What is MEMORIAL [Veterans] DAY ?

As I sit here, an older person…. I am mindful of a nation, unique in history, and the many people who have given their lives to defend –and promote human freedom around the world.

This day of celebration is a day many use to recreate, relax, and enjoy the little freedoms we still enjoy in America. And yet, in the hearts of many of we Veterans, and those family members who have shared with us long and restless nights of separation and anxiety:  Which seems  inherent in military service, there is a thin veil we use to separate ourselves from the memory of anxiety we all experienced.

Every Veteran who served in the military has a personal set of memories, each commensurate with his or her service. It is not what any person does so much as it is the act of doing, and making a commitment to serve in whatever category one was destined to participate.

It is no doubt a good thing that much of what is experienced during service is for ones own growth, and adventure.  It is the larger principles of service for ones nation that we all share in remembering, or attempt to share as best one is aware of these larger principles?  Some reminiscing and some seeking to forget.

It would be ideal if each person could celebrate ones own personal hero on Memorial day, and in a way, perhaps that is what we are doing?  The point of the day, after all, is to try and raise the principles of freedom, honor, loyalty, bravery and love of the best of humanity within ourselves.  And to remind ourselves that there are larger elements of Reality that each of us, in our own way, strive to achieve.

What we may lose sight of, at least somewhat, is that it is God, our Creator, who ought to be honored along with all our Earthly heroes, since it is God who watches over all His Souls.  The great mystics tell us that life is God’s play, and we Souls are his players upon His stage.  And so, may I say a quiet thank-you to everyone who celebrates this day, no matter what purpose this day is put to, and my hope is that each of us found a portion of this day in which we could remember God, our Father.


Brother James


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