I was just watching a program on the History Channel relating to a number of bone fragments, thought to have been part of the body of John the Baptist, and how many people are said to worship these fragments.
As I listened to the commentary, it occurred to me that the person doing the commentary either did not realize what he was saying, or he was unaware of the Bible and what it says relating to the worship of idols, or false gods, or false prophets?  And perhaps more specifically,  the entire concept of the difference between God [as in Spirituality], and Mammon [as in the things of the physical plane]?

When Christ said “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and unto God that which is God’s,” most people believe they realize what Christ meant. And yet,  virtually everyone misses the critical point of what Christ was referring to in his message.  Which is the same message that Mosses sought to convey to those who followed him for over 40 years. Or what John the Baptist  said  he reminded people that he baptized by water, and that one greater than he was coming, and that Christ would awaken the Soul within a person with the  Spirit” of God.

The message that so easily escapes the grasp of human beings is given in yet another way when we are emphatically reminded in the Bible  that there is but one God… And that God is to be found WITHIN Man.  Not without!

Man has but one faculty of “attention,” not two or more.  When people say they can do two or more things at once, they believe what they are saying, but in reality, their  “Attn Aspect of the Apapsyche [the attention part of the Operational Energy of ones Soul — research Here], is switching back and forth from one thing to another so rapidly that people are not aware of this duality at work.

All mystics are aware of the MIND of Man,  and how sneaky it is as it searches for ways to lead a person astray.  Which it does by subtly feeding thoughts to the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain which causes one to think whatever the MIND wants one to think!  I refer to this as the “DM=SI” of the MIND.  And since the messages of the MIND to the brain [which I refer to as Delusional Thinking, or D-Think] are invisibly converted from MIND-level thoughts into brain-level thinking, ones brain cannot differentiate between the MIND-level thoughts, and ones normal thinking.

And this is just one part of the “problem” I am discussing in this blog.  The other part of the problem is that the MIND cannot perceive Spiritual Energy, so what do you suppose the  MIND believes “worship” to be?   The MIND believes worship to be taking place anytime one’s brain is focused on something thought to be religious.  So, when someone is praying to God, or in the case of many Christians, praying to the name Jesus [which Christ ceased to be when he was Baptized by John the Baptist, and became Christ], what image does a person fixate upon?   The physical body of Jesus, or the Spirit of God which was active Within the body of Jesus?  Have you ever wondered why Christ was so insistent that he was doing the work of God, and not himself?  What was the difference he sought to establish in those to whom he spoke?

Jesus most definitely came into this world for a special purpose.  But that purpose was not to replace God.  And when the man Jesus was Initiated by John the Baptist, only then did the man Jesus become Christ, the God-realized Soul God sent into the Earth, or the Messiah . When Christ returns to fight the war of Armageddon, he comes to serve as the Lord on Earth, as he serves God, his Father. You see, God is never not NSgy, or Pure Spirituality, so God exists Within Man as Spirit, or Soul.  Your physical body is not Spirit, it is made of the dust of the Earth.  Only your Soul is permanent, and an aspect of God consisting of NSgy.  When we die, our Souls awaken within their Astral bodies, the same Astral body that Christ was in when he visited his disciples.

In other words, how does one focus the Attn Aspect of ones Apapsyche on God, or Christ, if one has never seen God, or Christ… or Jesus for that matter?   This is a subtle and mostly unnoticed opportunity for ones MIND to focus one on some image,  object, sculpture,  picture, or relic of physical matter… as an object of  worship.  And all the emotional content of one’s MIND [emotional energy is MIND-level energy] is focused on exactly what Christ said not to focus upon… Isn’t this a strange, perhaps even peculiar  situation?

You see, the Lord, God, will accept all worship, if it is from ones heart, and it is based on love.  So, it is perfectly acceptable for one to imagine God as being that to which ones Attn Aspect of Apapsyche [which is pure Spiritual Energy] is focused… as long as ones focus is WITHIN oneself.  But as soon as one focuses outside of oneself, one is focused on Mammon, or the things of the “illusion of life”.  This is no doubt the reason Christ said for us to go into our closet, and in the darkness, praise God.  To not be distracted by things of this physical plane, in other words.

The only part of a human being that is Real, in an Absolute sense, is ones Soul, and its operational Energy:  The Apapsyche, or Operational Energy of ones Soul. It takes mystics many, many years of meditation to reach WITHIN themselves to acquire a sense of Spirituality,  and this is daily meditation of at least two hours duration.  So, to expect  a Sunday service of an hour to propel one into some higher region of Reality is perhaps an unrealistic expectation?  Or an emotional ride provide one by ones MIND?

The point of this blog is this… To worship God, do not fool oneself into imagining  that focusing on things of this physical plane will accomplish what one’s Soul longs to experience.  The development of prayer is like all things, it takes a great deal of practice and a lot of intense focusing WITHIN oneself.


Brother James



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