What is an Intelack type personality?

If this blog is of interest, then my book about the Intelack should be interesting to you as well.  The Book:  Is simply a more in-depth look at this little-known psychological [and thus not corrected by anything physical] human phenomenon.  In other words, certain people are “born” with a disposition for being an Intelack personality, and ones environment, education, and family either reinforces this natural tendency, or reduces it to some degree. But the only real “cure” for being an Intelack personality is more experiential growth of ones Soul [and each of us has a Soul], but the  Energy of the Soul is  entirely invisible to our brain and physical senses — which is the reason the Atheist [and the Intelack] can so easily deny the  existence of the Soul, God and Spirituality Energy: They literally cannot ‘experience’ it.

In this blog,  I hope to explain and define the term Intelack, which I coined some time ago as a replacement designation for the terms ‘Liberal,’ Democrat,’ Progressive,’ ‘Socialist,’ ‘Marxist,’ ‘Communist,’  and related labels because I  realized that all these terms and labels are simply different ways to describe  the various “degrees” of the Intelack personality.  In other words, the various ways in which the Intelack relates to this physical plane.  The worst despots are simply  Intelack personalities  or people who are most lacking in Conscience.

The term Intelack itself is a combining of the terms Intellectualism and the term “lack,” as in lack of Consciousness. That is, Intelack = “Inte” from Intellectualism + “lack” from lack of Spiritual Evolution, or Consciousness.  And Intellectualism is ‘compensation’ for Souls that have not [as yet] acquired sufficient C’etc [research Here] with which to make use of the faculty of Intuition.

What CAUSES a person to be an Intelack ?

Well, the explanation of what causes the Intelack personality is perfectly reasonable to many people  in the ‘East,” but is strongly resisted by many in the West, because we in the West know precious little about the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation: Both of which are ignored and avoided by many sects of Christianity, and those trained in “modern mental health,” or what I refer to as “BS&bp”[Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”]. Research BS&bp Here… if interested?

If it makes sense to you than our Souls [just like our physical bodies] slowly grow and mature over time, then the idea that not all  people possess Souls of “equal” maturation would not surprise you… However, if you are absolutely convinced that a Soul only has one opportunity to explore and experience everything life has to offer, well then, that which causes a person to be an Intelack would need to be rejected by you due to your mistaken view of the Reality of Life.

That is, God Created the Law of Karma to insure that every Soul is treated with complete fairness, justice, and equality in Creation.  The Constitution states this condition quite honestly, in saying that all of Mankind is equal in the sight of God.  That is, each Soul is free to chose what it wants to explore and experience in each lifetime it lives… if a Soul does not have to take time out of its path of lifetimes of exploration to experience some Hell… that the MIND of a Soul has made necessary by one or more acts of evil during its last lifetime?   After its period of “re-education,”  the MIND of the “immature” Soul [by the way… a MIND is attached to each Soul so that a person can engage in the duality (good vs evil) of Life].  And for the immature Soul [which lacks the “experience + re-education of various Hells]  the MIND naturally causes the immature Soul to engage in various acts of evil.   And that brings us to the Intelack type personality.

The Intelack personality is simply a Soul whose MIND is more powerful that the Soul to which it is attached.  The MIND is more powerful because  the Soul of the Intelack has not been to enough Hells so that the MIND that is attached to that Soul has not [as yet] “learned” to avoid certain acts of evil.   And too, the Soul of the MIND that engages in evil acts, having observed that MIND experiencing its “lessons” in various Hells, gains bits of Truth by the MIND’s experiences in these various Hells. These bits of Truth all add to the Enlightenment of a Soul.  And as ones Soul gains in Knowledge of Truth, it gains in power to resist the evil desires of the MIND that is attached to that Soul.

The result of this process of Life creates two different types of people on Earth.  The Intelack type who is newer to the form of human being, and the Enlightened type whose MIND has “learned” the cost of evil.

The MIND, without an Enlightened Soul to resist the MIND, or the MIND has not as yet learned its own “lessons” about evil, will naturally seek to engage in evil because evil is part of the Purpose of Life.  That is, the Purpose of Life is for we Souls, with the aide of our MINDs, to engage in everything this physical plane has to offer;  both good and evil.

So, the level of evil a person is willing to engage in is determined by whether or not that person’s Soul is Enlightened or not?  And ones level of Enlightenment is determined by the relative power of ones Soul as opposed to ones MIND.  The MIND will never KNOW the Spirituality of the Soul to which it is attached… and yes, that sounds weird, but it’s true nonetheless.

This means that the natural fear of every MIND is that of Spirituality, or Truth.  And for philosophers who pursue the search for Truth, they fail to realize that the Intellectualism that their MINDs feed to the Left-Hemisphere of their brains… again natural for the Intelack personality … in making use of the brain and thinking, automatically prevents them from making use of Intuition, which is a faculty of the Spiritual dimension of a person, and the only way to “experience” the Energy of Spirituality or Truth is via ones faculty of Intuition.

So, despite what those driven by Intellectualism [thinking absent the higher dimensions of oneself] believe, it is not at all possible for an Intelack to “see” Truth or Spirituality.  The Intelack can “think” he or she “knows” truth [but this is just ego, or thoughts fed to the brain of the Intelack by his or her MIND.  I refer to such thoughts as “Delusional Thinking, or D-Think, and since they do not rest upon Truth or Reality, they are indeed delusional. To research D-Think, click Here.

The most obvious example of this is how completely blind Obama is to the absolute rejection of his policies by a large number of Enlightened people.  His blindness is evidence that he is an Intelack personality, and in his case, the Intelack Obama is also a sociopath non- consciously acting out his dead father’s hatred of America.

And, in my opinion, unless he is stopped, he will succeed in destroying America.

Brother James


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