Let us first look at the definition of Consciousness given to us from the Intelack crowd; Or people who use, and are confined to the brain and thinking as their means of understanding phenomena:

From Google dictionary: con·scious·ness
the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.
“she failed to regain consciousness and died two days later”
the awareness or perception of something by a person.
plural noun: consciousnesses
“her acute consciousness of Mike’s presence”
the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.
“consciousness emerges from the operations of the brain”

___________________________ Please note that there is no mention of the term Spiritual, or the Soul, or the Operational Energy of the Soul [which I refer to as “Apapsyche”]!  Nor is there any mention of the fact that the whole of Man consists of four entirely separate  vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical and thus, discernible by the brain and thinking.

So, we should not be surprised that the Google definition is what some Intelack “thinks” Consciousness MIGHT BE?  Supposition and speculation, in other words.

But, I also note the Google definition mentions the “mind”. I wonder what Google  says about the “mind”?

As I thought… a whole lot of words, and none of them describing the MIND.  The reason I use all capital letters for my use of  MIND  is to emphasize the fact that my use of MIND has nothing to do with the physical brain, which modern mental health misconstrues as the  same thing as  what they call “mind”.  “BS&bp,” or Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology,” or modern mental health, uses the terms brain and “mind” interchangeably… principally because they have no idea what the MIND is?  Oddly enough, after finishing this blog, the reader will know more about the MIND than 95% of all lisenced “mental health” practitioners today.

The fields of “psychology” and “mental health” today are like the Berlin Wall in that these fields maintain copious rules, regulation, tests, and constant monitoring not to improve what they do, but to insure that no one who might actually know about the Esoteric aspects of Man can gain entry to these fields.  To lock incompetency in, and prevent Consciousness from entering into these fields… which are controlled by Intelack class personalities.  Those Souls who fear the Light of Truth the most are quite often [and oddly enough] the most “intellectual” of people.

Your MIND, and it is spoken of singularly, although the MIND is actually a duality, consists of a Lower MIND [which is composed of the Astral region of Creation], and a Higher MIND [which is composed of the Causal Region of Creation].

I believe the Soul of Man is composed of the same Energy as that of God, and prior to we Souls being projected into the Creation, each Soul had a MIND attached to it– and I will explain the reason for this momentarily.  If you take the time to read the story of Genesis, Chapter 3, you will read an allegory of the taking on of the MIND by every Soul, prior to we Souls being projected into the Creation.

I spoke of the Energy of the Soul, which is the same Energy as that of God, and I believe that Energy is “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” or NSgy.  And NSgy is the primordial Energy of existence, which is, and shall always be an Absolute Energy… in that it cannot be other than it is.  NSgy is Truth, Spirituality,  Reality, and Wisdom [which of necessity] is the whole of Consciousness.  Now, this places Consciousness [or CONS for short] as a very precious commodity in existence.  And thus, any Soul that achieves Wisdom will automatically acquire God Realization, or a full Understanding of the “Word” which the Bible says was, and was “with God”.   When a Soul  has acquired full Consciousness, that  Soul  will have also achieved Wisdom, or full Knowledge of the Reality of God.  This then is God-realization, or the Soul becoming one with God.

But even if what I have written is true, which it is, there is a huge “gap” between the Soul with MIND attached entering the Creation,  and when that Soul achieves full Consciousness.  How is this Consciousness acquired?  This is the important question that the West, and certainly America, has failed to properly  answer.

What I am writing is not “false” scripture, it is filling in some Esoteric elements of what Christianity [and many other religions] have failed to comprehend, and have therefore just ignored. Many humans are smart, some even intellectually brilliant, but Spirituality is not a matter of intelligence.  In fact, throughout the Bible one is cautioned to not look to Man for ones Spiritual Evolution, but to look to God and his Saints [and contrary to what Christianity and other religions teach, there are and have been many Saints since the world began].  Not every religious person is a Saint, and therein lies the problem of who one is to believe?  If one will search for that teacher who teaches Love, forgiveness, and that there is but one God, for all Mankind [and teaches the method of seeking God via Love],  then one is on pretty sure ground.

We are, after 2,000 years plus, finally in the End Times, or awakening to Revelation of the Bible. The question is… what has happened during these 2,000 years to bring we Souls to the level of Consciousness REQUIRED TO BECOME ONE WITH GOD?  The fact is very few Souls have achieved a level of Consciousness REQUIRED to return to God.  And so, the Christians have Christ to whom they may turn, and may worship [because Christ is ONE WITH GOD].  Not every religious person is Spiritual, and great caution must be exercised by ones Soul.  In Revelation, it states very clearly that in the End Times, there will be many “false” prophets.  Indeed, it is stated that there will be one known as the False Prophet, who will front for the Anti-Christ, and that both of these [and their followers] will be cast into the Lake of Fire.

The story of the 1,000 year reign of Christ, following the battle of Armageddon, is not an allegory, it is a true story of what those Souls that have remained steadfast in their love of Christ can  expect to experience.  And those Jews who will accept Christ as their Messiah before the Battle of Armageddon, will also experience a thousand years with Christ.  But, what takes place after the 1,000 years is over?

There are not a great many who know the answer to this question?  If a person is capable of believing in the idea that there are many religious paths that parallel the primary path back to God, what all [well most] of these paths have in common is Love of God by one’s Soul. If your religious path condemns other religions, this is a sign that should cause you to question your religion.  If your religious path encourages you to kill those of other religions, this is a clear sign your path is of Satan, not God.

God is Love, Absolute Love.  And the peculiar thing with an Absolute is that it can never be other than what it is. Your Consciousness is not yours to develop, it is a responsibility that God took on when He projected your Soul into the Creation. All God asks of any Soul is Love.  Not love of Man, or of the things of the Earth, or the Creation, but of God.  And it is not God that NEEDS your Love, it is your Soul that needs this Love… because the only Energy that can meet God is Love.

If your Soul is not Pure Consciousness, or Pure Spiritual Knowledge, or Wisdom, it is not ready to meet God.  This point is of crucial importance, but it is barely mentioned in most religions.  And the reason is simple to comprehend. No Soul can experience that for which it is not “ready” to awaken. Bits of Truth are collected by the Apapsyche of each Soul over countless lifetimes.  This is only noticed when a person has achieved a considerable level of Consciousness [or bits of Truth which eventually add up to what we call Enlightenment].  And at a certain level of Enlightenment, a Soul ceases the constant cycle of birth and death.

This then is the reason we observe so few Enlightened people on Earth.  Each Soul, as soon as a sufficient amount of Consciousness is achieved, is relieved of the burden of birth and death, and will continue its journey back to God by slowly working its way up through the numerous planes of the Astral and Causal regions of Creation.

If we find ourselves on Earth, it simply means we are not as yet “ready” to move beyond the Earth. We have not engaged in, and reaped the result of enough Karma to enable us to accumulate the amount of Consciousness required to warrant not having to be born again on the Earth.  There is a Purpose for Life, but this Purpose is invisible to us… until our Souls are “ready” to “see” Reality.

Consciousness is the collective result of bits of Truth that each Soul is slowly acquiring via the process of birth and death, and “completing” Karma [action & reaction].  And this naturally requires multiple lifetimes over eons of time.  And no, you need not believe in this at all. The Reality of Life takes place regardless of whether one believes in it or not?  Just like death.  When the time for ones death arrives, one dies.

It is not meant for many to “know” the Reality of Life, because there is no reason to do so, UNTIL one’s Soul reaches a certain level of Consciousness. The job of ones Soul is to love God, and practice Acceptance, Patience, and forgiveness of oneself, in so far as one’s Soul can do this.  And to resist evil in the best way one can.

If this sounds too easy, it is.  We become entirely too tangled up in the illusion of life, and we forget that what happens on this physical plane is AN ILLUSION, that ONLY exists for we Souls to play in the game of Karma, which God provided us as a means of growth and to gain an understanding of what NSgy can be?

Peace is the natural result of raising ones focus from the Earth, to Within oneself and the Love that constantly resides Within oneself, which is God.


Brother James




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