A Basic Course in Reality

What I am about to share with the reader is not well known. And yet, it is really a basic fact of Life [capital “L” Life refers to that which is really going on behind what we think is taking place].


There is a Purpose for Life, and that Purpose is for each Soul to ascend the Ladder of Life.  To accomplish this, the Soul within each of us must engage in Karma. And the term Karma is a Sanskrit term that means “Action”.  So, every thought or action one takes creates Karma.  And all Karma is either good, or evil.  No  exception to this either-or process.  And every bit of Karma is accounted for by one’s MIND… and quite unknown to us is the fact that the same data stored within one’s MIND is also stored in what is called the Akashic Records; which can be thought of as a large book that is maintained on the Astral Region of Creation, and this Record is available to any Soul that is on the Astral Region of Creation.

And yes, this is perhaps difficult for most people to accept.  But it is true nonetheless.

So, within each of us [and attached to one’s Soul] is a MIND, which you  can research Here… if you are interested?  The MIND within each Soul is the local administer of ones Karma, or put another way… one’s MIND keeps a complete account of every thought and action one takes in ones life.  And, at the time of death, one’s Soul [with MIND attached] finds itself in its Astral body, and at some point, ones Astral body finds itself before a “judge,” so to speak.  Actually the judge does not “judge” you, or your Soul, but merely serves you in helping you evaluate your just completed lifetime in terms of how much positive Karma, or negative Karma you created?

The positive Karma is just stored within your MIND as bits of experiential truth. And the negative Karma is stored on MINDLines within your MIND, and these are held as Karmic obligations that you will have to clear in some lifetime.

If more positive than negative Karma was created, then one goes to some Heaven for rest and relaxation.  On the other hand, if more negative Karma was created, one must go to one of many different Hells, where one’s MIND “learns” the “cost” of engaging in certain negative Karma.  This re-education of ones MIND is quite effective, and occasionally, one  carries a bit of a phobia [or fear of something] into ones next lifetime.  Of course no memory of ones stay in either Heaven or Hell is part of ones physical [brain-level memory], at least not normally.  There are some children who do retain a bit of memory of a past lifetime, but this is mocked, and ridiculed by most adults, and these sensitive [often quite Enlightened] children soon “learn” to deny what they recall.  This is sad, but it is also the natural result of a culture than denies all reality other than what  a certain scripture tells them to believe.  This is the reason many who are Christian will not believe this fact of Life I am describing in this blog.

Now, I mention all this simply to lay a foundation for what I want to share next.

If you are working for the government, you took an oath to serve the Constitution of the United States of America.  An oath is an oath, and for a human being,  an oath is an Absolute commitment.  That is, the Law of Karma takes an oath quite seriously, and if you take an oath, your MIND will hold you to that oath in Karmic terms.

And today, this Oath one takes to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America creates a dilemma for some people.  That is, we have a President who is a Marxist [but denies this publicly] and whose father was a black Marxist Muslim, so our President is psychologically inclined to favor Muslims, and black people, over white Americans. And “O” [my reference to the President] also spent 20 years in the church of Reverend Wright, listening to “hate white America” rhetoric.   The result of this is a schizophrenic President.  One who acts like an American, but psychologically despises Americans, and non-consciously seeks to punish and ultimately destroy America, replacing it with a form of Communism.

So, if you work for the government, the Constitution demands that you do nothing  that is harmful to the nation, or to the citizens of America.  But, O is illegally not following the laws of the nation, but is continually skirting the law, and imposing his own ideas of what the government MUST DO.  And many of his demands upon those who work for the government are detrimental and quite harmful to the citizens of America.  And, government workers are therefore caught between serving O, and serving the citizens of America.

If this is the situation in which you find yourself, let me remind you that your first obligation is to the Oath you took, because to deny your Oath  is to create negative Karma for your own Soul.  And NOTHIN ON EARTH IS WORTH HARMING YOUR OWN SOUL.  To create negative Karma is to deny God, and this prevents you from fulfilling the Purpose of Life.  As Patrick Henry said:  Give me Liberty, or give me death.  Liberty is given to Man by God, and to allow any government to take that  from you, or to participate in harming American citizens,  is to deny  your Oath, and this means to deny God.

The President is not concerned with this, of course, because he is a Marxist, or someone who denies God.  My point is not about the President, but is focused on you and your Soul, and on whether you are climbing up the Ladder of Life, or descending down the Ladder of Life?  And this is a very serious point I am attempting to make. Please do not sacrifice your Soul to serve a despot who is intent upon punishing Americans in hopes of garnishing favor with his dead Muslim Marxist dad.

If you are a government employee, please do the right thing, and refuse to serve evil that is harmful to your fellow citizens.  In your own small way, become a patriot and try your best to put a clog [sabot or shoe] in O’s attempts to destroy America.  Get information to someone about the evil changes O is ordering the government to do.  Report supervisors  who are serving evil to outside sources.  Try to resist the evil that is flooding from the government today.  Remember, it is your Soul that is important.

And to the police of the nation, please do not serve evil by refusing to do what is right. Serve the citizens, and refuse to endanger them by allowing dangerous criminals to be released. Join with other law-enforcement agencies to resist evil and harmful practices ordered by a schizophrenic President.


Brother James


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