEDGE: Which some of us [at least for a while] attribute to the word, term, symbol or concept to which we have been exposed.

The fallacy in our thinking should be readily apparent when others around us, having read the exact same thing that we read, haven’t a clue regarding what we have awakened to?  Are we just “smarter” than others… or is there something else at play?

And the answer to this question will divide people like waving a poisonous snake in  front of them.  The fact is, stored within the MIND of a person are memories of his or her past, and the KNOWLEDGE that is awakened Within oneself… is stored Knowledge being awakened by some external “trigger” [ some word, term, symbol, or concept].  And this natural process of remembering elements of the past is quickly labeled “superior intelligence” by certain people.  And people familiar with my writing are also familiar with the term Intelack, as in… Intelack personality type.

And the Intelack type person views spontaneous awakening to Knowledge from Within oneself  as “evidence” of a superior brain and intellectual ability.  And the Intelack “thinks” this because the Intelack is incapable of accessing his or her faculty of Intuition [which is an aspect of one’s Spiritual dimension].

You see, what divides we human beings is not the capacity of our brains, but is rather a more elusive element I refer to as:  Where does one’s Soul reside on the Ladder of Life?

Or put another way… How much prior experience does your Soul possess in a particular field of study, as opposed to the Souls of others?  And yes, I am talking about Reincarnation, or the fact that all Souls that find themselves on this Earth plane  have committed to the cycle of birth and death.  And now I will lose many readers who have been “taught” by people who have misinterpreted the Bible and the phrase that “Man is given one life to live”.

The Bible is, of course, quite correct.  It is not the Bible that is in error, it is the misinterpretation of this passage by Intelack people.  Each life on Earth a Soul experiences in a particular body is the ONLY life that particular body will experience.  This is absolutely correct.

And it is this very point that divides the East and the West. And this is sad in a way, but then, on the other hand, it is also a necessary part of how Souls grow and mature.  Life is filled with variety, difference, and different beliefs and experiences.  And yet, there is only one God, and every Soul is a particle of that one God.  It is we Souls, seeking to experience the whole of Life that cast ourselves into the various fields of experience available on Earth.

In the West, we emphasize the brain and thinking, whereas in much of the East, what is emphasized is Intuition, which is a Spiritual faculty that makes use of the Knowledge acquired by each Soul.

In the West, many people think of God… and few of them experience God.  In the East, those who believe in God do so by way of Empathy, of Empathetic Understanding, or Love [with the single exception of those who follow Islam].

In other words in the East, most religions [again, save that of Islam] have people who view life as purely physical, and Spirituality as personal, private, and more like what the Bible suggests when it quotes Christ  as saying: “Render unto Caesar  that which is Caesar’s, and unto God that which is God’s.”

A separation, in other words, where Spirituality is between ones Soul and God, and living on this Earth is a matter of what government one’s physical body is subject to?  In other words, each religion has its own path, story, beliefs, rituals and rhetoric.  But there is only one God.  And, it is the Purpose of Life for a Soul to explore and experience the WHOLE OF WHAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER.  In order to do this, a Soul must incarnate into various lifetimes, and use these to both grow in Knowledge, and in the Virtues of Life.

And, it is also quite OK for each person to believe whatever he or she wants to believe.  Except, it is not OK to believe that people who believe differently than oneself need to be killed.  This belief is pretty much confined to Islam, and this is what makes Islam the religion of Satan.


Brother James


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