QEC = Qualified Educator Certification

Qualified Educator Certification…[or QEC] is a new concept for education that is based on a more complete understanding of the “whole” human being… not the one-dimensional physical entity that science and modern mental health would have us believe Man to be.

You see… or perhaps you do not see… the  “whole human being” is composed of multiple energy dimensions.  In other words, the whole of Man cannot be seen by use of ones physical senses alone.  Or, put another way, what one sees reflected back to oneself in a mirror is the physical dimension of oneself.  Or, what ones physical eyes can perceive.

What we do not see reflected back to us in a mirror are the two dimensions of the MIND [spoken of singularly as simply “MIND”], and we do not see the Spiritual dimension of ourselves, and the reason we do not “see” these dimensions is that they are invisible to our brains and physical senses.  And here is where we have a huge problem as human beings.

The only real [Capital “R” Real] part of Man is the Spiritual dimension. And it is Real because it is permanent and an Absolute Energy.  Spiritual Energy  is composed of an Energy I refer to as NSgy, which stands for Neutral Spiritual Energy, or the Energy of God, and we Souls as projected aspects of God.  I believe that NSgy is the primordial Energy of existence… or God.   Can this be proven?  Of course not, at least not to someone confined to his or her brain and physical senses… which includes a great many people.

The only way to “see” the Esoteric [invisible] dimensions of Man is to “experience” them via ones faculty of Intuition.  And this moves us into the domain of mysticism, which many religious people are taught to fear, condemn, and resist.  It is natural for people [who are not Enlightened to some degree] to intensely fear what they cannot “know” by use of their brains.  Science teaches this, and since the early 1900s, many in “psychology” have taught this as well. And most certainly education teaches this.   There is a “class” of people on Earth with Souls that have not [as yet] made much progress in Spiritual Evolution.  And this moves us to a level of discussion that makes many people quite uncomfortable, simply because they naturally fear what their brains cannot perceive.

In other words… there are two basic types of people on Earth.  Those whose Souls are evolved enough to “see” [Intuitively experience] some elements of the invisible in life, and a class of people who are unable to “see” or “hear” anything of the invisible dimensions of Life.  I refer to those who can Intuit some of the invisible elements of life as Enlightened, and I refer to those who CANNOT Intuit the invisible elements of life as Intelack class people. You can read more about the Intelack class HERE.

We can divide people into these two classes, but all of us are relatively one way or the other.  Think of this division in this way:  The very Conservative person is  a person whose level of  Spiritual Evolution causes that person to strongly dislike dishonesty, cheating, lying, or other ways of being that mock or refuse to acknowledge the Reality of God.

On the other hand, we have people whose level of Spiritual Evolution is low, or not as yet strong enough to enable that person’s Soul to push back against the strong desires of the MIND: Which are Greed, Envy and an insatiable desire to Control everything and everyone… so as to avoid being exposed to elements of Truth he or she is not as yet ready to be exposed to.

And then, we have a large mass of people who are “on the fence,” so to speak.  These people are neither very evil nor very good.  And they can be persuaded to go one way or another by environmental influence, peer pressure, or by education or a lack of education?  So, as a “whole,” we people represent the classic war between good and evil, but when the nation forgets or neglects to remind itself of its Spiritual Reality,  this allows the MINDs of the Intelack class to begin to work their way into positions where they can “Control” the lives of others.  Why does the Democrat constantly seek to take the wealth of rich people and “re-distribute” it to those who refuse to work?

You see, the personality of Carl Marx was not unique to Russia.  Marxism is a natural type of personality of the Intelack class individual.  That is, the thoughts that people experiencing this life as poor people is WRONG… can only be thought by people who are fully ignorant of the Law of Karma, and how God created the Law of Karma to insure that all Souls are allowed to design and experience every facet of Life.  Even what it’s like to be poor!

It never occurs to the Intelack class person that a poor person in this lifetime chose to be poor in this life to EXPRESSLY EXPERIENCE BEING POOR.  When that person is done being poor, that person WILL [from Within him/herself] begin to do things that will lift him/her out of poverty. In  America, because we, as a people,  are so ignorant of both the Law of Karma, and Reincarnation, we [even those who are Enlightened] are led to do and think things that are not nearly as loving or lacking in judgement…  as what we could do and think.  Way too much judgement going on…

OK then… what I propose is establishing a “Board” of Enlightened people who would be charged with “testing” applicants who voluntarily request to be evaluated regarding  their “fitness” to instruct children and others at all levels of education.  This concept [I believe] has not been suggested before.  Primarily because it has never occurred to anyone that the invisible  in life can [or should]  be “tested”?  Well, if a person reaches the tenth floor of a building, that person KNOWS what the tenth floor is, and what is required of one to reach the tenth floor!  But at the same time, that person will be unable to explain what he/she KNOWS to anyone who has not “experienced” the tenth floor?

The “secret” of the examination rests with the examiners, not those being examined. Who among us [other than those who possess enhanced Enlightenment] can look at a person and “see” Enlightenment?  Remember, that which QEC is evaluating is invisible.  Those teachers and professors who are capable of being Certified are most likely unaware just how badly the nation needs them?

What is missing in America is a lack of respect for those among ourselves who are Spiritually Enlightened, and thus able to “see” the dishonesty and negative disposition of others who are “unfit” to be instructing our young people.  Do  young Americans not deserve the best, most Enlightened instruction we can provide?

Let me hear from you, if this seems like a positive thing to do?


Brother James


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