Yesterday, I tried to render a synopsis of what drives O to do what he does… and to strongly suggest that he is not really aware of what drives him? If I am correct, or even close to being correct [and I believe I am], then we have a tiger by the tail, so to speak.

It is incumbent upon all thoughtful Americans to thank God… in profuse ways, because God has once again taken pity on the lust, and greed of the less than enlightened people in America, for succumbing to the best attempts of imposing Marxism on Americans by President O, and his Marxist Czars.

We have, I believe, a small window of opportunity — if we who can appreciate the miracle we have been given can act on the opportunity  as a free people, fortunate enough to be living in the greatest nation the world has ever known.  Few people will actually realize how close America has come to being fully destroyed from WITHIN itself, while the economic slide-show of a booming stock market was manipulated by the Fed, and a national press that has aided and abetted a 5+ year nightmare.

That is… Common Core, Homosexuality, rising energy costs, drug usage, sexual perversity,  organized racial hatred, disrespect of Conservatives and Christianity by the IRS and Justice Department, and the absolute corrupting of our Constitution by O and holder, given two more years of encouragement to dismantle America by Senator Reid, and the Democrats in the Senate….  This nation would have been so demoralized that  America would have never recovered.

Make no mistake.  We have been given a respite, a break, an opportunity to wake up and smell the corruption that Reid and his Democrat colleagues in the Senate have  pushed upon we citizens.   The question is… WILL WE MAKE THE PROPER USE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY?

Freedom and Liberty is the keynote magnet that has attracted people from around the world to America. Every human being [whether known or not] longs to be  Accepted Unconditionally, and to be encouraged to be as real as he/she can be! America was founded upon individual liberty and personal responsibility, and a promise that the Government would not be allowed to interfere in the rights enumerated in our Constitution.  That is the promise of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

But too many Americans [particularly from Mexico] entered America illegally, and have not therefore been able to shed the enslavement mentality [bitterness and hatred] of their cultures by being forced to discover  what LIBERTY means?  The street gangs in Los Angeles “think” they literally have to wage war on we citizens in order to gain what their MINDs desire.  The black youth in Chicago, unfortunately being raised in a Democrat controlled environment, are systematically deprived of adequate education  which is absolutely required in AMERICA.

The natural Psychology of the Democrat personality is such that a lack of Conscience is replaced with an over-active and fearful MIND  that needs to CONTROL everyone and everything in life.  Unless this is known and recognized, such people are too often allowed to gain positions of control, and a corrupting of Mankind is the inevitable result.

This FACT of life is not well known, unfortunately.  And I am hoping that with the small window of opportunity we Americans have been given, and the good people who have chosen to serve America, we Enlightened citizens will help them dismantle the Marxist barriers O and his Czars have placed between government and we citizens.

Many of the bills sent to the Senate by the House over the last few years [that were put in the trash by Reid],  need to  be enacted, and these bills are mostly intended to help create honest good-paying jobs in America.  We need to unlock the fear-ladden controls the Democrat Senate has imposed on America, and eliminate many of the regulations intended to stifle growth in America.

Trust, freedom, and entrepreneurship need to become a song all Americans need to be singing. What about O?  If he had the necessary Conscience, he would resign and call for a special election to elect a replacement.  Since he has sociopathic tendencies, he will be greatly frightened at the re-birth of freedom, and will likely do his best to sabotage America.  I believe there is more than ample evidence of treason, by O, and this can be pursued while the nation awakens itself from a long, long nightmare of corruption, evil, and Marxism.  Let us hasten the trial of Holder for multiple abuses of the law, and begin a trial for treason for O, and let us finally deal with the IRS, and Benghazi.  Meanwhile, if O vetoes a bill, simply  override his veto by a two-thirds vote of Congress.

Many will shout COOPERATION, and AN END TO PARTISANSHIP.  I say… Democrat, get your fear and need to CONTROL out of our way. America is awakening, and it’s full steam ahead.


Brother James


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