Question: How do we Protect Against Common Core, and Marxist Oriented Teachers and Professors ?

Or put another way, how do we help our young people avoid being indoctrinated with Marxist propaganda, a Liberal [socialist] agenda, or having their faith and Spiritual beliefs negatively assaulted by teachers and professors who dislike America, and whose views are oriented toward Marxist Psychological distortions of Reality?

Part of the reason for ordinary people complaining about what their children are being taught is that their children are Enlightened [possess Souls that are more Spiritually Evolved than ordinary young people], and this provides such young people with  a sense of “Intuition” that other children do not possess.  All children being taught by  adults who are teaching based on a predilection for Marxist philosophy,  are being taught by teachers who are subtly indoctrinating children to dislike and perhaps even hate America.  And this usually includes parading  before the student alleged atrocities committed by America against all other nations.  The fact that only the more Enlightened students take exception to the rhetoric of such instruction is a natural reaction of young people whose natural level of Consciousness allows them to “see” the inherent dishonesty of their instructors — but this is rare.

Although an Enlightened student might sense that an instructor is not being honest, it is the rare student whose parents have “taught” the student to bring their perceptions and concerns home to discuss with is or her parents. And even more rare is the parent who takes his child’s word over that of an instructor.

So, as an ex-teacher and university professor, I know of that which I speak.  My unique qualification, however, is that I was a  Psychotherapist for over 30 years, specializing in the conflicts of the MIND of Man.  During this time, I discovered a great many things that are not generally known, even in “modern mental health”.   I discovered, for example, that it is the MIND of a person that dictates to that person’s brain what they person will think and believe.  And the only element of a person capable of interfering in the dialogue between ones MIND and ones brain… is the state of maturation of ones Soul.

Needless to say, the instructor or professor who is engaging in indoctrination has no idea this is what he or she is doing?  The MIND of such a person causes him or her to “think” that what he or she is saying is quite true.  This is “Delusional Thinking,” or D-Think, and D-Think is a natural, automatic expression of the MIND of a person whose Soul possesses  a certain “lack” of Consciousness.  A level that is not sufficient enough to push back against the MIND of that person.  In other words, the Soul of that person cannot help but allow the MIND that is attached to the Soul of that person to “do its thing”.  The Soul of such a person does not possess the necessary level of Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding, or “C’etc” [pronounced ‘C_etcetera’], and C’etc is my symbol for the Virtues of Life that all Souls are slowly accumulating.

In the Bible, Christ speaks of his disciples being able to “hear’ and “see” bits of Truth that the masses could neither “see” nor “hear”.  The explanation for this is not very well explained in the Bible.  But then, the explanation is difficult to convey in words, unless the one receiving the explanation is highly Enlightened, and capable of using his/her faculty of Intuition to “experience” the otherwise invisible “bits of Truth”.  Using ones faculty of Intuition to “see” the invisible bits of emotional energy Within a person’s MIND  is the standard practice for the properly trained Psychotherapist — which is a dying breed in mental health unfortunately.

And my point is this:  If hardly anyone knows which teacher or professor is likely to be involved in subtle propaganda [least of all those who are themselves guilty], how do we protect our young people from this abuse?  Well, I believe I have an idea of how we can protect our children, and the explanation of this idea  will be outlined in my next blog:  QEC: Qualified Educator Certification.


Brother James


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