How a Black Man from Chicago Conquered America

In this little blog, I hope to explain how a black man, perhaps a citizen of the United States of America, with the help of corrupt politicians in Chicago; Marxist intellectuals from around America; and a very rich man named George Soros, was able to bring down the greatest nation in the world; in just a bit over five years.

Let us begin with a quote  from the European Graduate School, were we get this: ” …as Tristam Hunt writes, “an idea of modern pantheism [. . .] a merging of divinity with progressing humanity, a happy dialectical synthesis that freed him from the fixed oppositions of the pietist ethos of devout longing and estrangement.” [Meaning a belief in God].

“Pantheism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to Definitions – Pantheism is the belief that the universe (or nature as the totality of everything) is identical with divinity, or that everything composes an all-encompassing, immanent God. Pantheists thus do not believe in a distinct personal or anthropomorphic god.”

In other words, Pantheists [like Hunt, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Obama] do not believe in God, but in a concept that “nature” is god.  And put in a way as described by Psychology, this means those people who are Intelack types of people [the list above and millions of similar people], do not have Souls that have achieved the level of Enlightenment [Spiritual Evolution], that other Souls have acquired.  And the Intelack type individuals  are controlled by the MINDs that are attached to the Soul of each.

I am saying here that we Souls are not static, but that our Souls grow and mature over many, many lifetimes.  In Eastern mysticism, this process is called Reincarnation.  In the West, the current rendition of the Bible omits as many references to both the Law of Karma and Reincarnation as the Popes from the 5th to 15th centuries could remove. The reason for this is explained by the “nature” of people who, like the list of Pantheists above, were unable to access the Spirituality Within themselves, and being limited to their physical brains… [as their means of understanding life], this type of person is vulnerable to the MIND [which was attached to every Soul, as all Souls entered the Creation when Man was introduced to Creation]; and the MIND of the Intelack type person causes that person to “think” that he or she “knows” a great deal more than what the MIND  is  capable of discovering.

Although we have names for elements of Life that we cannot perceive by our brains, Man [which help from the MIND] makes the mistake of “thinking” that if he/she knows the name of a thing, then he/she must also “know” the reality of that thing.

If I were to write the term Soul, almost everyone will “think” he or she “knows” what I am talking about, right?  But, be honest, have you ever seen a Soul, or met a Soul?

I am saying that people often “think” they “know” things they really do not, and cannot know.  This then takes us back to the Pantheist, or Intelack type person whose MIND causes him/her to “think” that he/she can “know” Spirituality by use of the brain and thinking.  The MIND of the Intelack “thinks” that there is nothing the brain cannot discover, if the Intelack can get ahold of a microscope that is strong enough.  And the Intelack type person has a MIND that naturally causes the Intelack to believe that he/she is elite, and “special,” and often… above the law.

So, there are two subtly different types of people on Earth.  And neither type realizes the reason for this difference?  And, since the Intelack type tends to be the more intellectually gifted [compensation for a lack of Enlightenment], the Intelack naturally views the Enlightened [more Conscious] people as inferior.

In America our system of education is populated by Intelack type people, since use of the brain and thinking [unencumbered by reason, or Conscience] is what the Intelack excels at.  The same holds true for science, business, and politics.

So, if we, the citizens of America, were properly educated [which means learning about our superior faculty of Intuition… giving us natural access to Conscience, Discretion, Empathetic Understanding, and an ability to experience Spirituality], we would have propelled America even further into greatness.  Alas, the natural nature of the Intelack class individual… who is not constrained with Conscience, or a sense of honor, or Spirituality,  is driven by the desires of the MIND:  Greed, Envy, and an insatiable desire to control everything and  everyone in his/her environment.

You see, Conscience is a faculty or aspect of ones Spirituality, and if one is not Enlightened,  then ones faculty of Intuition is not well developed.  And if one lacks Intuition, one has a limited access to ones faculty of Intuition;  and thus, a limited awareness of Consciousness [which is the sum total of the Virtues of Life].

So, when the typical Intelack [who is often bright, intelligent, and verbally quick and agile (lying is easy and distorting or ignoring Truth is easy) because there is little Conscience to awaken one to the evil one is engaging].

And… rather than the Pantheistic oriented individual, who is often quite bright, being the better human being, the Pantheistic type person is more often an Intelack, and severely lacking in Consciousness; or the ability to distinguish between good and evil.

The MIND of Man, in other words, is unable to perceive the Energy of the Soul to which it is attached.  The only part of Man capable of “experiencing” the Energy of Spirituality is what I refer to as the “Apapsyche,” or Operational Energy of the Soul.


And that brings us back to the black man from Chicago who would become the Emperor of America.

America, in its haste to tame the wilds of the nation, and bridge its vast reaches, employed both intellectualism and robust bravery of explorers and adventurers whose courage came from well-developed levels of Enlightenment: Intuition and a trust or faith in God.  As the nation became more “civilized,” the rise of the Intelack type person who is limited to, and thus proficient in, use of the brain and thinking about life abstractly, became needed to teach a nation; and to serve as politicians.

What the religion of Christianity does not demand of Man is an intense and relentless dependence upon an INVISIBLE Reality.   A clear and ceaseless reminder that every human being is at war with evil; and this NECESSARY reminder was easily overridden by the Intelack demand that God be taken out of much of the lives of people: As the Intelack, with guile and dishonesty overwhelmed the simply trust of the Enlightened people in America by repeatedly saying “separation of church and state”.

And being fairly ignorant when it comes to lying, deception, distortion, and corruption, the Enlightened people would rather yield to the Intelack rather than argue.  And this natural disposition to avoid confrontation by Enlightened people gave the Intelack victory after victory in America. Like the Germans in Germany, once the fields of education and the media were taken-over by Intelack people, the only thing it took in America to  replace a Judeao-Christian base with that of  Marxism was time…  and a population who forgot the principle warning of God:  Beware of Satan whose evil  comes in sheep’s clothing.

George Soros hates a free people.  The reason has to do with his childhood, I’m certain, but what specifically, I don’t care.  And he is also an Intelack type person,  and he uses his wealth to manipulate and punish free people.  Soros, being an Intelack, is just like all Intelack people.  That is, the Souls of such people lack a certain level of Consciousness [Spiritual Evolution] and this means they are vulnerable to being operated by the desires of their MINDs: Greed, Envy, and an insatiable desire to CONTROL everything and everyone on Earth.  This need to Control stems from an intense fear of Spirituality, which manifests in a fear of the “unknown”.

Obama suffers from an intensely disturbing childhood, in which his black father abandoned him in favor of fomenting Communist revolution in Africa.  His father was obviously an Intelack, and possessed a hate-filled MIND, which vented its rage upon white people and on the term “colonialism”.  In this sense, Obama found a home with Reverend Write, where Obama received  20 years of hate white people indoctrination.

Not too long after his father abandoned him, Obama’s white mother abandoned him to live with  her Marxist parents. This is when Frank Marshall Davis, the well-known Communist became Obama’s tutor.  If one reads Obama’s own book, one learns that he is a Communist, but is smart enough to never reveal this directly.  His Intelack nature is to lie, deceive, distort, and manipulate.

At a time when George Bush, a basically good person [but naive in some ways] had been encouraged to leave the border open with Mexico [by his father and other One-World Elitists, my belief], in the European model… Obama was taken under the arm of Soros, and the Marxist direction of Valerie Jarrett.   And because Obama was a black person, his handlers found it easy to use the race-card to prevent any investigation of who and what Obama was?

And America was played well by reminding it of its past racial prejudices, and America, for the most part, relieved its collective guilt by voting for someone for President, while they knew absolutely nothing about this black Senator who voted present during his year in Congress.

The arrogance of Obama could not restrain itself, and often he told America that he intended to TRANSFORM America… But, of course few could begin to imagine what he meant by his sly hint of what was to come?

So, the Communists were correct when they stated that America would be destroyed, but from within itself.  The Congress of the United States, at least the Intelack or Democrat Senators in the Senate, are directly responsible for the destruction of America.  And in not seeking a court injunction to stay Obama’s illegal action, all members of Congress are personally responsible for the fall of America.

This was, in fact, the first time a nation was taken-over by Communism without a major revolution.  Is this more or less shameful?  The money people were not disturbed while the nation was enslaved. Truly sadistic and evil.

And the only thing I can say of any consolation to America is that every person who helped destroy America, and succeeded in turning it into  a lawless field of evil, will find Hell waiting for them at their time of death… which is not that far off, I believe – if we take Revelation into account. The next seven years will be an escalating series of catastrophes, where much of Mankind will be destroyed.

Those who love God, increase your prayers, and try to maintain a low profile. Trust in God to protect your Soul, and refuse to serve evil.


Brother James



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